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  1. Jwolf

    Of Note

    Coming soon. 🙂
  2. Jwolf

    Of Note

    I don't know how I missed this comment! Thanks so much for following and commenting. I appreciate the kind words and your astute summary of their relationship. More to come soon
  3. Jwolf

    Of Note

    I should have a draft to send to my editors soon. I just completed a move to California for work, so I've been planning and outlining. Hopefully it doesn't take long to put thoughts to paper. I will say, with moves across state lines, you never know what distractions might come up, but I'll do my best to move quickly. Thanks for checking in!
  4. Jwolf

    Of Note

    There’s a lot of story still to come. Who’s left standing at the end? I’d never tell... but yes I do know how the whole saga ends and I will tell you that Corbin does end up...
  5. Jwolf

    Of Note

    I don't know why this comment has stuck with me the way that it has, but I'd remiss not to address it since it, indeed, has. Let's start with 'manipulative'. There's a section in an earlier chapter where Corbin surmises that if he were straight, they wouldn't call him manipulative and conniving, and instead they'd call him politically savvy. I wonder how we'd view Corbin's antics if there was a counter piece from Hutch or Dominic that had their thought process on all of the political manuevering that they've been a part of. I think that's important because in writing this entire story from Corbin's point of view, I've maintained an honesty that lets you see the character at his best and worst. I've been very honest about that, and maybe I've been too honest about it. Maybe in third person you'd look at his actions and shrug some of them off, but getting inside the what and why, his thought process, I may have opened the door for this critique a little too much. All of this to say, we all go after the things we want, Corbin is just honest about it. Straight men get passes for it and are often praised for it. Dom has a lot of things one would consider manipulative. Hutch as well. Lee also, to some degree. I just wonder why it's Corbin that gets the bad rep on this one and no one else... I find it... interesting. Especially on a gay-centered website. The social climber thing, I won't even address. We're all either social climbers, or liars. If you ever gone after a job, or a promotion, or tried to make a friend you're a social climber. Let's get more creative if we want to point out Corbin's flaws. Again, I've never been adverse to pointing out he's an imperfect protagonist, but come on. Social climber? You can do better than that. SLUT in all caps may be the reason I can't let this comment go long after I should have. It confuses me, and as I've said in another comment, being that I'm writing this character from my perspective and experiences, slightly wounds me. I won't repeat what I've said in other comments, but again, coming to a gay-centered website and throwing around the word slut seems odd to me. What kind of story did you think you were getting into? College men have sex. Lot's of it. Gay men have sex. Lot's of it. Those are facts. I could fuck 5 guys tonight, and it still wouldn't be the 'sluttiest' thing I've ever done. In every situation Corbin has been in in this story, both parties were more than consenting. I think when you spelled out SLUT, you misspelled seductive, maybe. I'm not sure. Understanding how people work and tick and being able to get what he wants out these sexual relationships doesn't make Corbin slutty in my opinion. It makes him smart, and in all instances, especially the one in this chapter, both parties always get what they want out of that relationship (maybe not Nick, I guess, but what did Corbin get out of fucking him either?). I guess my point is if you want a story where the main character is chaste or avoid hurting people's feelings, you've come to the wrong place. You've read 40 chapters, so I'll go ahead and surmise you enjoy the story, you simply lack any understanding of nuance. Which leads me to the message itself. I've gotten my fair share of critique, and I welcome it. Honestly, in most comments, there are positives, some negatives, and I try my best to address the negatives. Either with an explanation, or a thank you and I'll learn for future chapters. On rare occasion on this site, I'll get a message like this that baffles me. Are you trying to be funny? Disrespectful? Should I bring up nuance again? Even if these are your thoughts on the chapter, the character, the work that you've read all the way through to chapter 40, I'd expect a bit more tact in your delivery. Make no mistake, I'll take any critique you give me, good, bad or ugly- if you look at my history, I love when readers challenge my writing. But if its a critique that lacks in anything constructive like this one, you'll get a response just like this one. My guess is we'll get a 'it's not that serious' response and I'll regret allowing this comment to stick with me all week long, but before we go down that path, let me just say writers on this site and any other are people. Our work is serious. We take your responses seriously and we seriously love to engage- respectfully. This wasn't it, so maybe let's try again next chapter. As always, more to come soon.
  6. Jwolf

    Of Note

    Thank you for this comment. I appreciate it and that’s all I’m going to say.
  7. Jwolf

    Of Note

    My bad, I definitely took your comment as a compliment. I guess I just used yours to explain my thoughts on some of the other comments. I’ll let you know when I watch some Fleabag. It’s on my list 🙂
  8. Jwolf

    Of Note

    I've never seen Fleabag, but I've heard its really good, so I'll take the comparison any day! I guess I just have a different take on what makes a slut, but I'll leave that up to everyone's individual interpretation. And continue to tell the story as it happened back in college- even then I didn't consider that I was having any more or less sex than anyone else. I knew folks who had a different partner every weekend, and guys who were practically married to one person by the end of freshman year. I'd like to think Corbin falls somewhere right in the middle. Either way, more to come for our guy. Thanks so much for the comment!
  9. Jwolf

    Of Note

    Thanks for the comment! Always love reading your reactions. I had to go back and make sure I wasn’t the one who used the words ‘Pete, Corbin, inevitable and relationship in the same sentence’. I think you’re right in that nothing is guaranteed with Corbin, but I happen to think the right guy (Pete or not) will make him more monogamous than he and some readers think he’s capable of. We’ll have to see.
  10. Jwolf

    Of Note

    I think your comments are spot on. Thanks so much! I think the biggest question is if Corbin keeps spending time with Chip, what does that mean for his prospects in the house and against his best friend? We shall see
  11. Jwolf

    Of Note

    I think your comments are spot on. Thanks so much! I think the biggest question is if Corbin keeps spending time with Chip, what does that mean for his prospects in the house and against his best friend? We shall see
  12. Jwolf

    Of Note

    Great comment, thank you! I agree with you on the ‘slut’ stuff. It’s gay authors. There’s gonna be some sex in most chapters. The two relationships you touched on are going to be very interesting in the coming chapters: Corbin and Hutch and Corbin and Lee. Won’t spoil anything, but stay tuned for sure.
  13. Jwolf

    Of Note

    I mean, okay. I wouldn’t call 5 guys in 6 months the ‘whole town’ but we each have our thresholds for that.
  14. Jwolf

    Of Note

    Thanks for the comment! We find out what Dom wants right away. As for what happens with Chip... that's going to be a slower unveiling of that plot. More to come soon!
  15. Jwolf

    Of Note

    Loved this posting. Thanks so much! More to come very soon, and interesting on the symbolism. Four is pretty much the most dialogue I can stomach to write...
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