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  1. Jwolf

    The English Year

    Not sure why it was changed, TBH. I’m actually working on finishing up the next chapter hopefully soon. Work has been crazy through the holidays, but should settle soon. Thanks for the well wishes 🙂
  2. Jwolf


    Thanks for saying all of this. I was really proud of this chapter, especially the ending, as harsh as some of it was. No plans for another hiatus, but then again, those aren't ever really planned... now that I'm settled into my new home, I should be able to get back to a writing routine... we'll see.
  3. Fair comment. I think Corbin does well to show why he didn't want to drag things out when he knew it would end eventually anyway. I think there's two sides to this coin, even if you disagree with his actions.
  4. Jwolf

    The Line

    Corbin does admit to his guilt in the last line of the chapter. More to come on the aftermath on that kiss.
  5. Jwolf

    The Bitch Is Back

    Thanks for the comment. It's fun reading your reactions as you go through the story! More to come.
  6. Jwolf

    Easy Street

    Wait and see. He got bolder this chapter. Who knows
  7. Jwolf

    The Date

    No torment. Just telling the story as he happened. And take solace in that I survived to tell it.
  8. Jwolf

    The Date

    I had to reread part of this chapter... it was a tough one to write and re-live. You're right in this moment to want to go after every brit, but spare some of the cute ones. Lol. More on Mike, and of course Pete to come. Hard to think this is really just the beginning... but it is.
  9. Jwolf

    Bullet Bites

    So you're firmly team Mike, huh? Interesting take on Lee. Definitely a complicated situation, but I think you're right in that every once in a while we want someone we can exert full control and dominance over. It just pops in there every once in a while. I'm glad that's a universal experience, at least for some. Yes autobiographical. Just like I said, feel free to criticize Corbin, you're free to criticize any of these guys as well. No current feeling would be harmed, trust me.
  10. Jwolf

    Hall Pass

    Oooohhh. You're getting to some good emotional chapters here. Love following along with you. Thanks again for the comments!
  11. Jwolf

    The Ladder

    This was one of the tough chapters to write and release. It's interesting to get a fresh take by someone who is catching up on each chapter. Confession, I have to go back and skim to see what the comments are about. I didn't necessarily hate Lee as much as I didn't trust him. The kid was sneaky, and if he were to read this now, I'm sure he'd agree. With that said, I think my disdain for him came from seeing myself in him and that felt threatening. More on that in later chapters, I think if it hasn't been discussed already. The kid knew how to manipulate, and that doesn't always sit well with a fellow manipulator... especially when there is raw passionate sex involved too... lol..
  12. Jwolf

    Sex and Laundry

    Thanks for another great comment! The Mike/Corbin stuff was always fun to write, and Mike definitely is an interesting character. More on him for sure, don't worry. Good question on Peter... we'll see how he fits back into the picture soon.
  13. Jwolf

    Memory of a Kiss

    Glad you found the updates, and I'm so grateful for the feedback and comments! Thank you so much! Corbin is definitely based on my own adventures in college, specifically that junior year. Some things have been drawn in and expounded for drama, but the bulk of the story is being told as it happened... even some of the dialogue although its easier to capture the spirit of those conversations that trying to remember the actual words used. Don't let that stop you from criticizing Corbin or his actions. I get that he (I) wasn't perfect back then, and to me, it's a more interesting story to show his flaws than to make him out to be a saint. Even sinners are deserving of forever loves, in my opinion. There is so much more to come in this story, I'm glad you're enjoying and continue to follow along.
  14. Jwolf


    Thank you! More hopefully surprises to come.
  15. Jwolf


    Definitely not the end with Chip. I can’t wait to share how the aftermath of the kiss plays out. A lot more story still to come
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