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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. PDW51

    December 26, 2021

    Atonement, so much more than seeking forgiveness from others. So often it starts with forgiving ourselves for missing the mark. Your writing is touching me in places unexpected, and all in wonderful ways.
  3. Thank you for starting with the full quote, and a cliff free ending A great read start to finish, worth going back and starting again to see you plant seeds.
  4. So I was fairly certain CJ was going to use the eye which did weaken before it passed Jamaica. Now is the real challenge, Dean picks up to a Cat5 until it makes landfall. How will you save our valiant crew CJ? Looking forward the the finale chapters, and continuing research on recipes featuring goat.
  5. Yes dean is real, one slight possibility to avoid calamity. Read about the eye of the hurricane. Slim chance, looking forward to reading CJ's resolution.
  6. This is truly a firs for me, replying/leaving a comment. I have often consider sharing my thoughts about what I chose to read, but at the last minute I back off... why? That is both hard and an extremely personal piece; part of it is about coming out of the closet after I turned fifty, a good 8 year's after my divorce and at a time when my daughter could understand. It was a time when for the first time in my life I was only taking care of me and I was finally ready to risk the reaction of my family [which did not go well when I tested the waters at the age of 19]. I started reading "gay' li
  7. Welcome to GA ~!!~ To reply to comments left for you, click on the person's name and leave your reply at their profile.

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