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  1. Backwoods Boy

    Chapter 1

    I've read most of the stories, but need to read the rest for sure. Horace isn't ringing a bell. Thanks for a great start on Halloween.
  2. Backwoods Boy

    Embers 12

    Very much so. I keep my mouth shut least I say too much, but it is fun to observe the conjectures
  3. Backwoods Boy

    The Story

    I'm through chapter two and enjoying this just as much as the rest of the Christmas stories. I like the clear numerical chapter separations. Chapter two was a little overwhelming, but that's my fault for not reading all of the stories but only the Christmas stories at this point. Thanks for giving enough background to pick up on the new-to-me characters. I'll use the period between now and July to catch up on the Valentine stories and the earlier July 4th stories. Halloween will wait until fall because Halloween, like Christmas, should be enjoyed in-season, IMHO. Thanks for another great seasonal-mood-improver.
  4. Backwoods Boy

    Part 4

    Your solution was much more in line with your premises. Visits will work just as well.
  5. Backwoods Boy

    Part 7

    Thanks for the best present of all.
  6. Backwoods Boy

    Part 5

    So, the boys don't get to take Auggie home with them. I'm only mildly disappointed - it was a stretch. I love Auggie's origins and development. Thanks for making the holidays far more interesting than conditions otherwise suggest.
  7. Backwoods Boy

    Part 4

    Absolutely marvelous, as well as all the comments! But I will pat myself on the back a little. When they went to the basement work shop, I just knew it was one of the mistakes developing a new existence. I hope the boys get to take it home for a pet that nobody else can see.
  8. Backwoods Boy

    Part 2

    This is wonderful. I laughed at the elements of earthly reality, such as the use of UPS, etc. It's nice that magic has a basis in reality, if only in part. I'm looking forward to the rest of this story - and this year's new one,
  9. That's a lot to deal with in a short period of time. My thoughts are with you.
  10. Backwoods Boy

    Chapter 4

    As I finished this wonderful story and read the comments, I recalled the attached piece of personal history, vintage 1965, halfway through the college experience and home for Christmas. (Linked, as I couldn't insert the image). Thanks again for a great story with the true feeling of Christmas. https://gayauthors.org/gallery/image/16583-19230001jpg/
  11. Backwoods Boy

    Chapter 3

    … and since I'm two years late to the party, I don't have to wait to find out what it is
  12. Backwoods Boy

    Chapter 1

    That was absolutely superb. Your imagination knows no bounds. The reading was not without tears - the kind one sheds when one sees something really beautiful. Thanks again for sharing your creativity.
  13. Backwoods Boy

    Chapter 1

    Now, that was a real holiday treat. I'm anxious to read the other three now. And then it looks like entertainment for other holidays to come. The Valentine's Day opportunities could make January much more bearable. You're a great story teller, and this was a great story.
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