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  1. Backwoods Boy


    Even I, with an aversion for TV, knew that one. I smell a generation gap. Okay, my sense of humor is waking up now.
  2. Hi.  I remember you writing a fantastic story called "Indian Summer" which I no longer see here.  I was trying to search for it.  Am I mistaken?

    1. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      Your memory is correct.  It was removed at my request.  I'll PM you.

    2. GanymedeRex


      I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. I find myself immersed in writing (elsewhere) and editing and beta reading (here). It's an escape thing. I also find I don't want to let go of a story yet because maybe I can waste some more time tweaking it. I also find myself formally abandoning all volunteer activities, whether or not they are currently active. Introspection is resulting in permanent frustration elimination. But there are other escapes now that it's warming up. My lawn has never been so free of dandelions or so well-mowed.
  4. Okay, this one is slightly less obscure.  You'd probably have to be over 100 to actually have experienced this.


  5. 1) The snow level across the river was at about 1500 feet the last time I got a look through the clouds. 2) It's about 40 degrees outside, 68 inside. Absence of pants would look strange with a hoodie and down vest. 3) My uncle, in his senile years, rarely wore pants and often answered the door in that state. I'm not quite there yet. 4) I have the perfect meme for this, but it might not pass the purity test here.
  6. Backwoods Boy

    I Accept

    I'm revising my "who done it" theory. Levi seems like a first-class snake in the grass. Dorian may have just shown poor judgement and misplaced loyalty.
  7. Backwoods Boy

    So Say We All

    An interesting viewpoint. I wouldn't bet my SS check either way, but I bet the author is smiling at the conjecture
  8. Backwoods Boy

    So Say We All

    An interesting thought on the perpetrators, but I'm betting not. We have yet to learn why Dorian ended up being species-intolerant, when he starts out here being the opposite. I have a sneaking suspicion that the perps will turn out to be of another species, and most likely avian, because of the accuracy of the attack. But I certainly wouldn't make a bet on either answer.
  9. The Flat Earth Society strikes again:


  10. Backwoods Boy

    I Never Knew

    A very emotional chapter. I do hope we find out "who done it."
  11. I've had the same experience, about two days ago. Desktop with Windows 10, up to date.
  12. That's a new one for me, and highly usable too!
  13. Backwoods Boy


    Dorian seems to be very species-inclusive at this point. I'm now curious to learn how he migrated away from that since his attitude later seemed very different. I could speculate, but I'll wait and see.
  14. As a devout Pastafarian, I resent represent that word.
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