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  1. Happy B-day, Jordan! :)

  2. Happy Birth Day...

  3. I'm glad something that could've been a horrific life-threatening disaster for me bring such joy for you
  4. So I went to a wedding today. Going down the steps as part of the procession was a rather fat bridesmaid who rather made a fool of herself and fell over on the narrow stairs in high heels. She was the source of both great horror and great amusement.

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    2. The_Jordanator


      I am so sorry my fingers smooched themselves onto the keypad and out came that last sentence! Really regret that finger smooch! The point of the update was that the flippin woman fell over and it was both shocking and hilarious too. Apparently, the fat...*ahem* self-generous woman did a speech for the bride at the reception and told the story about how she fell over her once and winded her. Everyone cracked up.

    3. Puppilull


      Humour based on making fun of others is tricky and will often cause a reaction. Not everyone will think it's funny and you should be prepared for those reactions.

    4. James Bond007

      James Bond007

      Its funny and serious at the sametime.


  5. So I'm going to be meeting some NZ celebs who are stars of my favourite nationwide radio station...what should I say to them?

  6. Great job on predicting the future, Robert and Bob!

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    2. drpaladin


      Would you really want some people to have a flying car? Some of them don't need one that just rolls on the ground. lol

    3. The_Jordanator


      true to that lol

    4. James Bond007
  7. I call my friends and say let's go into town! But they're all too busy to go into town. So I go by myself, I go into town. Then I see all my friends — they're all in town.

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    2. MrM


      You need better friends.

    3. drpaladin


      Yes, you need to trade up to a new set

    4. James Bond007

      James Bond007

      Ace! Lol

      Jordan. I would totally hang out with you if we weren't 8000 miles apart. Lol

  8. So like, something curious happened today. Me and my mate, on the school computers, cracking out some media studies work, and I just happen to be on my photo drive staring at this picture I snatched off a digital album posted on the school site of a junior hockey sports game. The photo was of my best crush in the whole wide world even if you combined hot guys like Charlie Puth and Zac Efron together he still would be my pick crush since last year, standing on his lonesome, in the middle of a hockey game. It's creepy, but hey. So I was staring at the beauty of that right, and then my mate goes: "Who the fuck is he?" [exact quotation]. And I pretend like I definitely did not steal that picture how-could-you-say-I-stole-that-picture and I make up some shitty rush-and-panic reply that goes along the lines of a pelican flying across the skies and excreting a random picture into my photo drive. "Weird aye?" I say to him. He looks at me like wtf but then he says something that turns everything around. "That guy is my sister's boyfriend." ​NO NO NO THIS IS A ​DISASTER HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SINGLE AND POTENTIALLY GAY WHY IS HE NOT!!!!??? IT WASN'T MEANT TO BE LIKE THIS!!!!! "Oh really?" I reply casually. "Yeah." he says. There was one scary moment in which he explicitly asked if I was a gay stalker and I just laugh that off because definitely 100% no way in a million years would I do something as hopeless as that. This revelation was still pressing in my mind though, so just to clarify, I said: "So is he really you sister's bf?" "Nah I was joking." He said. PHEW!!!! So that was my drama today. ​

    1. clochette


      It's pretty great when you get use to it but I had a hard time adapting :)

  10. YAY I HAVE INTERNET AGAIN! WHOOP-WOO! Now to scroll through all those silly status updates like: 'I'm going to buy a kittie tomorrow then go excrete leaves.' Lol, I just made that up. The first part that is.

  11. Here's another pointless update to add to the 15 other pointless status updates in your notifications

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    2. drpaladin


      And 26 points on letters, so lots of pointy things

    3. Celethiel


      :P i'll probably have only like 7 all day :P
    4. The_Jordanator
  12. Shouod Eews Day Tuesday and Whinge Binge Wednesday be cancelled from now on?

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    2. The_Jordanator


      Well that's just great

    3. Celethiel


      well... i am just suggesting it, if people have stopped posting... :P

    4. Zombie


      the "theming" was kind of a limiter

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