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  1. Happy Birthday my Friend, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year guy. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Guy,

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year.

  3. Happy Birthday Dio!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Wish I could've met you while you were still running here on GA!!

  6. Hi Dio, hope you are well :)

  7. This probably isn't a sudden revelation for many of you, but my writing is officially (at least my GA writing) on hiatus until further notice. After chatting with Myr, I decided the best option was to close my forums and my site here until further notice. It doesn't make sense for me to steal bandwidth when I'm not actively contributing. I'm not packing my bags and going anywhere, I simply feel that I don't want to string anyone (especially the ever huggable Myr) along when my priorities are elsewhere. Thank you for reading this udderly (moo) pointless service announcement. lurve and huggles Sandy
  8. WHAT!? I wasn't aware you provided such a service! I've been missing out. Letsee... ahem Dear James, Lately my athlete's foot has been acting up. Now, normally I wouldn't be bothered (aside from the itching), but my boyfriend has a foot fetish and refuses to look at me until I get it fixed. Please help. Sincerely, Anon.
  9. Dio

    Hit over the head with subtle

    The question you need to ask yourself is: 'What are these thoughts (of William's) accomplishing?' I mean, is this a guy who thinks about sex all the time? If so, this might be an amusing humorous underpinning to your character; someone who pulls out sexual innuendo in all the wrong (or...right) places. On the other hand, this kind of line reeks of fan service. 'Nuff said. db
  10. Dio

    Gaming online and Gay-bashers

    There's definitely a boundary people should not cross regardless of being young and on adrenalin or not. Aside from that: Anyone can trash talk--but it doesn't mean anything. Taunting, on the other hand, is an art. And you certainly don't need epithets or cussing to really get under someone's skin. As long as you keep winning... mwahaha Half the fun is listening to these whiny little teens swearing and using epithets and then giggling quietly in the background with their little blue-balled friends. If it bothers you, there's always mute. They're not even worth the trouble to insult properly. They do that fine all by themselves. Ignore the attention whores, and like good little doggies, they'll shut up or leave. sands
  11. Dio

    LSB XE

    I've been searching for some manner to organize all my mountains of notes, timelines, character summaries...etc etc for quite a while now, and (thanks to Lugh) I think I've finally found something worthwhile called Liquid Story Binder. It's open-ended enough that it satisfies most of the niggling annoyances that have made me toss aside other similar programs. Of course, Lugh just HAD to point it out right in the middle of my Nano writing when I had already thoroughly submerged myself under piles of long-hand notes and printouts. But well...better late than never. It only uses up about 15 megs of memory to run, which is way less than freaking firefox. So, no technical problems even with 342545642 windows inside story binder open. Anyhow, I took a quick run through the help and got started inputting all my notes; six hours later I can happily browse through all my characters and masses of notes on the fly. The search feature is also quite adequate for my needs and you can search through specific areas quite easily. Only two drawbacks that I'm going to note: drawback #1 is of course that LSB XE is shareware, which means you have thirty days of trial(non-consecutive), then you have to buy it to keep using it. It's a measly 45 bucks though for as many personal copies as you want (for those of us with desktops and laptops who interchange frequently) and you get updates for free for life as far as I can tell. Drawback #2 is that the word processor inside LSB, while functional, holds not a candle to Microsoft word as far as paragraph formatting, and spell/grammar checking go. And when you have hundreds of pages you're trying to format at the same time, that becomes somewhat important. I should mention that it does allow exporting in .rtf, but I have had no trouble simply using storyboard for everything but the actual chapter writing, which for the foreseeable future, will remain in word. All in all, once you've figured out how malleable everything in the program is, it becomes rather enjoyable to use and much more convenient than lugging around binders to a coffee shop when you want a change of scenery for writing. You can also install LSB on a usb drive and use it on any computer...which is also kinda neat...not that I use that feature... Here's a link: Liquid Story Binder -db-
  12. Hey! At least you're still on track. Yeah, I've been busy with going to random write-ins and organizing various nano related events to get people writing locally. The thing is, I *daily* write 5K+ for my job and other sideprojects, so when you're in the groove, writing a little extra every night for nano wasn't exactly a stretch (although now my other projects are suffering somewhat...) Plus I did a super detailed outline and have been thinking of writing this story for a loooong time...so yeah. I feel like I cheated or something. Good luck cammmmmmy! National Novel in November, something like that. It's a thing. You promise you're going to get a first draft in a month, or I think at least 50K of it. Even establiched professional writers like to do it -- or to do something about it, anyway -- sometimes. Last year I wrote a bunch of short short stories. I was already working on something else at the time. This year, I don't know, maybe I'll call it "finish projects month" and judge my success by whether this rewrite I'm doing is done, and the state of the thing I interrupted to do it. Yeah. I think that really sums up what nano is all about. Just...something to encourage you to write. Doesn't really matter what, as long as you're writing something. Good luck on your projects!
  13. As of 11:59pm on Nov. 10th, my wordcount for Nano stood at: 52 998. Which puts me on track for ~158K. Unfortunately, I only have two and a half chapters left before the story ends...so I don't think it's entirely plausible that I'll break the ~168K that I did last year. I'll probably hit 75K by the 15th, then spend the rest of the month editing and rewriting for production. I can't say I'm too upset about my work ethic. I'm off to go celebrate by slacking off for the rest of the day and give my bleeding stomach a break from coffee and timbits. Then maybe I'll think about working off the three pounds I mysteriously gained over ten days... lots 'o love, Dio
  14. Nice to see you're still writing. I can't wait to see a finished product (someday)... hugs db
  15. According to the WBC loving my boyfriend is actually hating him. :wacko: Every country needs their righteous inbred religious crazies.
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