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  1. I still have some of the postcards he sent me. He touched so many lives and will be missed.
  2. 70,000 words.  Holy crap.  

    1. ancientrichard


      Well done, again!! :2thumbs:

  3. I can't find anything in the news except that it is unconfirmed. Weird.
  4. That's weird. I felt the quake from last year but I didn't feel anything today. When did it happen?
  5. Try to take it easy. I think these are normal symptoms after getting the vaccine. I was very tired and my arm was sore too, especially after the second one.
  6. I once had green hair...I had asked my hair-stylist to get rid of my purple hair I had so I could go for a more neutral color (I was going to a funeral). She rinsed the purple out fine, but the blue dye from MONTHS prior was still there underneath. She bleached it for as long as she could, and it never came out, just turned green. So we had to dye it a darker brunette color (I had wanted blonde) and it still looked green, so she had to layer in some red toner in as well. My hair was disgusting after all that, I had to use a special hair mask for like a month.
  7. My Nannie and aunts all talked about how cute her cancer doctor was...for Christmas I ordered a shirt that said "My doctor is hotter than your doctor."
  8. Glad everyone is safe. We've gotten just rain so far.
  9. Hello from a fellow 40 year old!
  10. Patients are acting very put out that we still require masks. I remind them that the WHO is still recommending precautionary measures due to the delta variant. No one seems to care.
  11. Yesterday, I was at work and concerned that I might have made a mistake.  So I checked in with my boss, and he said that I was in the right.  It was such a good feeling.

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