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  1. Hey!! Thanks so much for the story like. I hope you're enjoying it :)

    1. Firewalker


      Of course I am! You're a hell of a good writer, keeps me wanting more!

  2. Happy Birthday Firewalker, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year :)

  3. Where have you been keeping yourself lately?? :P

  4. Usualy I open the zipper on my jeans then fish my dick by the leg of my boxer briefs. I find it easier that way than making it pass the elastic band lol
  5. Damn youre cute Brian!
  6. Ohh Id like to see that when it happends
  7. Well I know one and hes far from being a Bottom!
  8. Yang, you wouldnt even top me?
  9. Hahahaha, I do tend more toward that description
  10. Im usually the little spoon, though that's what I prefer so it's preeetty okay with me . I like the feeling you get that you're kinda protected from the world. I also love the warmth
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