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  1.   once we leave fear behind

     then we  will found


     and hope

     and trust    


  2. we live in rainbow we live in time we live in path we live in love
  3. rainbow and sunshine and happiness and love
  4. if i was to fly where i would if i was to be free where would i
  5. believing in love so much that welcome and changed embracing
  6. beautiful light beautiful outreaching stretching lights
  7. freedom fate is in your life fate is in my life freedom fate
  8. in the light of feb day we are free by the balboa tree
  9. to come out to say that you are gay you are in love with man to yourself is important and friends or family the last line are new
  10. old lines i still like it believe in love as love is strong as peace is strong as the world is strong
  11. you asked i ever been in love the answer is yes love being in love is deep in your soul deep
  12. peaceofthesouls

    old lines

    upon your face so beautiful face love fill shine upon your face this is wrote in 1902
  13. spirits as the season in the beautiful color in beautiful smile
  14. it is sexual in nature, it is up to you to read it it is only a fantasy not real boys lost in position what ever they like to used as a joke as a strength
  15. it is about simple being yourself without fear of anything it is simple love without reason or not to reason
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