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  1. hello, I have spent the past week reading "shadow of my father".I am just wondering when the next few chapters are going to be posted?

  2. When Jacob and the guys drove up to pick Ethan, Chase’s eyeballs almost popped out of his head. At first, all the guys did a double take at Ethan because of how different he looked in jeans, a t-shirt and tennis shoes. There was no doubt that this guy had worked on a farm, by the way the clothes revealed his awesome body. It took everything in Chase, to not jump over the guys and sit next to Ethan, as they drove to school. Still, he stole as many glances of Ethan as possible. At one point, Etha
  3. Hi! when are you updating on your stories? Last you updated a lot of chapters at once and then... nothing :-( miss the stories...

  4. Joey and Caleb went up to the penthouse two when they returned from eating. They sat alone in the living room talking about the move. Caleb asked Joey a lot of questions, and Joey tried to answer them all. However, Joey did not have answers for some questions. All he was able to tell Caleb is that they will find out together. The boys were brought out of their little world when they heard a light thump on the wall between the two pent houses. Joey walked over to the wall and placed his ear on t
  5. Steve couldn’t stop thinking about what he had found out the day before on Alex’s curfew. Out of all of them that got released, Alex should be the one required to go straight home after school and not allowed to go anywhere else except school and that is it. In Steve’s mind Alex is a gang leader who tried to kill people. He kept banging his head against the wall until his parents asked him to go outside and find something to do. Steve doesn’t know what to do with himself; he just walked around
  6. The TV stayed on even after the concert ended. Chris just sat there thinking how he would have reacted if he and Josh were still together and he was in Cesar’s shoes. There would be no way he could have handled Josh bringing attention on him. On top of that, he knows he would not have sat there as Cesar did when Josh got off the stage and started singing to him as if they were the only two in the stadium. He knows he is not like Cesar, far from it. Now he can see why Josh and Cesar are suited f
  7. Al looked up to see Joe standing at the door of his office. He waived him in as he gathered the files on his desk to give his secretary to file. Once he organized his desk, he walked around and joined Joe in the chairs in front of his desk. Al didn't want Joe to feel as if he were talking at him or down to him since, for the majority of his life, had been the one sitting on that side of the desk, as the one in charge. “Thank you for coming in so early in the morning Joe. I have a lot going on t
  8. Harold wanted to get into the office early due to the fact that Dominic had a court hearing set first thing in the morning. He isn’t the judge on the case; he just wants to make sure the ball isn’t dropped again. So in order for him to sit in that hearing, he scheduled his hearing to start two hours earlier than normal. As soon as he walked into the doors of his office, he knew this wasn’t going to be a good day. The look on his secretary’s face told him. Before he could even put his coat on t
  9. After school, Carlos needed to report to his probation officer. He walked into the probation office, signed in and sat down in the lobby. His appointment is at four thirty, but he didn’t get seen till five minutes after five. His probation officer came to get him from the lobby and escorted him to his office. They sat down and the probation officer went through the same questions that he always asks. After asking the questions he finally looked up at Carlos. “I know that you were still in high
  10. Johnny Walker IV looked over his letter one last time. He really didn't think it would work, but by this point he couldn't think of anything else to do. He was only thirteen years old, and he needed help. Once he was sure the letter was ready, he stuffed it in an envelope, wrote the address on it, and ran downstairs so he could mail it. "Johnny?" A deep male voice said from the kitchen as the boy was getting his shoes on to go out the door. "Yeah dad?" Johnny said as he walked into the ki
  11. It seemed like a revolving door of people coming in and out of Jacob’s room. As soon as Officer Jackson left, Dr. Whitmore walked in. Dewayne sat up in his seat thinking that Dr. Whitmore was coming to deliver bad news, because of the look on his face. After greeting Jacob and Dewayne, the doctor got down to the reason he was there. “Jacob the normal stay in the hospital for a transplant is between four to seven days. It all depends on how quickly the new kidney starts to produce urine and how
  12. “Thank you Jacob I really need a friend right now, Things are going on……..” “Hold on for a minute Joey I need to go and tell Jeremy that I am on the phone. Give me a few minutes and I will be right back.” While Jacob went to talk to Jeremy, Joey started to think to himself that this might not have been a good idea. They are barely talking as it is and here he is calling him up as if they are still together. Jacob could be cruel and tell him to go to Caleb but then Joey thought that the Jacob h
  13. Alex looked at Jacob and Al as they walked through their house. He looked out the front door to see where they are going. To his surprise he saw them walking up to the house next door. Al unlocked the door and he and Jacob walked in. Alex closed the front door and sat down on the couch. “What’s up Alex? You look very worried about something. I know there has been something bothering you since lunch time. I have been meaning to touch base with you about it, but I wanted to do it at the right tim
  14. Not to upset their father, the boys told them that everything went good for their first day on the job. Governor Lopez knows his kids and knows that they are holding back, but decided not to press them any further. If anything isn’t right, he trusts Lloyd to put a stop to it before it gets anywhere close to out of hand. When the boys headed up to get ready for work the next day, the Governor pulled Lloyd into his personal office in the residence. Although he decided during dinner not to press t
  15. Still feeling the after effects of the drugs they gave him during the surgery, Jacob tried to stay awake but he kept dozing off. When he his family and friends walked in, he tried his best to stay awake but again, he just couldn’t. The drugs are still working through his system and no matter what he does Jacob won’t be himself at least until morning Dr. Whitmore told everyone. Jacob’s grandparents, parents and sister kissed Jacob on the forehead the minute they walked in. His friends shook his
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