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  1. from long verse in the distance say not a word say not a feeling
  2. believe in goodness believe in peace
  3. ending line from old verse we are just fragile souls on the path to happiness
  4. from 2016 reality tell you the truth so we hidden from the reality
  5. freedom is to you is this to know yourself is to be yourself
  6. grace and beautiful lights from the distance trees see only by you
  7. in the eyes of innocent god say nothing only listen to the innocent
  8. we love this moment we are immortal
  9. the great prince of peace shine and glow sadly
  10. just think of naked lunch with few words hipsters purple onion skin eaters with a smile of yummy yummy
  11. the world is free the time is free be free as your soul
  12. it is okay to feel good it is okay to be wanted
  13. glory shining bright ever feel with a smile
  14. i am i am myself i am gay i am who i am most to be
  15. old line from the verse i wrote long time ago sometime in the closet i feel sad because if i just come out would i be more of person because i feel less of the person in the closet
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