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  1. Interesting experience editing a story about storms during a storm.   

    1. ancientrichard


      The next step is to edit a story about editing a story about storms during a storm, during a storm.

      Feel free to insert however many parentheses are necessary to make the meaning clear.



  2. Doggo needs to use his assistive device correctly before learning tricks.
  3. Props for that adorable pupper.
  4. I recall reading somewhere (not here) about how people were taking "trigger warnings" too far. The example was a writer who put a trigger warning for some time of animal up on their story. I think it might have been monkeys.
  5. Writing is more fun than editing.  Always.  

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Thorn Wilde

      Thorn Wilde

      I like both. When I can't write, editing is comforting. :) 

    3. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      I like editing more than writing, as long as I'm editing someone else's story. ;) 

    4. CassieQ


      @Thorn Wilde, @Timothy M., editing stresses me out.  I find writing much more relaxing.

  6. I think some things warrant a warning. Rape, extreme or graphic violence, etc. I even had an admin member leave me a comment on Unrequited telling me that I should warn readers about "het sex". I don't see a problem with it. If I see a warning for something I think I wouldn't like, I usually make a decision based on the author and their writing, on whether I want to proceed or not.
  7. I'm just over here cooking a Dutch baby in the oven, don't mind me.
  8. I have made a list of things that I hear during my workout that sends fear deep into the heart of me:

    -Now fast.

    -Hold and keep contracted

    -Move into the push-up position

    -Pyramid your weights down

  9. Want to write 2000 words of mine?
  10. It's not the same without the sound.
  11. Goal for the weekend:  Finish the Spring Anthology.

    Chances of success:  Fair to middling

    Panic level:  Moderate to high.

    1. Valkyrie


      You got this!  :hug: 

    2. Headstall


      I wrote one last night, out of the blue, but I don't know if I'll put it in the Anthology. Might post it on its own. :) Good luck, Cassie! 

    3. Thorn Wilde

      Thorn Wilde

      You can do it! ❤️ 

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