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  1. Leo C

    Chapter 17

    And so, everybody got, what they deserved. Except Kathy, maybe, but anyway she got a chance to take her homophobic self and get on with her life. and find herself a straight husband. And what an awesome finale! A perfect ending to a mindblowing story. I like it so very much, when a story makes you feel something, and this one certainly did on so many levels. Thank you for sharing it with us!
  2. Leo C


    Brian, me think this was your finest work so far - and that's saying a lot! Thank you! And, by the way, I do hope that we may see a story focusing on Tommy sometime. A very promising character indeed!
  3. Leo C


    Mmmm. This was like comfort food in words. So lovely - and much needed after that nasty cliffie in chapter 23. Thank you!
  4. Leo C

    Chapter 30

    I'm pretty sure I don't like Jeff and Jack very much. I do hope they'll start to grow up really soon. Young and horny does not have to equal inconsiderate and unfaithful in my book.....
  5. Leo C


    Agree!! These guys are much too sweet to let go of any time soon! And there really are too many loose ends here to end it now. Please, Brian! Don't! Me too! But I guess that is exacly what Brian intended. Beautiful chapter, this one! Thank you Brian!
  6. Leo C


    Bloody Hell, Brian. That's the most frustrating cliffhanger I've seen in years!!! Not since Circumnavigation by C James, I think..... Hope Tuesday comes around pretty quick!
  7. Leo C

    Chapter Twelve

    Hmmm. Is that even an issue, anymore? I'm siding with Freddy on this one! Awesome chapter, by the way. Love the way the plot thickens - drastically, one might ad.
  8. Leo C


    Oh bugger, you did it again Brian! Now I'm going to be checking for updates at least twice a day in avid anticipation of the next chapter! Very smooth beginning of the story. Love the dialogue. Thank you!
  9. Leo C

    Exes and Ohs

    Sorry to hear about your physical ordeal - but delighted to hear, that you are doing great now. Nothing like a medical condition succesfully cured to make you appreciate life. I know - been there myself a few years ago. I certainly must aggree, that you do "lighthearted and fun" quite well indeed. And you're not the only one in love with Tristan and Finn. Can't wait to see, what you're going to do with them.... Love, Leo
  10. Leo C

    Hill of Candles

    Maybe you could put at little of this into your future writing now and then. A little mystery and hints of the unknown can be quite enticing....😃 And thank you for that. Stories where everyone ends up battered, broken, miserable or dead never did the trick for me... Thanks again for sharing your words with us here at GA.
  11. Leo C

    Hill of Candles

    Wow. That was unexpected - so different from your recent stories, but interesting on a whole new level. I can't help fearing, that the topic of reincarnations originates from our fear, that this life is all we get. Nevertheless there are so many indications in religion and elsewhere, that our souls get more chances to learn and become better. It seems to me, that most religions in some way mirror the same basic truth - only depicted to be somewhat understandable for the society they emerged in. Brian, thanks a lot for giving us serious food for thought!
  12. Leo C

    Chapter 16

    Hey Chris Will you tell him to get moving, or should I?-------😁
  13. Leo C

    Chapter 16

    Wow, getting steamy, are we? Love it!
  14. Leo C

    Chapter 14

    Wow. I didn't see that one coming. Hope you're OK now. It's always sad to watch someone's life falling to pieces - especially if they cannot or will not accept the help, you're more than willing to give. But if you've done what you can to help, sometimes you gotta realize, that not all disasters can be prevented, no matter how hard you try. It's not your fault, but it's so damn sad anyway. Wish I could give you a hug, but you'll have to make do with a mental one. 😘
  15. Leo C

    Chapter 14

    How could he NOT watch the whole thing? That is one hell of a snog!!
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