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  1. Thank you Bill for this book of the Hotel. The pandemic will stay till x-mas next year, because the production of the vaccine takes a lot of time. Each person needs two shots... We in Germany will get our first shots end of December for the eldest people and for the health care personal. If I be lucky, i will get my shots in July or August... Tomorrow we get in the second shutdown over the holidays till 10th of January 2021, some of our politicians say it could be longer if the numbers don't get down. I wish all of you merry x-mas, wonderful holidays and a very good new year 20
  2. Thank you Jrm1, this is the best comment for the Hotel, i have read in the last time. I hope Bill doesn't made the virus the only crisis in 2020. You in the states have a year 2020 with many struggles in the economic, politic and many other parts. I hope, no i wish you all that the next year will be great and the united states the no 1 in the world and not a banana republic as we say in germany.
  3. Today it's Halloween, in our country the authorities have said no going around on Halloween is necessary to avoid covid-19. It is always nice to see how the Curries love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank you for these great story Bill.
  4. Thanks Bill for another great chapter. Could it be that Tamara will be the one for the haunted house? We must wait for the next chapter...
  5. The most of the Disney Books are the US Version of the books from the German brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brothers_Grimm Thank you for the excellent chapter Bill.
  6. Nice to hear from some characters of the early books. Thank you Bill, you made my weekend 😁
  7. Thanks for this great chapter Bill. I think TJ will love his new environment with his brothers, cousins and all the others.
  8. Yes the kids have thought the cows were purple, they were very excited when the teachers show them pictures how cows look really, at this time some kindergarten and schools would take fieldtrips to farms and zoos to show them how the cows and other animals are living.
  9. Thank you Bill, another exciting chapter of the Hotel. I think the next chapters are having a lot of memories from early books of the Castaway Hotel. It's nice to read about from all the characters.
  10. I know a time in Germany, when young kids have to portrait a cow, and the kids in town have painted all in purple, because Mondelez has their chocolate bars in purple wraping and the advertising on tv shows the purple Milka cow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milka
  11. Thank you for another great chapter Bill. I was a child in the time as president Carter was responsible for the USA and this has developed my interest in politics. Today is in politics a disrespectful act and liars are the best, like Donald Trump and his gang... I hope that the US will think what is the best for them and vote for this, but make Amerika great again isn't the best ... Stay safe, avoid covid-19, wear your mask and you know someone is thinking about you around the world ...
  12. For this chapter all is said, you have made it very special for Holly with the birthday party. I hope Xander is going well with his medication, Trey and Dion with TJ will have all hands full and the older children have now responsibility for some tasks in the household. I look forward for a new chapter of the hotel.
  13. Stix

    Chapter 18 – TJ

    A very special chapter Bill. I hope everything will work out fine for Dion and Trey with TJ. There might be a lot of problems, but i'm sure that the family will survive them. I hope all of your readers stay safe, wear your masks and hold distance to others. The Trump-Flu isn't as simple as the normal flu. Here in Germany in this time the younger people are around 18-60 years old, who get Covid-19. I'm lucky to live in a country, which has the ability to fight Covid-19.
  14. Thank you Bill for another excellent chapter. The tree house is full of live with the boys and the dogs. This chapter made my weekend.
  15. Today it's all said, another excellent chapter Bill.
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