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  1. Awww.Thanks you guys. It means a lot to me. -huggles you all tight-
  2. But everything changes if I could turn back the years if you could learn to forgive me then I could learn how to feel then we could stay here together and we could conquer the world if we could say that forever is more than just a word.

  3. I don't think its anyone on here but someone is useing my name and number to catfish poor people and hurting them. i will find out who they are and i should add that they are a sorry piece if crap.

    1. Kitt


      That's low! I hope you can straighten it out!

    2. craftingmom


      sorry that happened to you...sadly, I'm so clueless, I had to look up what 'catfishing' was...

    3. Reader1810


      I had to look up catfishing as well. What a cruel thing to do to another person. Good luck routing them out DarkPrince.

  4. Sorry, but i hate people who act innocent but are actully opportunists.

    1. C J

      C J

      Ignore them, they're not worth your time.

  5. So many wonderful stories. So excited to see what he has planned for us next.
  6. That was a great read too. I truly love all of C James work. And I did not know about circumnavigation being the secondnlongest English novel in the world. That is awesome and I feel accomplished knowing I read the whole thing. Lol.
  7. Since we have yet to hear from our fearless leader who may or may not hang out on cliffs. I thought I would like to hear which story to date by C.James do you guys like and why. Also if you have thoughts on what story or sequel you would like to see from C.James, tell us about it. Now my favorite story is.... Omg it's hard to just pick one, but I loved circumnavigation. As for a follow up story I'd like a story maybe a small one for the characters of changing lanes and circumnavigation just to see where they are in life now. Or a good novel based on love in and around my area.
  8. Night steals the meaning from all things and bathes them in darkness. Everything. Including emotions and memories

    1. Zombie


      As steals the morn upon the night,

      And melts the shades away:

      So truth does fancy’s charm dissolve,

      And melts the shades away:

      The fumes that did the mind involve,

      Restoring intellectual day.



    2. DarkPrince
    3. Zombie


      kind of like your idea only the other way round :)

      It comes from 4 lines in The Tempest. Charles Jennens rewrote Shakespeare's lines - improved them I'd say - and then Handel set them to music. It's a beautiful duet:



  9. DarkPrince

    Photos of me

    Just a few pics of me
  10. Humm months and no goat. U don't suppose he slipped and fell off a cliff do ya. I sure hope not. I miss the goat. I feel like a void in my soul is gone not having one of the goats stories to read and entertain me. WE WANT GOAT WE WANT GOAT WE WANT GOAT.
  11. The moon peers down on a diseased world. There is no cure for the disease, an entire race walks mindlessly into destruction. Not even a man of colossal power, would be able to prevent the inevitable.

  12. Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, and misses you cause one day. You might wake up from your sleep and realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars.

    1. Joen


      A very wise thought indeed!

  13. Well i did a good deed for the week and on valentines day of all days. Sure makes you feel good to help those in need.

    1. Ron


      It does. Good on you.

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYNO!!! I hope you're having a wonderful day.
  15. For once in a long time i feel happy. Thank you for cheering me up.

  16. The worst pain in the world goes beyond the physical. Even further beyond any other emotional pain one can feel. It is the betrayal of a friend.

    1. crucifixcrusader


      trust me when I say it can be so much worse..

  17. Omg omg omg -has a heartattack- hes back yays. Cant wait for a new adventure. What ya got in mind come on lay it on us.
  18. So many good motivational ideas. Some i must try and see what i can do. After a long day in the heat at work i just wanna come home lay down and relax. Or as now go to sleep. But as it stands the story will not write its self. Thanks guys.
  19. Almost dying changes nothing. Dying changes everything.

    1. nostic


      It depends on who's dying. Your death may change things, but there is no guarantee you'd like the afterlife.

    2. crucifixcrusader


      no one likes the afterlife. whether they're dead or alive.

  20. Wonderful read. Being alone and trying to make urself visible to people who just arnt there for you is a nightmare that so many go through. Thank you for a wonderful read. I enjoyed it as i do all your works.
  21. If the story is as great as you say then yeah id give it a read. I know the stuff happens in real life but this is a story and is ment for reading and entertainment. So if he/she posts it yeah id read it.
  22. I'm not the one who is weird,They are just the ones who don't understand and because they don't understand they are allowed to live in happiness

    1. DynoReads
    2. DarkPrince


      Thats most people. Blissfully unaware.

  23. You should have learned by now that if you screw with me i'll burn your whole world down.

    1. crucifixcrusader


      now that's a spirit I like.

    2. Lisa


      Wow, you sound like an ex-friend of mine. lol

  24. Im am sooo ready for a new story. I wonder what it will be about. In any case im sure it will be breTh taking riviting and beautiful all at the same time
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