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  1. Hope you had a great birthday KC, does this make you over the hill, or do I have to wait another year to start making jokes?
  2. Made the 1200 Mile move, now I'm finally settled in here in sunny ass Texas. Couldn't be happier!

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    2. Houdinii


      Yeah, well, that didn't work out so well, lol. Instead I got a cute brunette ;)

    3. harcallard


      Very interesting!!!! in



    4. harcallard


      So how is it working out for ya?


  3. Houdinii

    The Rockies

    Don't knock the black socks bro... *weeps gently* It's all I had outside of knee high white ones and they would have been incredibly worse, hehe....
  4. From the album: Me

    Me at my new home in EL Paso, Tx
  5. From the album: Me

    Me at my new home in EL Paso, Tx
  6. Marky, your one of my fav's.... Ya better be around till I run away (Gonna be a while) Glad ya grew up a bit, hehe, and I hope to see more in the future
  7. Was going to try and find a smart alack comment to make.... decided against it. Rather wish Vic a grats, and agree with the rest of what peeps are saying.
  8. Hehe, says going that they know they should use em, lol.....
  9. Hate to go against my Cardinals, but if they (San Fran) were good enough to whoop em, they were good enough to win the series. < Don't ever quote me on that, cause there is a good chance I'll forget saying that next season I will say that I didn't watch any of the World Series games after the Cards lost. Daddydavek's been on the ball keeping me informed, hehe.
  10. I believe the same, and I'm working on opening a dialog with him cause I really REALLY want an ending to the story. I read 159 chapters.... I better get the ending, lol. In all honesty, he seems like a great dude. Guess all I can do is try my 'houdinii' magic on em, and pray for the best
  11. Man, SF is on fire lately. Guess it's some one elses turn to be the dream team. Wish someone told me when I placed my bet, I sure could have used the cash, lol.
  12. Houdinii

    Chapter 11

    I'm glad to see that you made Zach & Josh's breakup as painless as possible, was wondering how you were gonna pull that off. I'm seriously trying to hate Trent, but he reminds myself of me way to much to get mad at him I think. Thanks for the entertainment, can't wait for another chapter
  13. I'll go for the Giants as well, if they can beat my birds, they must be good
  14. With age comes, well,... no comment... I did laugh about it, so hard I tipped backwards and fell over on my guitar,,smashed it to bits. I have a feeling that tears will be shed later...
  15. No offense Daddy, but STL is vs the Giants Rangers were gone long ago
  16. Moving to Tx in a week into a "Ranger" family, no chance in hell I'm gonna go blue blooded on my Cards. I watched BOTH those little squirrels run out on the field
  17. Well, we (the Cards, I think I just joined their organization) are the come back kings... Tis why I wasn't bothered by a 5-0 lead by the opposition. We've came back from 11-0 in extra innings (18 I think) to prove that point. I was up til about 2 am watching that game. No Doubt, It's Red Bird Season Now we have to get our clutch hitters, aka Molina, and Freese to hit with men on. Make that boi MVP 2 years straight
  18. I just think we didn't want the SF crowd to feel left out.... Sunday's the day.... And Krista, seriously, a FB Post in a baseball post?!? Shame, shame!! I did like Wainwright's no walks in the 4th game though. Didn't get to watch Sat. game.... must be the reason they lost
  19. Dang, Sunshine, the journey's almost over, I don't want to get off this ride. I hated Dex and Riley the entire time, but I knew Spencer was going to have his redemption. I sure hope Artie gets his ass whooped by someone, though. That boy deserves it. Wouldn't mind seeing Spencer get a little jailhouse justice from D & R but I guess that ship has sailed. Anyway, kudos on a great story. Aside from a few huge authors here, I gotta say this novel was the best I've read, and if a story deserves a publishing, it's definitely this one
  20. Little worried about Carpenter, he's still hurting, but I'm sure it will be a good outing. As for last night, WAY TO GO CARDS!! I did like watching all the field plays, it's def. October, lol.
  21. I can't wait for it, Lance Lynn is golden.... God I love October...
  22. I'm fully planning on a yankee vs. cards series.... that would be epic... (I have money on the game, hehe...)
  23. Joyeux Anniversaire!! Hope ya ont autant de plaisir que j'ai fait
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