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  1. I enjoyed this little tale. It's whimsical at times, sarcastic at others and light hearted with some serious overtones. Well written and very engaging. It was easy to imagine yourself in the world the author created.
  2. Oh this is very good and really enticing. It has drawn me in and I am anxiously looking forward to the future chapters. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  3. cltgolfer


    Nice. Well written...tight and succinct while telling a good story. Enjoyed this.
  4. Again, I don't usually post here, I much prefer to read and enjoy. But, as always, Viv's stories are enlightening, heartening, and wonderfully well written. I am glad that this story has picked up again. I look forward to reading Viv's works when they come out. Wonderful writing.
  5. This is my first post to Gay Authors and it's gonna be simple. This story, as are the rest of Vlista's writings, is invoking, mind-boggling, inspiring, and thought provoking. Excellent reads!!
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