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  1. blushing_toi

    Chapter 22

    Love these guys. Would love to hear more about Jake and Colby as well as Ryan and Caleb.
  2. I've enjoyed this series. However, I liked Rory. I really wanted to see him ride off to Colombia and never be heard from again. Oh well. LOL!
  3. blushing_toi

    Chapter 3 - Lost

    I thought it was just me or some bizarre deja vu experience. I like the premise of the story but I wish it would move forward. I'm still following.
  4. blushing_toi

    Yesterday's Law

    Three chapters in. HOOKED! Curled up and not going anywhere. Love this story. Super cool and not typical. I love it!!!
  5. OMG...This is so so good. Need more... NOW!!! I love the pace of the murder cases and the budding romance between Jason and Travis. So yummy. No sex and it's still smoking hot!
  6. blushing_toi

    Chapter 1

    What a great first chapter. I can't wait to see where you take us on this journey. Awesome!!
  7. blushing_toi

    Chapter 1

    Wow you definitely kept me on the edge of my seat with this one. I sure hope there's more. I couldn't tell if she was caught or fled to continue on with her craziness. Very twisted.
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