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  1. Leo C

    Chapter 40

    Moving along....?? Inching along, you mean, surely! Last chapter was in october, for Gods sake! That said: Yes, it's a story well above average. I love it too much to skip it, even if the long pauses are sooooo frustrating!
  2. O.M.G. - that was HOT! I didn't expect this to happen so soon. Looking very much forward to the next chapter. Oh, and I think you're a great writer. I like it when I'm allowed inside the main characters' minds so I get to know and understand what's going on in there. You are especially good at that. Thank you!
  3. Leo C


    Aahh, what a nice Christmas present to wake up to - nice and romantic and intriguing in regards to the mystery plot of this story. If only the cliffs were not so high. I am sligtly scared of heights....... I hope you have a wonderfull Christmas, Brian. Thank you once again for your efforts. Love Leo
  4. Very promising start of the story - And I'm thrilled to know you've got a lot of chapters for us. I like the flow of your writing and the dialogue, which seems very natural and real. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  5. Leo C


    Uuuuhh - here there be evil serpents and other beasts to be handled with the uttermost care! Brian - how you keep up with the numerous layers of mystery in this tale is beyond me. Fabolous job with this one. After Harry Potter this is the best fantasy mystery, I have ever read - and it has the potential to beat Ms. Rowling in the end! Can hardly wait for the next chapter!
  6. OK, so this old romantic fool got his fill of romance with this one. For those of us with a "could have been" or two in our baggage, this was a reminder that there is no such thing as too late, when it comes to love. Thank you so much, Gary. I hope we get another go at the Larkspur tale sometime. I guess you already have some ideas, and if not: Just ask. I have a few...... Take care and stay safe.😘
  7. Leo C


    And I am so grateful, that you feel that way. It is somewhat frustrating when a story stops without ending.
  8. Leo C


    A bit late for the party. Sorry about that. This is really one long delightful string of mysteries. I have a feeling, that this may become a very long story. Are we in for a new Game of Thrones thing here? I wouldn't mind. If this was a finished novel, though, I wouldn't get much sleep this weekend...... You are outdoing yourself with this one, Brian. Thank you ever so much! 😘
  9. Leo C

    I Got You

    So we go back to Sanitaria Springs - this time with the younges of the Kelly Bros., Sean. But this time the perspective is somewhat different - through a series of texts sent between Sean and a probably slightly younger guy in need of help. I kind of liked that variation. The way the relationship between mentor Sean and mentee Bryce develops is really great - and the way Bryce grows into acceptance of being gay along the way is really heart warming. Some might think, that Sean is acting too mature for his years. Maybe he does that a little - but lets not forget, that he has had his share of figuring out to do over the years in Sanitaria, and the Kelly boys are anything but dumb. They and their extended, chosen family are genuinely good people, leading by example. Maybe they are sometimes a little too good to be entirely for real, but I don't care. They are, what we all should try to be - great friends in need. If the author exaggerates that a little from time to time, so be it. He proves his point, and I think you leave Sanitaria Springs a better person, than when you came.
  10. Owwww - that was sweet, yes, it was! All that misleading us into thinking, that Mitch might really be dieing...... well, pal, I don't think any of us really believed, you would have the heart to do him in just like that! This ole romantic fool is so happy you didn't, that's for sure. Even if you probably have some bumps planned for the next chapters..... 😉 Thanks again for your immense effort to keep us all so well entertained!
  11. Leo C


    Oh, yeah! A true master of manipulation. But I think he may have met his match in Leon, who seems to know exactly what the Brat is doing and enjoying the game. There is so much to enjoy in this story - both the mystery of the keep and the people ind and around it. Reading it is almost like watching af movie. The pictures it leaves in my mind are crystal clear. It is fast becoming one of the best reads - ever! Excellent job, Brian! You just keep getting better and better!
  12. Leo C

    Chapter 14

    Oh my! I think this one belongs in the top five Dabeagle stories, and that is certainly a mighty fine company to be in! I loved the intensity of it and the beautiful way everything finally fell in place. And your wondeful characters, of course. Thank you for yet another amazing story. May your inspiration live forever! All my love, Leo
  13. Lovely. Fially things are going the right way. Now we just need to get Mitch to the doctor to find out, that his tuberculosis has gone away! But maybe that would be just too much happines to expect..... Thanks for yet anothr good read, Gary!
  14. Leo C


    So many layers and so much drama. And what a gutsy fella Brathay is turning out to be. Very delightful indeed!
  15. 'Stubborn' is an understatement! Hard to tell if Old Blue or Mitch is the most stubborn one. I seriously hope he will reconsider after a good nights sleep! Great work on this one too, Gary. Thanks!
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