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  1. Jeff13015

    Chapter 14

    Mark Once again another incredible chapter. No matter how fast you post a chapter it will never fast enough. I have a feeling that it is going to get real ugly real fast. While JJ may be able to let Mary Ellen go with what he has already done, I don't think Will is. I find it interesting in that Wade appeares to be only thinking Will will go after Trevor and the roomate. I am guessing Will will go after Mary Ellen, her actions had a direct impact on him and people he loves. While I have always been a huge Will fan and think he is capable of a lot, I am not sure he is a match for Eliz
  2. Jeff13015

    Chapter 36

    WOW - the stage is set - but somehow I doubt that we can guess the outcome. Hopefully we will not have to wait that long for the next chapter(s). Thank you again for another great chapter.
  3. Jeff13015

    Chapter 21

    Like father Like son.... Will may not have his dad's contol issues, but it seems like he is like his dad in more ways then he thinks... He hates not knowing secerts. Thanks for another great chapter.
  4. Jeff13015

    Chapter 9

    It just goes to show how Claire will do anything for Maire right or wrong. She was asking for Maire to be able to go the party when she herself id still not allowed to go. In addition she was making the arguement for her to go with JP not marie herself....
  5. Jeff13015

    Chapter 93

    This definitly took a turn I was not expecting with JJ cutting himself and being in love with his coach, though I have to remember you have ways of throwing some great curve balls. I wonder now that this is out in the open, and Will seems to have repaired his relationship with Robbie and to some degree JJ, if will will go back to Malibu with them so that he can continue to help JJ through this? I would see Will having a hard time if he was not there to help since family is so core to his foundation.
  6. Jeff13015

    Chapter 87

    Why is it that no matter how quickly Mark puts out a new chapter it is never quick enough? I look every day for the next chapter even though I am emailed when it comes out. Mark you have truely made this characters come to life. I hope Wade is able to figure out what he enjoys so much by being with Brad and that he can find a way to explain it to Matt. I hope I am reading too much into this as I see the hookups between Brad and Wade as a danger to Wade/Matt. I hope Robbie gets his head out of his butt soon before he totally looses Brad. As we have seen in the past, not everyone lives h
  7. Jeff13015

    Chapter 82

    Thanks for another great chapter. I only hope Robbie is able to pull his head out of his butt before the situation becomes beyond repair. I have to admit, it would be interesting to see Will in control of Stef's stock in the company.
  8. Jeff13015

    Chapter 77

    Another great chapter - I only hope I am not reading too much into Brad's answer to the question as to wether him and Robbie will be OK.
  9. Jeff13015

    Chapter 74

    I want to say upfront that I am a fan of Will's character. However, I wonder if Will realizes yet he used a Brad excuse when Darius confronted him about not talking to him first before including him in the lawsuit - the "I have been so busy ….." - He did say he was sorry for doing it, but it seemed to be more of a Brad rationalization then an actual apology. It just goes to show how much Brad and Will are alike. It would be interesting to see if someone where to point that out to him about his apology to Darius. On another note I wonder what JP’s comment “It is nice to approach this as
  10. Jeff13015

    Chapter 64

    Thanks for another great chapter. I am sure there will still be some bumpy roads ahead for Will (like when Jeanine finds out). I have to admit, I was wondering how Mark was going to repair the relationship between Brad and Will without their actions seeming out of character for either of them. I think Mark pulled it off well.
  11. Jeff13015

    Chapter 62

    I think I need to go to Rehab at this point. I find myself checking every day, multiple times a day to see if there is a new chapter, even though I get an email when I chapter is posted. I was assuming that Brad had some master plan for Micheal to have an "accident", and that letting Micheal resign with a severance was just a way to not draw suspission on the family when it happens as there would appear to be no bad blood between them. After today's interactions I am not so sure, I understand we are seeing things from Will's eyes but it does not seem like this is going to be the case.
  12. Jeff13015

    Chapter 61

    Is it just me or does anyone else want to see a chapter from Brad's point of view. Maybe if not from brad himself -maybe Will over hearing a heart to heart between Brad and Robbie,Steph or grand?
  13. Jeff13015

    Chapter 56

    Another great chapter. I am not sure what I am waiting to see play out more - Wade's battle with his mother or Will figuring out that Michael was not fired and got a severance package to boot.
  14. Jeff13015

    Chapter 36

    It looks like the healing has started, but I am guessing there are still going to be some major bumps in the road. It will be interesting to see what the consequences for all parties involved will be. One question that I do have is where has Cody been over the last few weeks. I know you mentioned that he was out of town the day Will took down Martin, but normally from what I remember about Cody is that he is amazing at reading people and determining what they need (or was that only in bed…). I guess I would have expected him to reach out to Will on some level. Thank you for all of the
  15. Jeff13015

    Chapter 35

    Thanks for another great chapter. You are definitely spoiling us with the rate at which you are posting them. I am going to be very interested to see how the reunion plays out between Will and Robbie. I am not sure if Robbie is just mad at Will for the roofies and trashing the car and clothes or if he is worried that Will be tanking away from his time with Brad. I am hoping that Robbie is not that shellfish but he has proven to be just that in the past. One again thanks for another great chapter, and I look forward to the next one.
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