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  1. Hey folks. Just wanted to send out an update. I’ve gone back to work recently, and with everything involved in that, plus what’s going on around the country with race relations and the forgetfulness of the pandemic we’re in, it’s been tough to find motivation to write. My little slice of life feels so... small. With that being said, I’ve been picking away at the next chapter bit by bit, sentence by sentence, cocktail by cocktail. I think there is a place for levity in today’s world and I just need to find my place in contributing to that. thanks for your patience, and I’ll hopefully have an update ready soon.
  2. Jwolf

    The Waiting Game

    I would agree and say most people don’t pay attention to the machinations that happen in the background. But isn’t that part of Chip’s point? Even the ones who become influencers (wasn’t a word back then, but you know what I mean) spent their first years coasting. I dunno. Guess it was the filter there. It’s a fun one to write and remember
  3. Jwolf

    The Waiting Game

    Thanks Jasper. Welcome to Corbin’s next transactional episode. But are we sure that it isn’t Chip acting that way here?
  4. Jwolf

    The Waiting Game

    Lots of great questions, and no way to answer some of them without spoiling. Pete and Corbin have history, so it won’t be as easy as letting each other go indefinitely. And no matter how unexplainable, Pete is still the gold standard. In getting ready to pick up the story again, I read early chapters and their chemistry palpable. For us readers, it’s been years, but for those two it’s been months. More to come and thanks for the comment!
  5. Jwolf

    The Waiting Game

    We’ll see. It’s been interesting to develop some growth with Corbin, so you never what his relationship with Lee will evolve into. Or any of his fraternity brothers for that matter as he sets his sights elsewhere for a bit...
  6. Jwolf

    The Waiting Game

    A chapter a day keeps the birthday blues away?
  7. Jwolf

    The Waiting Game

    Thank god there were no crashes! I echo that. Been in too many cars where the hand finds the thigh, and then... Anyway... Thanks for the comment. Now I need a donut. Won't spoil anything, but we'll get to even more about Chip. I think he'll bring out a different (or more flushed out) side to Corbin, but we'll see... And David is fun to write. That relationship is fun to write. More to come.
  8. Jwolf

    The Waiting Game

    Thanks for the comment! Honestly, Devil Wears Prada was the only DVD I had in college, so I watched it LOT... probably where Corbin gets that unapologetic boss bitch side to him... Pete is out there doing his thing... Corbin is waiting... for now. That's all I can say about that dynamic. Hopefully David being in he bed was too much of a let down...
  9. David is tennis. Lee is swimmer. I might have mixed that up at some point, but that’s what it should be.
  10. Jwolf

    The Waiting Game

    Thank you!
  11. Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 on to the next story?
  12. That’s how you wait on Corbin’s bed.
  13. Jwolf

    The Waiting Game

    I see, and appreciate, what you did there.
  14. Jwolf

    The Waiting Game

    Always plans within plans. I'm excited for Corbin's newest schemes to start coming to light. Should be interesting and fun.
  15. Jwolf

    The Waiting Game

    You're welcome. Hope you enjoy it. Happy birthday!
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