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  1. I'm very much of the feeling that these stories are set in vintage time, with a very timeless quality to them. The subject matter makes them time independent, which is why they probably appeal to so many, I like that quality and perhaps the time obsession is a tad futile? Nick x
  2. Of course he does, just read through WT10 again, what a great story!
  3. Has anyone noticed that Dom has TOU on his mind? Jude made a stunning appearance in DD16, it left me quite speechless Nick x
  4. It is clear that all of us appreciate the subtle weaving of the plot that Dom does so well. His characters are vivid, likeable, and in the cases when they need to be unlikeable. All of his stories are easy to enjoy and The Log Way as his first is probably one of his best, but one of the things that I jsut want to point out now, which I'm sure that everyone has noticed and probably stated before, but Dom's language in his stories is sublime. His choice of words to describe the moment are always perfect, apt and add to the storyline immensely. We are absolutely honoured to be provided with such
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