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  1. Me, working with a character l like:  I'm still going to do horrible things to you, but I'm also going to feel a little bad about it.  

  2. Thank you. I felt well enough earlier to shovel snow off my driveway since the HOA guys never showed up to do it, so I think I can handle a light day in the office tomorrow.
  3. Thanks. I took tomorrow off so I can rest some more.
  4. It's actually a blessing. I've been running myself ragged over the past few weeks and am sick now. (Just a cold, not covid). I'm being forced to take some time to just rest.
  5. Amazing how quiet it gets when snow is coming down.
  6. You could do what I do and avoid the eye doctor completely. Then you don't have to worry about how far the cataracts have progressed. So what if I can't read small print anymore? (This is bad advice, don't listen to me).
  7. You can take the girl out of the PT clinic, but you can't take the PT out of the girl.
  8. Hey Page. How are you and the family doing?
  9. Thank you for posting this. It's perfect.
  10. CassieQ

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!
  11. I've read your work and there is no question about your talent or ability to tell an excellent story. It is a preference thing, not a slight on your skill at all. I just want to be clear on this point.
  12. Tomato, tomato. I'm not into it, sorry.
  13. Yeah, sorry. I'm with @Page Scrawler on this one
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