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  1. in the appearance of the spring time love continue on
  2. friendship often come on throwing stones at window often come on telephone ringing often in person in parks
  3. some line from longer verse i make the world beautiful say the people to you
  4. some positive old line there are moments you want to scream out and feel joy in your life when you are in love
  5. one must follow their own ways with falling down not afraid to fall down getting up and start over is the pilgrim experience
  6. as a gay person i seen the world difference i am not difference then you are in every days few lines from old verse
  7. the giant before the fire step on the fire say to the people below the fire is out now so the fire can go out now
  8. love can hold back a lot and you let it back in your life a lot ]
  9. boy with blue eyes by the apartment window not sure of the world not never show that in in his blue eyes
  10. as our world is shining of this moment of our love together you and i are too p.s. this been re edited for this reason
  11. your son asked you it is okay to be gay you say yes your son asked if it is okay to be straight you say yes your son asked you it is okay not to like myself you answer no because if you do not like yourself then you will not want to live so learn to like yourself your son have later after that
  12. gay is not stereotyped i am not no stereotyped the world live off the ignorance of stereotyped
  13. truth is in you to know and understand
  14. old line you heard of elephant hoof you live in the herd of elephant make your little elephant hoof with them
  15. ....... ..... .......... i seen in your eyes i seen in your body i am not ... so but you smell like a a .... i seen in your eyes ........ .......... this is anti bully poem it look better when i censor the words
  16. morning light can you seen through the morning light from your room touching the walls with shadows peace lay in who touched by the morning light
  17.   once we leave fear behind

     then we  will found


     and hope

     and trust    


  18. we live in rainbow we live in time we live in path we live in love
  19. rainbow and sunshine and happiness and love
  20. if i was to fly where i would if i was to be free where would i
  21. believing in love so much that welcome and changed embracing
  22. beautiful light beautiful outreaching stretching lights
  23. freedom fate is in your life fate is in my life freedom fate
  24. in the light of feb day we are free by the balboa tree
  25. to come out to say that you are gay you are in love with man to yourself is important and friends or family the last line are new
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