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  1. Wow Skinnydragon!!!! This is the top read of the year for me (and I read every day lol) utterly brilliant - gripped me from page 1 chapter 1 - beautifully written - incredible characters and n absolute roller coaster ride of emotions - the yardstick of a great story for me is one that makes me laugh, cry, happy, sad, angry and every other emotion inbetween- and this one had it all All I can say is thanks from the heart - will definitely keep on coming back to your author profile to read everything you write lol Much love and respect Alank
  2. AlanK

    Chapter 27

    Aah thanks Uplifted - I had such a fun weekend overdosing on one of my favourite stories and characters - I really enjoy how he lads' characters are maturing and evolving - well written as usual - can't wait for the next chapters Keep well Alan
  3. AlanK

    Chapter 5

    Amother great story Comsie - hoping you'll spoil us with a new chapter or two sometime soonlol Cheers
  4. AlanK

    Chapter 19

    Ariel is probably my favourite character of yours Comsie - i love this story lol - cant get enoughof these 2 adorable guys Thanks Comsie - your writing isbrilliant as always
  5. AlanK

    Chapter 8

    Another very enjoyable story akisar Hopefully you come back some day and write some more Cheers Alank
  6. AlanK

    Chapter 10

    Beautifull story akisar61 - truly enjoyed it thanks
  7. AlanK

    Chapter 8

    Andy and Matt are my drug Uplifted and you're my dealer lol - i just cant get enough of this story - i force myself not to read each chapter as you post it just so that i can read a whole lot of them at once and overdose lol - hope Zarek is wrong about Matt and Thomas hahaha Thanks for "uplifting" us with your wonderfully written stories a
  8. Read a quotde today apparently by Ludacris - thought I'd share it as it really spoke to me "At your absolute best, you still won't be good enough for the wrong person. At your worst, you'll still be worth it to the right person" Thought it to be rather powerfull Alank
  9. AlanK


    Wow!!! This is definitely one of the best stories on gayauthors!! I read the whole story today and i am emotionally spent lol Thanks Hamen - i truly hope that you have some future plans for bigc and hero Cheers Alank l
  10. AlanK

    My Only Escape

    I hope that prick gets what he deserves Comsie!!! Excellent storie - can't wait for the next chapter
  11. AlanK

    Chapter 28

    WooHoo!!! Thanks for the new chapters Billy
  12. Thanks kuragari - great story - lovely to read - enjoyed it thoroughly Keep well Alank
  13. AlanK

    Chapter 26

    Thanks Comsie - loved it!!
  14. Wow!!!!! Thanks for this one Dabeagle Wow!!!! Alank
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