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  1. How are ya~! Missed you on GA~!

  2. Feels good being in Oxford I've missed everyone so ready to hang more!

  3. Oxford bound!

    1. Bleu


      Hehe, that's funny seeing your rep count says "Moving in the right direction". Which college?

  4. What am I doing to myself?! Already have a Harry potter character on a rpg site, now a Percy Jackson one, soon a supernatural and xmen one. I hope I don't get the characters confused

  5. guess who is coming to oxford :)

  6. Wants my car tag to read otaku!

  7. #makealawforjamey! Bullying and suicide must end. Our generation has the power to stop it

  8. Just got called a weeaboo. I will take this with pride and explain that I am otaku! Sorry that I think Japanese animation is far superior to american! Also, lion king is such a rip off of an Asian cartoon! Now i love animation of all kinds but I love anime the most :)

  9. I need some anime decals and bumper stickers for my car :)

  10. Got a car today! Woot

    1. comicfan


      Congrats. May it take you all the places you need without breaking your bank.

    2. LJH
  11. has anyone read the manga Blue Exorcist? It looked really good and was wondering is it worth buying

  12. happy 32nd Hermoine Granger :)

  13. Vote NO on 26! If you don't like Mississippi trying to take away your rights ladies then vote! You can't bitch about the results if you don't help stop it!

  14. is it sad i just watched the series finale of Golden Girls and started crying?

  15. was in the mood to tell a gay joke, butt f**k it

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