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  1. Hi Houdini, I see you signed in last week, but we haven't heard from you since last December. I want to wish you a very Happy 34th Birthday, along with a day full of celebration. I hope you will have more time for us this year as an author and a member.


    Take care


  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Houdinii

    We Are Stars

    It's early morning here and I'm reading from bed. Now the better half is mad at me for accidently waking him up. Couldn't contain the "finally!" from coming outta my mouth.
  4. Happy Belated B-day, Houdinii! I hope you had a great day. :)

  5. Happy Birthday!  (Hopefully our redbirds do better next year!)

  6. Happy Birthday Houdinii! 

  7. I have a quick bug report. I'm honestly not sure if it is a bug or if the commenter simply just used bad code, but the comments in chapter 10 of The Cockney Canuck has embedded code in the comment to change the font. It just looked awkward, especially now that the site is super clean. Great job on the upgrades.
  8. I can finally see how everything can play out. This chapter had my feels going especially Andy getting some actual family that he's never really had after his mother's death. His uncle worries me a little, but not much. I hope that the CPS woman and those attached to her get what is coming to them. I seriously hope that there is about 20 more chapters, to be honest. I rarely read a story twice, but I imagine this will have the pages worn out on it.
  9. I KNEW IT! (It's why I was asking about laws the last chapter). Oh hell yeah! I swore I was gonna quit reading if you made him run again Of course, in honest speaking, if he'd simply appeal to the courts himself as not in danger as well as the troubles with the classmate, heads would roll, but I'm all for Andy getting some guaranteed happiness for life instead.
  10. While I know this isn't over, since Andy's own legal issues aren't exactly over, I think he has enough personal allies to weather the storm so to speak. As a big fan, I should caution to tread lightly on the upcoming events, because it is going to be a legal nightmare and so far you've been pretty accurate. One part I seemed to have missed is the judicial level of Judge Harrison (i.e. County court, state court, etc. It seems like a small issue but the entire story could hinge on that one minor detail. I personally wouldn't mind reading Bruce's story, because there is obviously more to say there. I imagine he has esteem issues and his family seems like real 'winners', lol. I can't wait until Andy has enough esteem himself to punch a dude in the nose rather than run, although running this time was a good idea. Thanks for a realistic story, and double thanks for making it so long. I'm still dreading the day the story is finished. It's actually so good that I wake up and see an update and it takes my morning grumblings away. It's only month two and I think I found a good contender for 2016 story of the year (although you'd have to face Twoey in a showdown ).
  11. You're one of the reasons I hate reading stories in real time. A chapter at a time is seriously not enough for me especially with a story this good. I love the development and how Andy is changing over time. It's left me truly disgusted with his fictional father and also gave me hope that people like Kaz, Terry, Zander and the rest of the Sanders exist. The fact that he thought Mrs. Sanders would be offended by the word 'mom' shows how much he his still deeply damaged, but at the same time shows how much he has grown and I love it.
  12. Houdinii

    Chapter 3

    Great start Nephy. Daniel doesn't really come off as 'retarded' but somewhere on the autistic scale, but it's odd because he can understand emotions. If I had to venture a guess, something psychological happened with his father.
  13. So happy for Andy but I am so sad that this is about to be finished Bittersweet. It was a hell of a ride my friend. I hope you immediately start another story for us to enjoy
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