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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing the artwork. I have been thinking for a couple years about getting a tattoo but what to get? I refuse to get flowers or hearts on my lower back like every other girl in the entire world so it was nice to see something original and meaningful. Maybe I'll get some ideas now
  2. Not only are you a cutie but you're a cat person! Hugs from over here!
  3. Zarcie

    A relationship 1

    It has been some time since I
  4. PASS ON THE ADVICE! Seriously, I could have written what you did about how to turn down people you're uninterested in and saying no to people. I swear sometimes that the word 'no' does not exist in my vocabulary. I dance around its meaning but I just can't say it. Like last week I couldn't say it and now I'm working an extra shift at work on my spring break. I think trying to be nice and still turning people down is an important skill that has to be learned. I guess its one neither of us have yet to learn. So good luck and be sure to pass on the wisdom!
  5. Thanks Michael I have to say I was pleased at the reaction of my fellow staff as well. I've told a lot of people what happened with this woman and I was rather surprised at the number of people who not only thought she had gone out of her way to be offended, as Dan mentioned, but also thought her behavior to be really disturbing and just plain creepy. I'm sure others have to deal with this sort of thing much more often, but for those of us who rarely have such encounters I think its a good idea to spread the story around to remind people that there is a problem and that people like this
  6. Zarcie

    thump, thump, thump

    Sorry about your dog Dom. I completely understand. My family has had our dog since I was 4 years old. She is one old puppy! She can't see very well anymore, her hearing is gone (though we are of the opinion that she has selective hearing) and like your dog, her back legs just don't work like they used to, but our vet tells is she's not in any pain and she's still a healthy dog. She's still playful, loving, and just as protective of us as she was when she was younger. Every once in awhile we get worried about her, but we'll probably have her for at least another year and I know there is no way
  7. Its truely amazing to me how some people can judge others before they've bothered to take a good long look at themselves. I saw a good example of this on Wednesday at the Library and thought I should share it. So here it goes... Apparently, February is wedding month and so one of our displays at the library had books, movies, etc on the topic of weddings. One of these books was about Gay and Lesbian weddings. One book, in an entire display and of course it lasts almost all month and then Wednesday this complete witch (for lack of anything better to call her) brings it up to the desk, whe
  8. Zarcie

    The Letter

    Here I am, still not writing about my new school experiences but hey, I still have time to talk about that. So, today was my first day off in three weeks, which was great even though I had a lot of shit to do and my life managed to get even more confusing. However, we'll start with the non-confusing events first. Recently, in trying to figure out what piercing I'm going to get this summer (Danielle and I have made it a tradition to get a new one every year) I noticed that my eyebrow piercing, which I've had for 2 years didn't look so good. I credit that to some new jewelry I tried to wea
  9. Zarcie

    Valentine Rant

    Thanks. My day wasn't that bad. I think the highlight was when I almost told someone on the phone that "No, I"m sorry. We don't have any chocolate covered graham crappers". I caught myself just as I started to say "crappers" but I did it right in front of my boss and manager who started laughing at me. It was all I could do not to laugh hysterically into the phone. So all in all it was an ok day with no one too rude and relatively graham crapper free.
  10. Zarcie

    Valentine Rant

    So, its been awhile since I've actually posted a real entry. I suppose its time I write something about how I'm getting on at my new school since I transfered, but instead, I have a rant I think at least some people can appreciate. The Rant: What the freakin' hell is up with Valentine's day? Is it just me or does it get bigger every year? I even heard something on the radio about how you can actually make valentine's day dinner reservations at White Castle (similar to Krystals in the southern U.S., I think ) and they will have someone serve you at one of their tables, fancied up with
  11. I got this on myspace and I could not control myself. Forgive me. I am weak and I needed a laugh :-) What color is your hair? blond=dumb brown=fricken gorgeous black= fine red=gothic What color shirt are you wearing? Red=slutty Green=tree-hugging Blue=hot White=confused Pink=Naughty Yellow=hyper Purple=a little TOO happy Black=gangster Orange=multicolored Gray=horny Aqua= preppy Brown=yucky smelling Multicolored= sweaty Other=candy-flavored Nothing= Sexy What kind of pants are you wearing? Shorts=gangsta Skirt=prep Skort=homo Jeans=hot piece of
  12. That was excellent! I somehow suspected where your post was going. A fellow user always knows. Now I don't feel so bad about how my coworker and I scrabbled for ever last bit of leftover dark chocolate ganache today. There are definite high points to haveing a part-time job at a chocolate shop. I'm my own supplier! You are a brave soul to try and resist the temptation, but I fear chocolate will always win. Damn, now I need some too!
  13. Zarcie


    I really wish I was one of those people who sleep like the dead. For as long as I can remember I've always been the kind of person who wakes up instantly when there's some unexpected noise, like my mom coming into my room to check on me when I'm sleeping. Before the door is all the way open I'm already awake, sitting up and looking at the door. Or, like this morning at 6:20, I awoke instantly to the first knock on the front door. My mother had already left for work this morning and it was just me and my 11 yr old brother. He doesn't have school because its MLK day and I don't have school
  14. Zarcie

    Just Friends?

    Haha! A fellow chocolate lover! You are a brave soul to try and cut back because, lets be honest, it would never work for me or my friend Danielle. Probably because one of our jobs is working around chocolate so its a constant temptation and we don't even mess around. Most nights we hang out we melt some chocolate in a bowl and then get out whatever we have handy to dip in it. We've tried pineapple, nectarines, tangerines, bananas, strawberries, pears, pretzels, cream puffs, gummy bears, rice crispie treats, shortbread and goodness knows what else! Anything is good in chocolate! But ye
  15. Zarcie

    Just Friends?

    Wow, its been awhile. Whats sad is that I've actually had stuff to write about but no time to do it. I suppose I should mention that I am no longer in financial ruin, for those of you who remember my last post, and thanks to those who tried to help. I did get my money back and now I have a fraud alert on my credit report. It took me far to long to find out how to do that but it looks like I'm finally on the right track. So there has been a lot going on, especially since my best friend Danielle got home from school for the holidays because we just can't seem to keep ourselves out of troub
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