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  1. Flooding in my town is incredible looking and devastating :(

    1. Ashi


      Andrea!!! :hug: Yeah..., sorry for what happened there. The wrath of nature can be devastating.

  2. Where should I go on vacation during my 30th birthday? It is in December, so somewhere warm!

  3. Jameson and ginger ale is one of my favorite drinks. On a lazy summer day, I usually spend time in my garden and then read. Usually am drinking a Boulevard Brewery Tank 7. Sooo good.
  4. Rob is the reason I joined this site. Huge fan of his stories, followed them on literotica. Can't wait for more!
  5. Depends on the time of year, I guess. I've driven the stretch many many times. Last time I drove it, there was a road block on the northbound side and I passed about 20 cops in 322 miles (518 km). I normally do about eight mph over the speed limit, only been pulled over on the stretch once in nine years.
  6. I got Blur - Girls and Boys and started dancing in my seat. I've been listening to random videos on it for about the last hour now. If you let the video play, it will load another one when it is finished so you don't need to keep pressing the button. Might have to hook it up to my stereo later!
  7. Damn. Slytherin beat me to it. Press the David Hasselhoff button, a video will load. Random 90s music. You don't like the song, press the button again and you get a different song.
  8. http://www.the90sbutton.com/ Click the button, click again and again and again Musics, lots of random 90s music awesome. if you aren't a fan of 90s music, move on.
  9. I-25 from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Boring, boring, boring. Straight, hardly any traffic, six hours of snore. Other than that, busy freeways where people hog the 'fast' lane and refuse to get over to let faster traffic pass.
  10. I was pulled over on my way to work, first time in nine years. Forgot how it feels to see flashing lights in my rear view mirror!

  11. I get one every week from my best friend. I send one every week back to her. We work together and sit about six feet from each other, it is nice to send a letter. I also send post cards and other random cards to friends a few times a month. USPS loves me. If you want added to my list of random things received in the mail, shoot me your name/address via PM. I promise I'm much too lazy to stalk. I sent a twitter buddy a beaver via postcard, he assembled it and sent me a pic via twitter.
  12. Ever have allergies so bad that your face feels swollen? I've got that today, bad :(

  13. What to read... hmmm. So many good stories, so little time!

    1. Krista


      Andrea, you've become quite sneaky.. :P I never see you in chat or anywhere.. :(

    2. Andrea


      I've been gone from the site for a while, since February. I've only been in chat once since then. I will try and get back in there when I have some time ;)

  14. Your words reminded me of this comic from The Oatmeal, it has cuss words so I apologize in advance for that. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/gay_marriage I think, with time and depending on the area of the country/world you reside, guys dating guys, etc. will become part of the norm. I look at it kinda like interracial relationships, most people you run into don't care either way but you will come across those few that think it is wrong and will judge the couple unfairly.
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