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  1. Backwoods Boy

    Getting to Know You

    I love the detail and substance you bring to your story. In order to have those good qualities, it can't be rushed to conclusion. Rather than being impatient for the next chapter, I'll spend the week savoring this one.
  2. Backwoods Boy

    Chapter 20

    How well I know. One thing I always do is edit a printed copy (usually several times) before I post. I always find more that way than on a computer screen.
  3. Hike, yesterday.  Mt. Hood in the distance.

    Winter Hike.jpg

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    2. Reader1810



    3. Backwoods Boy

      Backwoods Boy

      @Daddydavek Prescription glasses with "transition lenses" I think they're called, and they worked very well.

      This location is well known for early wildflowers.  As you can see, that isn't happening this year.  

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      The mountain is out !

  4. Backwoods Boy

    Chapter 20

    An interesting twist. Last line in Max's letter: "I just, I was expecting my best friend to be in a wheelchair." Did you mean "wasn't", or am I missing something?
  5. Backwoods Boy

    My Brat

    Delightfully ambiguous
  6. Backwoods Boy

    Photographs and Chocolate Cake

    I look forward to this every week. I hope it continues for a long time. Thanks again for sharing your talent with us.
  7. Backwoods Boy

    Chapter 19

    I suspected the wheelchair because of something Issac said in one of the last two letters, I don't remember for sure which or what. It wasn't a surprise. The letters are becoming even more interesting
  8. Backwoods Boy

    Lyrics Poetry Prompt

    Thanks for your encouragement, Parker. I'm rather enjoying these poetry exercises.
  9. Backwoods Boy

    Lyrics Poetry Prompt

    Thanks for the tip on the longer line being a complete thought. As opposed to smooth and flowing, I always have the feeling my poems resemble a galloping horse, leaving "horse apples" with a limerick flavor in its wake. The funeral one was based on a real experience and my reaction to the eulogy, but as I was writing it, I had this uncomfortable feeling I was plagiarizing. I think it was just a subconscious recollection of our friend Mr. Bierce. Thanks for reminding me of that connection.
  10. Backwoods Boy

    Lyrics Poetry Prompt

    Thank you, Jeffrey, for your kind comments.
  11. Backwoods Boy

    Lyrics Poetry Prompt

    Thanks, Lyssa. I like deer too, and only hunt them with a camera.
  12. Okay, I took a whack at Lyrics. I believe they meet the criteria, with a little rhyming added (sorry, AC, I can't resist), except for the thought vs. emotion part. But that's not surprising since I don't differentiate well between the two. https://gayauthors.org/story/backwoods-boy/backwoods-reflections/5
  13. Backwoods Boy

    Lyrics Poetry Prompt

    Regarding Valentine's Day White Christmases we should expect, But Valentine's Day, no, For flying naked baby boys Can't aim well through the snow. But do I care - no I think not, Since bows and arrows fine Are better left for hunting deer Than breaking hearts like mine. ********** Regarding shopping for clothes The clothing store looms dauntingly Before my very eyes, I'd rather eat - well, you know what Than find things in my size. The styles are new, the colors bland, I search in vain, until In desperation I go buy The used stuff at Goodwill. ************** Regarding attending funerals Great man he was, I new him well, He was among the best, But virtues new the tongue doth tell Now that he is at rest.
  14. Backwoods Boy

    Sweet and Sour

    Excellent chapter, tim. And I see I wasn't the only one looking up recipes as I read this chapter. And I admire Don for putting the bureaucrats in their place. I did foster care once for a short time as a single male foster parent. Fortunately, the social workers were more reasonable or it wouldn't have happened.
  15. Backwoods Boy

    Chapter 34

    Excellent chapter again.

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