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    Chapter 10

    Ah, your getting a little ahead of me as far as the financing goes. Marks money will be explained, but funding help is one of the reasons to be working with the church. Thanks for all your reviews, Scotty!
  2. Houdinii

    Chapter 2

    Thanks for the review! I was thinking about making the first time special and sweet, but it's been done before. Realistically, kids at that age put my little romp in the nurses office to shame, lol
  3. Houdinii

    Chapter 4

    Thanks for the reviews, Scotty!
  4. Houdinii

    Chapter 4

    Thanks for the reviews, Scotty!
  5. Houdinii

    Chapter 4

    Thanks for the reviews, Scotty!
  6. Houdinii

    Chapter 12

    Wow, I didn't even mean for that to happen that way, lol! Thanks Conner
  7. Houdinii

    Chapter 12

    Thanks Paul!!
  8. Houdinii

    Chapter 12

    Thanks, Daithi, for all your reviews today! I like it better when I get them in a single day that way I can hear from the point of view of someone that is reading straight through. The straight boys were still back at camp when all of this went down, tossing a football around I think.
  9. How am I expected to be able to sleep after what I just witnessed? Jack is now sneaking off in the middle of the night to God knows where. For all I know he is trying to escape right now. I can’t say I’d hate that idea, though. It would be good riddance. My first instinct when I saw him was to go out and follow him, but that little voice in the back of my head stopped me. That really would be a stupid move. I could end up dead in the middle of the woods. I then decided that the best cour
  10. Nice read so far! The cliff hanger was a bit on the bogus side Can't wait to read on
  11. I can't believe none of the Brits recognize him... shame, shame
  12. Houdinii


    Ah, Oscar Wilde and Alfred Douglas
  13. I typically never read the fantasy stories but I accidentally landed on tHis one and I'm glad I did! Great story so far. I can't w wait for more!
  14. I knew it was going to be a long night by the fourth time Jeff woke up breathing his frustration into my ears ensuring that I couldn’t get a wink of sleep myself. He was worse than a child waiting for Christmas. I can understand where he is coming from. He hasn’t seen his brother since, well whenever he got locked up, and now he gets to see him in just a few short hours. I’d be a mess too if I was put in the same situation. The thing is, I’m not. And I’m tired. I’m trying to be understanding
  15. With sleep came dreams… lots of evil and twisted dreams. The gleam in Jack’s eyes when he issued his warning is etched permanently in my mind and my subconscious had it on repeat as I slumbered. All night long I could see his face as he tracked each and every one of us down and gutted us with a machete, taunting us with jeers and insults. I doubt that Jack is that violent, but you never know. This is still prison even if it seems more like a summer camp. One things for sure, I’m keeping an
  16. Great story so far! I'm def. hooked and your character development is right on Can't wait to read more
  17. Houdinii

    Chapter 1

    Thanks Hector!!
  18. Houdinii

    Chapter 9

    I know, right? I tried really hard to hate Tony, but I just couldn't do it 3:) Thanks for the review!
  19. Houdinii

    Chapter 9

    Thanks Ian!
  20. Houdinii

    Chapter 9

    Thanks for your great reviews, Lisa. Thanks for pointing out my little errors too. I'd have never caught 'em
  21. Houdinii

    Chapter 9

    (Excerpt From Chapter Eight): “Jeff, are you ready for this? I don’t want to do anything if you’re not. I love you too much to mess it up with sex…” I couldn’t even finish before Jeff again took control of the situation. Even though we were on our own we didn’t have an endless supply of time before people were looking for us. In no time both of us were drenched in sweat and tearing into each other’s cloths. I was in pure ecstasy and by the moans coming from Jeff I assumed he was too. Jeff
  22. Houdinii

    Chapter 8

    Morning came much quicker than I expected. Today was the day I had been patiently waiting for and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been with my fair share of guys and even a few gals, but today I woke up feeling like I’d been handed my virginity all over again and I knew that it was going to show every time I had to open my mouth until I could show Jeff how I feel about him. I haven’t been this nervous since that time a much younger me huddled with Karl and Tony behind the old warehouse with not
  23. Houdinii

    Chapter 1

    Thanks for the feedback Jake! I appreciate the kind words and I'll keep writing as long as ya'll keep reading
  24. Houdinii

    Chapter 7

    Thanks Ian!
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