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  1. Houdinii

    We Are Stars

    It's early morning here and I'm reading from bed. Now the better half is mad at me for accidently waking him up. Couldn't contain the "finally!" from coming outta my mouth.
  2. I have a quick bug report. I'm honestly not sure if it is a bug or if the commenter simply just used bad code, but the comments in chapter 10 of The Cockney Canuck has embedded code in the comment to change the font. It just looked awkward, especially now that the site is super clean. Great job on the upgrades.
  3. From the album: Me

  4. I can finally see how everything can play out. This chapter had my feels going especially Andy getting some actual family that he's never really had after his mother's death. His uncle worries me a little, but not much. I hope that the CPS woman and those attached to her get what is coming to them. I seriously hope that there is about 20 more chapters, to be honest. I rarely read a story twice, but I imagine this will have the pages worn out on it.
  5. I KNEW IT! (It's why I was asking about laws the last chapter). Oh hell yeah! I swore I was gonna quit reading if you made him run again Of course, in honest speaking, if he'd simply appeal to the courts himself as not in danger as well as the troubles with the classmate, heads would roll, but I'm all for Andy getting some guaranteed happiness for life instead.
  6. While I know this isn't over, since Andy's own legal issues aren't exactly over, I think he has enough personal allies to weather the storm so to speak. As a big fan, I should caution to tread lightly on the upcoming events, because it is going to be a legal nightmare and so far you've been pretty accurate. One part I seemed to have missed is the judicial level of Judge Harrison (i.e. County court, state court, etc. It seems like a small issue but the entire story could hinge on that one minor detail. I personally wouldn't mind reading Bruce's story, because there is obviously more to say ther
  7. You're one of the reasons I hate reading stories in real time. A chapter at a time is seriously not enough for me especially with a story this good. I love the development and how Andy is changing over time. It's left me truly disgusted with his fictional father and also gave me hope that people like Kaz, Terry, Zander and the rest of the Sanders exist. The fact that he thought Mrs. Sanders would be offended by the word 'mom' shows how much he his still deeply damaged, but at the same time shows how much he has grown and I love it.
  8. Houdinii

    Chapter 3

    Great start Nephy. Daniel doesn't really come off as 'retarded' but somewhere on the autistic scale, but it's odd because he can understand emotions. If I had to venture a guess, something psychological happened with his father.
  9. So happy for Andy but I am so sad that this is about to be finished Bittersweet. It was a hell of a ride my friend. I hope you immediately start another story for us to enjoy
  10. I really hope that boy learns some trust. Zander would probably go to the ends of the Earth for Andy, which based on the name of the story I'm assuming that will remain his name (fingers crossed). Even though you can basically tell how the story is going to play out, it is beautifully written. I agree with xleroc when he said this story is like crack. Most stories on this site are great, but occasionally (i.e. once a year maybe) you find that one that you can't put down. I am going to hate seeing this story end.
  11. Houdinii

    Washington, D.C.

    I forgot all about this story! I hope Jacob is going to be alright. especially that Josh now finally has something he wants. Please don't be a stranger with the story, it's a good one.
  12. I seen that coming a mile away. Congrats craftingmom!!
  13. Initially Zach annoyed the daylights out of me. I'm not a big fan of flair and drama, and he seems to be about as dramatic as they come. The little brat grew on me, though. I love the randomness of the story. Keep it coming, bro!
  14. Houdinii

    Part 7

    I refuse to believe it's over. You can't do this to me. It's just plain mean Great story. I'm going to miss seeing it on the story updates.
  15. I also think we should hold a GA poll to see how many members think Comsie should keep his story here. I think as one of the best authors here, he should be able to host his story without shame, and should know it wouldn't be in vain. It is unfair and unjust.
  16. I agree with comicfan, and his comments about banned works. As a whole the gay community has been silenced for years, and anything slightly risky has been shut out of publication, except for houses that niche in the market. I was in chat when Myr posted this blog post asking for feedback, and I stated that it is sickening to see a safe place like GA get victimized by someone that read something they didn't like when there are so many ways to see what you are actually reading here on this site. He has kept this place secure and labeled, and even younger teens can enter chat without feeling thre
  17. My first fling was with a guy I grew up with. I was infatuated and he was confused. My first love was a cute guy at work. He was bullied for being gay, and I hopped up and defended him. Ended up blasting out of the closet just to help.
  18. Houdinii

    The Date

    Read, and re-read the beginning to all 28 and you are killing me... Mike either is or isn't an asshole, Pete is or isn't Prince Charming, and I'm trying to decide if Lee is actually Corbin's golden boy, because even though he screwed to get ahead, he seems like the nicest one of the bunch. Hell, I think Lee should screw around with Pete on the side just to show Corbin that hitting on a straight man isn't all that difficult! Arg... next chapter please
  19. Houdinii

    Chapter 16

    I am, by no means, a fantasy fan but I am seriously hooked. I hope it gets updated soon!
  20. Houdinii

    Tech Tuesday: Potpourri

    The test theme was incredibly distorted size-wise. The headers and such shrank while everything else got bigger, and story listings had variable sizes if they were links or just normal text. (Firefox 34.0.5)
  21. My favorite story on GA has to be Charlie by Hamen Cheese. I've read hundreds of stories here I am sure, but for some reason this one stuck. It was well written but easy to read. Everyone knows the characters and can identify throughout the entire story.
  22. I came to GA in search of stories that held a plot line containing gay characters, which I rarely found elsewhere. I enjoy putting myself in the character's shoes, and it is hard to do so with mainstream literature, especially on a budget. What I found was a community that cared about the written word as a whole rather than a collection of stories and reviews. In the end I found a community of people that helped me through some of the toughest times in my life as well as fostering a talent I didn't know I had.
  23. I basically grew up less than 10 minutes away, and I really don't think the area was surprised that this happened. There are like 15 cities that meet right in that area, each with a different class, government, and background. It is strange to be able to sit on one side of the line and crime is non-existant, and walk a single city block and there is a recordable murder rate. I cannot speculate on the event itself, as it would be just that, speculation. I do feel heartbroken to see my old stomping grounds being burned to the ground, however. It is an upsetting situation for all parties involved
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