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  1. Happy Birthday ~!~

  2. Happy Birthday! :o)

  3. Nope, not so hard and fast. It is I who am going <=> I am going *It is me who am going <=> *Me am going *It's me who am going <=> *Me am going It is he who is in error <=> He is in error *It is him who is in error <=> *Him is in error *It's him who is in error <=> *Him is in error Although the last one ("It's him who is in error") is not quite so irksome. It's not as simple as the nature of the verb that determines the correctness of the object form; whether the verb is contracted or not also makes a difference. Or something. Oh, and what if the subject of the sentence (the "it") is actually an object? ("It is me you are looking for.") This one is more complicated than made out to be, and is actually very interesting. If you're clever enough, maybe asking people about judgments such as these, combined with functional brain imaging, could tell you something new about language representation in the brain.
  4. I am really sorry, Luigi. My sincerest condolences to you, Tianna, Martina, and all of Mikael's friends and family.
  5. Hope you have a really good day today, and a great year!
  6. Happy Birthday, Tim!!! :king: Take care of yourself today!
  7. That's fantastic, shadows!! And congrats on your college acceptance too!
  8. libbonobo

    These things.

    He's probably not throwing this in your face to cause you pain as his primary purpose; it's his own shame, guilt, and self-loathing that he's trying to deal with. He wants to know what made you the way you are because he wants to know what made him the way he is. Don't take his "Yeah I'm a f**king fag, and I don't like it" as a condemnation of you any more than it is a condemnation of himself. When stresses come along, families generally either fall apart or come closer together. They often are too caught up in their immediate response to give any thought to how they react. Don't do that. CHOOSE to become closer to your brother (he is, after all, your identical twin), and become closer to him. Whatever pain you're feeling, he's almost certainly feeling worse. At least you had Green when you came out, and you have some measure of happiness and freedom now. Your brother is many steps behind you, and is handicapped by being a cold personality (or at least, he CAN be cold to people), which means he has less of a support network than you do. At any rate, call him to reassure him that you didn't walk away from him because you rejected him for being gay, but because the combination of sympathetic pain and remembrance of your own pain was too much. Eventually, the emotional pain will pass for both of you; but if you share the burden, it can go faster, and maybe bring you closer together. My sincerest best wishes to you.
  9. Happy birthday, sumbloke!! :graduated:
  10. Happy birthday, Topher!!! :king:
  11. Sorry about your bloody nose! I used to get bloody noses if I ate too much chocolate (still do, actually). So sad, since I love chocolate
  12. Personally, I'd stick to screwing the ones who like the real me. of course you're right! Oh, and sticking can be minimized with adequate lubrication
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