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  1. Leo C

    Switching Sides

    Absolutely fabulous idea with this story - and a great basis for more PROM-stories, as others have mentioned. As usual your characters are easy to picture in the readers mind. Loved it! As usual.... 😄 Did I sense a hint of Ray Bradbury's style in this one? Thank you for yeat another great read, Brian!
  2. Leo C

    Chapter 25

    Damn!! Don't you think Ed has suffered enough already?? This story was very dark from the start. Now it's pitch black!
  3. Leo C

    Chapter 12

    Lots of interesting conversations here. Ryans mum is fast bercoming one of my favourite persons. Still buliding up to the ultimate Barney-drama - and I can't wait to see, where that is leading - but I like it, that Benji wants to get even. That is good, 'cause Ryan needs someone, who can stand up for himself. Saving the maiden in distress tends to get boring with time..... and Ryan needs someone who can give him some counterplay. Yet another great chapter filled with witty dialogue - Love it! - Thanks!!
  4. Leo C

    Chapter 11

    Hey! (jumping up and down in excitement) We reached fifty - I reapeat: We reached fifty!! (Blinking puppy eyes....)
  5. Leo C

    Chapter 11

    Ohhhh - building up to a great drama with Barney as the evil villain, Ben as the maiden in distress and Ryan as his saviour?.... Nahh, that would be too obvious. Im sure the Dawg will ceate something more surprising. As always: Cool story and great chapter. Thank you!
  6. Leo C

    Chapter 10

    We're playing that again? Cool!!
  7. Leo C

    Chapter 1

    So happy, that you're back with a new story - and a very promising one at that. It seems that there are going to be all sorts of wonderful complications here. Looking very much forward to the following chapters, and I'm sure it will be a very satisfying read - as always.
  8. Leo C

    Chapter 31

    In a couple of years probably...... 😏
  9. Leo C

    Chapter 25

    And so we got yet another happy ending! I hope we get to meet these guys again sometime - not least the Wyrrell family. I just loved those guys and the mood of the chapters featuring them. Thanks again Brian for all your work to keep us entertained with quality stuff.
  10. Leo C


    It seems this chapter builds up to the grand blow up, that I suspect is inevitable here - and which I'm very much looking forward to.....😈 The detalis could go so many ways, and that's just the thrill of it! I have a feeling, that we are in for a few surprises concerning Rita, and about the plumbing business I can think of a few options, that will let Rick come out (ha-ha) on top of the situation. Great story, Parker, so many layers - and I love it!
  11. Leo C

    Chapter 23

    You evil bastard, you! Almost had the tears ready, when Spencer woke up. Great chapter!
  12. Leo C

    Chapter 22

    The only problem is, that for Spencer it will be over in a few hours in his world. The rest of us have waited quite a few days - and are stil waiting....... 😒
  13. Leo C

    Chapter 22

    Brian, this was extraordinarily frustrating! Hope you get the next chapter out really fast, please. 🥺
  14. Lovely ending - without getting too sappy. Hope to see our boys again sometime. Thank you so much for yet another great story, Gary.
  15. Leo C

    Chapter 21

    Hi Brian Glad, that you're OK. And just take the time you need. I don't think any of us are going to go away if it takes a few days longer than usual....😉
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