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  1. Stix

    Shad Chapter 16

    Thank you quokka for this fine story, i hope we don't have to wait long for book two.
  2. Bill, don't let you push up in the process of writing. You need the time to get a very good book for us. We can wait one year or longer for the Curries, and for all others the surprise of the next book will be worth of it. BabyXander1990 and Jrm1 i can understand, that you are can't wait so long, but with the years, the time will get always faster .. I think this year has startet a few days ago, but in 2 and a half month the year is gone ...
  3. Thank you Bill for another great Book of The Castaway Hotel Next Generation. I've enjoyed this book and how the others have said, it was terrible good. I hope you get the time to made the next book as good as all of your stories are. You are an excellent author, you describe all lively and we are a part of your story. Let us wait, for the next book but not too long, i think a year is always good for the Curries.
  4. Stix

    Spooktacular Fun

    We all conspiring with Baby Xander and jarquafelmu. Remember I was one who has you always remembered to write the next generation series.
  5. Stix

    Spooktacular Fun

    Thank you Bill for another scary haunted house.
  6. The society have made progress in many countries, but the picture of the United States of America in Germany, tells other signs. Donald Trump, the "President" is a homophobic, religious rassist and a liar. I think most of the people in the USA are good and accept the LGBTI and all people how they are. Wills Castaway Hotel is for me a great story for changing the view of the problems for gay people with adoption and forstering. All loving people should be given the chance to adopt children, than the world would be getting better in the future.
  7. Stix

    Ghouls and Wizards

    “This is going to be really good too,” Tristan said when Brandon finished. “Yeah, I can’t wait to see what happens with Menolly next,” Hunter agreed. The other boys let us know they all felt the same way, and then we had them get in bed so we could tuck them in and say goodnight. With this three sentences it's described how your story works. I can't always wait to long to read the next chapter. Thank you Bill for this wonderful story, keep on with it and let us have fun with your imagination of these world.
  8. Bill W i hope you will give us a new book of the Curries. I have dragged you to write one of the new generations books and i will dragg you for another book. This story is incredible good.
  9. Stix

    Happy Birthday, U.S.A

    Bill you should find the holy gral, than you could be more than one million years old and can write any year a new book 😉
  10. Stix

    Happy Birthday, U.S.A

    In Germany fireworks will be forbidden in cities how munich, hamburg, berlin, and more others for new year. Thanks for another great chapter Bill, and i find the idea for the video for julie was very good.
  11. Stix

    Another Birthday

    Another eventful chapter, thanks Bill.
  12. One problem is gone, the next problem arrived with Don being home. I hope Don let Robbie see Jo. A good chapter Dodger i hope the next chapter will be here soon.
  13. Another twin couple for the Curries, in this case puppies. How will they be named? Should the readers of the story pick names for the puppies? Another great chapter Bill.
  14. Today I have a smile on my face, remembering the story when Brandon and Danny has had their first time together. It's cool you remembered it. Thanks for this great chapter Bill.
  15. Stix

    A New Routine

    Thanks for the great Chapter Bill. Will be Noah and Holly a pair? Time will tell us.
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