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  1. I want a drink named after me too. Hop on it.
  2. Had not one, but two nightmares involving my claustrophobia last night.  Wish I knew why.

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    2. ancientrichard


      :kiss:  :kiss:


      I hate nightmares. I dream of being lost in networks of ugly streets, or being in a railway station where I can't find the trains.

    3. Zombie


      I sometimes dream of falling - horrible sensation :o

      Also exams - “proper” exams where you had blank pages of paper to fill :P - and I just sit there, unable to write anything :( 

    4. CassieQ


      I dreamt of being trapped in a crowded elevator.  It was jam packed with strangers and I was in the back, couldn't move and the elevator was trapped between floors not moving.  The second one was being trapped in the sleeping loft of an RV.  The ceiling had me pressed flat and it couldn't get enough traction to move out of it.

  3. Just flipped from 28K to 29K.  Finally, I can get ready for bed!  :P

  4. I've never heard the word "stroppy" before but I like it, and I'm taking it.
  5. Well, my day has sucked. How is everyone else doing?
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