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  1. Wayne: If thIs story had been written on parchment, it would be forever stained by tears of joy. Thank you for bringing it to life and sharing it with others
  2. Hi WinStuart, I'm a bit late, but I want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday, I hope that you had a really great day. Be well.


    Take care


  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Carlos: What a joy your story has been for me. I dropped out of reading somewhere in early "Summer" quite a while ago. A few weeks ago, I came across a chapter in "Autumn" and stopped reading. I went back to the very beginning of "Summer" and have been reading steadily through the whole saga. A total treat not to have to hang on from week to week waiting for the next chapter. Kinda like feasting on rich food with no guilt and no weight gain. Youv've developed a strong character in CJ- very real, very complex and often an unexpected surprise. And what a wonderful set of so many other char
  7. Thanks for writing this story. It has a nice feeling of reality and bring back some fond memories. The first encounter is so exciting and scary.
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. WinStuart

    Chapter 11

    I've been totally fascinated by the wild turns in this story spinning aound the anchor points of song excerpts. The acceptance of Jake's poetic injections to high speed teenage banter is a measure of his friend's love for him. So much of the story is tragic yet the boys seem to live at a happier, more positive plane. The overall effect is a very engaging story. Thanks.
  10. Who knew? When I started reading this story, I was confused by the storylines mash up. Now I understand and am totally engrossed. I'm also glad that the readers don't have to wait a week between chapters. Having almost two chapters a day is a terrific treat. Thanks. Can't wait to see the next chapter!
  11. WinStuart


    Mr. James: Like 'circumnavigation', we find ourselves back in Australia. This is a very intriguing story. It reveals two worlds of which I have little prior experience: living the reclusive life of a rock star and fabricating nuclear devices. Thanks for writing another cliffhanger.
  12. WinStuart

    Chapter 51

    Jacob: Thanks for dedicating so much writing time to this storyline of the four in the saga. Josh certainly has developed a knack for finding just the right song for each occasion. Thanks for the YouTube link to "That's My Job". Blending your story with hearing the lyrics actually sung created a powerful experience.
  13. WinStuart

    Chapter 27

    Of the four stories in the Jacob series, this one has taken center stage. It's exciting because we know how it ends but have no idea what happens between now and then. The other stories have created a solid background for this one and, of course, still have a life of their own. I look forward to the progress of all four, and especially this one. Thanks.
  14. WinStuart

    Chapter 9

    Thank you for getting back to Joey's story. I've come across other stories of boys kidnapped for re-programming and they are all brutal. Earlier this morning I thought of how long Joey was being tortured and hoped you would soon write of his release. The four stories are all moving forward. Jacob's seems to be ahead of all the others time wise. Alex's story seems to lag behind Jacob's. Joey's and the governor's seem to be in the same timeframe with each other and probably behind Jacob's. You are juggling so many stories and details; and are doing it well. I'm glad you a
  15. The wait for the final chapter is over. You are to be well congratulated. I'm glad Trevor and crew were able to keep up with the eye of the hurricane. Getting navigation and artificial daylight from the Herkybird were a great aids their survival. Clearing the reef, riding the surge, turning the boat to face into the oncoming hurricane's rear wall and loosely lashing to the trees were brilliant tactics. This chapter did have some disappointments. The "fortuitous" proximity to a powerful back hoe was more fantasy than reality. Hearing that things were not going well for the the expo
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