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    Chapter 16

    I don't see Joe reporting it willingly, the ridicule he'd face from his peers for getting beat up by the "weird" kid who is gay especially since Drew doesn't have any marks on him from the "fight", yea he's not telling anyone who did that.
  2. 1brokNangel

    Chapter 16

    WOW....you go Keith, I don't think Laurie and the grandfather are done regardless of the officers warning. But maybe they'll think twice before showing up again, after seeing them all standing up to them like that, it should definitely make them realize that they're not afraid of them.
  3. 1brokNangel

    Last Words

    I was holding out hope that that would be the outcome....I'm happy that Levi got what he deserved.
  4. I'm not happy that its over but I am happy that N'than and Smeeth can now live happily in peace. 💙💙 It is unfortunate that the general got to walk away....hehe, he deserved to lose a foot.

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    2. Reader1810


      You’re welcome zombie. He’s actually in season 2 on youtube with fans all over the world. Yeah, who knew watching a ground hog eat could be so entertaining, relaxing and peace inducing...

      @1brokNangel I was out for a walk a while back and came across something a little similar to the video you posted. I say similar because your bird seemed to be helping the critter rather than going after it.  What I saw was a Robin hopping along (and flapping its wings) behind a squirrel as said squirrel scurried across the road. My guess is the squirrel got a little to close to a nest and mama - or papa - Robin wasn’t having it and chased him away. Chased it all the way across the street and under a hedge. :P 

    3. 1brokNangel


      I love that video....that guy is amazing, other people wouldn't be worried about the critters having food but he's making them their own  garden, that is so cool.💖💖💖

    4. Reader1810


      @1brokNangel that video is just the premiere episode. They’re into season 2 (post hibernation). There’s a whole lot of people (worldwide :o ) watching Chunk, his Mrs, (Nibbles) and now their baby eating in “their” garden. :D 

  6. I LOVED IT !!!!!!! yes I finished the whole story in one night after that first chapter I was so hooked I read it all, I just couldn't stop reading !!! The visuals you gave made me feel like I was there, I think I said it once before but I'll say it again, you are truely an amazing story teller.
  7. Interesting very, very interesting I'm hooked....curious as to who or what the man-boy is that Stravor's father felt the need to give him a warning about him.
  8. 1brokNangel


    Exactly, I feel like there is still more to be told...more that needs to be said, I just wasn't ready for the story to end 😭😭
  9. 1brokNangel


    Sorry but I'm disappointed (not in the story, I LOVED the story) just sad that it was so short I wasn't prepared for the ending. I hope Peter finds someone to love him like he "loved" Simon, he deserves that after all he's been through and all that he has lost. As far as Simon I'm on the fence about how I feel about him.......
  10. Well it certainly looks as though Theo/April/Wednesday (<snicker) has some explaining to do, not just to Jett but the Dads too. Poor guy he really is up the creek without a paddle....and Jett grounded until he's 25, that killed me. Absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter. I'm going to miss the guys when the story is over, can we have a story about Zane and Dan ?? I think that would be an interesting story.
  11. 1brokNangel

    of Monsters

    Maybe he gets it from his dad....
  12. 1brokNangel

    of Monsters

    Thats what I thought Simon was trying to do, get her close enough then stab her. Poor Peter....he lost his friend and his crush who it looks like was using him to get to Angela, SSMH, this just broke my heart.
  13. General Jeptha needs to disappear 😡, from the 1st and 2nd chapter you can tell that N'than has no desire to tell about any relationship that he had with Junias so why can't he just leave N'than alone let him be happy. I hope Smeeth is able to protect N'than from all those that wish to harm him. Will we find out what happened to Barrukinda, I think he should be taken to shark infested waters and dropped overboard.
  14. That sounds lovely, I never thought about that.
  15. Let the war begin.....I can imagine the entire pack, with the exception of levi's family of course, is ready for blood. Poor Levi (LOL) looks like he's going to die, better late than never.
  16. R.I.P. Little Richard


  17. 1brokNangel


    OH YEAH.....HE is about to arise 💖💖💖💖💖
  18. 1brokNangel


    I knew it !!!!! Pretty sure I called it last chapter, now for the spilling of the beans.... I'm thinking April/Theo will take it in stride, BUT Jett...he is totally going to lose his $**t........
  19. Has anyone seen this video



  20. 1brokNangel


    WHAT ?!?!?!?! There is NO WAY that Ethan or Aiden had ANYTHING to do with this......that a$$hat Levi and his family are to blame....I hope Levi and his clan are destroyed !!!! What do you have against Dorian ? Or for that matter Ethan and Aiden ???
  21. 1brokNangel


    NOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!! This is such a cruel cliffhanger........
  22. Thats what I'm thinking....maybe Tom is in the closet, maybe he and Sid will hook up.
  23. What is wrong with people, was at the store today and there were 2 people standing in the aisle chatting away....what happened to social distancing ?? 

    Inside Out Reaction GIF by Disney Pixar

  24. Hmmmm....I wonder just what spell Julian used, and how long can he hold it, hopefully long enough for Nex to refill her air supply. As action packed and thrilling as this chapter was I REALLY can't wait for the next chapter.
  25. 1brokNangel

    Full Circle

    IMO.... I think Levi's mother is the one doing the poisoning and his family is in on it, I think he is hoping to destroy Dorian and take over the pack.
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