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  1. Awww, that was a sweet end. Now we just need a "happily ever after" in the epilogue. Thank you so much for this very vivid period piece. Looking forward to seeing some more like this - or whatever you feel like writing..... I guess it can't really go wrong. Thank you for your fabulous work, Gary!
  2. Leo C

    Chapter 21

    Muriels a bitch - that's no surprise. But Brian, really! You have to consider, that some of us are middleaged men with a heart condition. Cliffhangers of this so far unheard of magnitude are not helpful, thank you! Next chapter now, please!
  3. Leo C

    Chapter 20

    I hope this is not to be seen as an exploration into the field of the subtleness of cliffhangers. Don't you dare to get Marshall in trouble with the mafia during his stay in Kryc...... whatever! Just...don't!
  4. Leo C

    Chapter 18

    Maybe Michael Arram will let you use Rothenia another time, if you ask nicely. There is no president there, though.....😉
  5. Leo C

    Chapter 18

    Beautiful chapter. But Khandastovia? Really? Is that somewhere in the vicinity of Rothenia?........ 😁
  6. Oh, heavenly bliss!! You made me a very happy man today, Gary. I'm a sucker for romance and it doesn't get better than this. Thank you!!
  7. Leo C

    Chapter 15

    Next one, please!! Oh..... and Merry Christmas and a very happy new year. You deserve it more than most for all the joy, you keep bringing!
  8. if anything, this chapter showed what a good team our boys are. I just love the way they function together end complement each other. So of course they really could not and should not be without each other. Right now I think it's time for them to get a little physical to seal the deal. I think Coy is ready, and Boone just needs to give in and stop worrying. Thank you so much for this wonderful story, Gary.
  9. Leo C

    Chapter 12

    Well - everything can't be roses all the time. Go watch a Christmas romance on Netflix or something - that might make you feel better. (I would have said, go get an icecream or something, but I guess that's out of the question right now...😩). Merry Chrismas - and stay safe.
  10. Leo C

    Chapter 12

    What the f......???! This did not just happen, did it? And completely out of the blue, just as things were finally starting to go right for Spence. Not very nice of you, Brian, eh? I hope you'll make it up to the poor guy pretty soon!
  11. Leo C

    Chapter 10

    Ohhh - enter a new feisty character! Very promising, that Darcy woman! Enjoying this story immensely!
  12. Leo C

    Chapter Five

    I get the feeling, that Jake may have a not so healthy possesive or jealous streak - and the means to make things very difficult for Liam. Can't wait to see, where this goes. Great Story. Thank you for sharing it.
  13. Leo C

    The Seven7h Magpie

    Yup, sure as hell very different - bot none the less brilliant. The way you manage to take a basically VERY sad story and turn it into something resembling a fairy tale is simply mind blowing. Really! Standing ovations from somewhere in Europe.
  14. Leo C


    Hey - nothing wrong with good old Abba! But I would think "Take a Chance on Me" would be more appropriate for where things are going!.....😁
  15. Leo C


    Yeah, it would seem that way! About time, too! And maybe he's not quite as good at hiding, what he wants, as he might think. I think Jerry and Cheryl - and Mrs. Lee - has him figured out already...😄. Very nice chapter indeed!
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