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  1. I had to come back for this post. Before the change over  I had you listed as one of my friends and I as one of yours. I remember the fun with your 'island eaglet' and 'playing sailing-tag with a fog bank' (when is a dot a boat?) pictures. Our disagreement over Pollacks 'Convergence' or your comment that I might have problem with regards to your 'poached pear' and my recipe suggestion. Last but not least your picture entitled 'prompt?' and my belief in the here after.

    This why this is addressed to you and not about you. I don't do the death thing very well as you may have noticed as this is my first comment or reply since your last posting to us. Every thing said by so many here, I echo and  wish for you until we meet again.

    Today is your thirty first birthday anniversary and where ever you may be I hope my words reach you. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.


    Fair winds and following seas



    This song when I hear it will forever be a reminder to me of you.


    Peter Paul & Mary - Puff The Magic Dragon (with Lyrics) - YouTube





  2. Today is your birthday... :hug: I miss you, Skinny. :heart: 

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      sigh, we all do... :( 

  3. :kiss: :hug::kiss:

    1. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      Happen to know anything about him Ben!!!? 

  4. I miss you, Skinny. :hug: Today's a rainy day, perfect for reading a good story- 18 Weeks.

    1. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      ...always a good day to read Skinny... 

  5. First, I’m sorry if I caused any trouble on GA. That was never my intention. No one wants to read about another person’s illness, so I’ll make this brief. Last Tuesday morning I went to our emergency room due to strong abdominal pains. After a scan, the ER doctor told me I have stage 4 pancreatic cancer; it had already spread to my abdomen wall and into my liver. I’m a realist, and there is only one prognosis – which is obvious. It’s just a matter of how long. The rest of the week was spent in a larger hospital on a ‘medical campus.’ During that time, I was mostly doped up and out of it. Only when I got home did my friends find and old laptop and connect it to our internet. I check into the ‘cancer hospital’ of that medical campus on Wednesday morning for a final test and hopefully a realistic appraisal of how much time I have left. It’s the only question that means anything, yet is the one they don’t want to answer. I guess it interferes with their sales pitch or something. I always thought cancer was something I didn’t have to worry about until I was older, especially this one. But it seems when you’re younger it is more common for it to be discovered in late stages because your body is strong enough to hide any symptoms. I can only write when I’m in pain. Then I take my knockout drop and fade away. This blog entry was written in Word, over five cycles so I could post it now. Thanks for all the good wishes sent my way, and thank-you to AC, who takes friendships seriously. OK, that's all I can write right now.
  6. Robbie is giddy. He can't contain himself. Oh, yes. He'll be out, in general, very soon. My interest on that day will be Daniel. He holds the key to so much in Robbie's future, when he is an 'out' gay boy. More than Nicola, who might even surprise us. But Daniel holds the keys to the kingdom. Nice chapter, Dodger!
  7. Well, can Voin do it? Can he shatter the color ceiling for Patti? I really don't know if he can. But he has a well-read column, so that's a plus. I can't predict the outcome -- after all, this is 1945 -- but I feel he's going to go a little further than the 'old college try.' AC, your description of the dinner was lovely, especially bringing in the sacrifices everyone made for the war effort. Maybe if the entire populace had to sacrifice even half as much as they did during WW2, there wouldn't be the cavalier entry into so many wars. Wars that only profit the industrial-military complex. I can't wait to see what Voin tries. Will he enlist Betty's help?
  8. Last paragraphs of chapter 6: For all practical purposes, that’s how Tuesday ends. I eat my cheeseburger to add to my memories, I drive Don home for his punishment, I return to my house for dinner with Mom and spend the rest of the night coming up with what I hope will be irresistible selling points for David. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Sandwiched in there somewhere, I told Mom about my weekend Florida vacation. When I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be eighteen! My body is trying to wake up. No,
  9. Two lovely Cinquains, Parker. The first is sort of prophetic of something about to happen. Of course, we know exactly what it is, and I delighted in your description of "quieting the bones." That leaves us with exactly the right feel. The second, with its astro-nomical/-logical vision, lifts our sight upward to the prince who rules over the coming season. Also very well written and visually stimulating. I enjoyed these very much.
  10. Thank YOU, jess! I was a little startled to see a review of '18 Weeks' in my notifications. Your comments remind me how I too like to re-read a story I've enjoyed after letting it "sit" for a bit. Suddenly I notice all kinds of little hints the author has dropped and usually end up kicking myself for ever being surprised the first time through when something happened. Glad you're still enjoying David and the gang!
  11. Ah! Finally caught up. Voin is facing a tough little challenge. The fact his complaints from 1945 are still echoed today tells us something right there. It's ironic that the Dixiecrats of Voin's era were so incensed when Truman integrated the armed forces, that they formed their own wing of the Democratic party and were a force to be reckoned with. More ironic, that they left that party when President Johnson passed the civil rights act. And where did they go? They took over the Republican party, which no longer represents the conservative vales of Robert Taft or Barry Goldwater. It is now the KKK without the hoods. OK -- sorry -- end rant. Study history kids! You learn a lot. Back to your lovely chapter. It'll be interesting to see how Voin's desires, fueled by Duffy's ever-so-clever concrete examples, ultimately intertwine and blossom this holiday season. You are weaving a lovely tapestry, AC. Thank-you so much!
  12. Ah, chapter two -- just as riveting as the first was! Voin seems to be a real person, totally involved in his subjects. And Duffy has woven a real story of near but not-yet acceptance. These times must have had a great impact on those who lived them. My mother passed down to me stories her mother related. She worked for the Navy during WW2, inspecting devices. (I was never told what these devices were, even though everything was long past being 'secret,' but not to those involved -- a far cry from today!) However, the unfairness of the treatment of black people was drummed into my head -- again and again. And so, I can read this with a smile of recognition. Very well done, AC!
  13. Duffy and Betty sound like the perfect pair to begin to weave the latest Christmas story around, AC. Everything in here feels so 'right' for the times after WW2. I can't wait to see how this develops, and I won't!! I see you've posted two more chapters while I was distracted elsewhere. Great start.
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