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    Chapter 12

    Well, Nephy, this story turned out to be a surprise I've read many vamp stories, a bunch of werewolf ones as well, but never an angel story... I'm glad I found it though The innocence of the angel is so .... let's just say it's making me diabetic... Looking forward to another chap! Keep up the good work
  2. Happy BDay Dark! You never told us you got old today!?! Congrats you extended your life, and sorry your all wrinkles... At least you maintained your looks hot stuff
  3. Method, that actually was half the issue, lol. Ya hit the nail on the head. When I was 'dating' my baby's momma, I pretty much was looking for an excuse to be straight. Unfortunately she passed giving birth, and I became a bigger man coming to terms with gay dom, so yeah, I never let it phase me again. Got a helluva gift outta that boy though Love to visit this pic now and again....
  4. With my favorite team (STL Cardinals) moving up in the NCLS, I was wondering who your fav's. go to. Ideally, I'd like the Yankees face the Cards, and the Cards wipe their face in the mud, however unlikely that it is.... Wish we had a playoff pool like we did for hockey last year... Folks would be salty when I won this one
  5. Must say you were so wrong about the Cardinals :P

    1. Andrew Q Gordon

      Andrew Q Gordon

      Oh, I'm a Met's fan so I've got mixed feelings about the loss. But oh boy, the shit storm that hit the house when they lost - Mike threw his Nat's hat in the trash he was so pissed. Everyone needs to be fired - Drew Storen, Bryce Harper, Davey Johsnon, Rizzo for shutting down Strasburg. For that alone I'm a Giant's fan now :P

  6. Houdinii


    From the album: Me

    Finally got my shades, I Can SEE!
  7. Had a great birthday, even though it makes me an old man now... Went swimming with an ex in a creek nearby, and it was only 40 something degrees out. Paying for it today. Sick as a dog...
  8. Thanks Billy Boi... Not looking forward to getting closer to 30, but happy to become 28
  9. Great start bro The banter of the two boys was incredible. I REALLY hope you post often, as I like these intelligent well written stories. I do agree with Cia, as the the timeline seems odd, and I'm not sure how old they were in the second half, so I just assumed they were still 16. Welcome to GA by the way, looking forward to seeing more out of ya
  10. I would seriously like to see one of these clowns fart on the bonfire after doing this... Would cause an explosion, hehe.
  11. Happy Birthday Steve! Glad ya were around for me to aggravate all year Hope it's a good one.
  12. Put my cat down... Resses is my cat... oh wait... nvm... wrong cat.... ;p
  13. although I do disagree with the system... If it's politics... shouldn't it have something to do with "The activities associated with the governance of a country or area." (which in this case is a double negative...) < ya said something the governing bodies of GA didn't like... Forgot to put that I love GA as a whole though.... Great peeps
  14. Don't feel bad, I got 5 warning points and moved to soap box myself... < Beware of the Chick-fil-a is a tempered issue... (I don't hold an issue either way, none are near me... so I couldn't eat em even if I WANTED to, hehe... /\ (Please don't give em 5 points.... I didn't realize or know it either...)
  15. I hate when skypies make me weepy bout my own situation through other people.... Okay... Happy face!

    1. Ashi
    2. asamvav111


      *Hugs* everything's gonna be fine!


  16. Hehe, Lisa, they didn't dodge it yet... and I'm still holding my breath... Good Chapter!
  17. A company called "south butt" got sued by north face recently... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_South_Butt (okay, not recently, but I bought a ton of their cloths.... much better than the north face)
  18. Houdinii

    Chapter 16

    Loved the story... mad it ended Meanie Well written, could have had a more dramatic ending... but I liked it.
  19. I dunno who's complaining about him, but he is a cute dude! I think they nailed it.... thanks for the pics method.
  20. Happy BDay Floops, hope it was a good one!
  21. I just checked http://web.archive.org/web/20101011125019/http://arentboynamed.wordpress.com/9001-chapter-1-of-a-rent-boy-named/ can get to chapter 159
  22. Holy crap Matt, your in my neck of the woods... (Nice to meetcha btw) Ha, I live in Belleville, IL. Bloomington is just a hop. Thought I was all alone in the area (GA wise). Welcome back, even though I didn't know ya then, I'm still newer I suppose.
  23. <p>For the younger ones of us (no offense...) Okay, I give up trying to embed the video... I hate IPBoard for this, but it's Doing Time by Sublime (All about Summer in DC) Is a little PG-13 btw... No queerlings allowed
  24. lmao, 45 isn't old (or I hope not, cause I'll be there soon enough...) Gonna completely defy your original post TOR and call this guy /\ a geezer JK, Savik
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