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  1. Powerful start of the story, I am working in Asia lucky I have satellite TV so I get CNN and BBC I was able to watch the "gassing" as it happened was disturbing and disturbing to see what the OPS (orange piece of sh*t) is doing to our country. Remember wear a mask and social distance when you are out in public!
  2. jwh6868

    Chapter 4

    A bit of sad one but Jack will move on with life and I think it will work out. If he is lucky to find another good friend I hope he takes care of him... It also made me realize how lucky I am, I have been out of the closet for 50 years (never thought I would be this old!) actually I burnt down the closet door and have never looked back. I have lived my life as I have wanted and fortunately have worked International for 32 years with little time in Florida now my main residence is Thailand.
  3. jwh6868

    Christmas Day

    Wow a great chapter with a bit of ups and downs. I hope Pam gets the help she needs to get over the loss of Liz. Now if I could order a case or 3 of the Liston wine, the Shiraz would do.
  4. jwh6868


    Carlos thank you for the ride, I loved every chapter and will admit to some weeks I would check several times just to see if a new chapter and the "squad" came out to play. I have enjoyed the twists and cliffhangers along the way. It is hard to say who my favorite person in the story is, although I will admit to lusting after Harley! Thank you again for your great story and the education on a few things such as restaurants, AMEX Black card and locations along the way.
  5. jwh6868


    It is good news to hear Brad has/is finding he wants to live! I will echo others and say OOPS Richie, but he will do the correct thing - he will get a lot of good solid advice.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. jwh6868

    GMA X

    2009 Dom -- a very potable piss! Great to hear the baby is doing good. The news of Brad - hope he comes out ok...
  8. jwh6868

    GMA I

    The Prologue "reminded" me of whom I have met over the last few years, what a group. It is great to see the "guys" back again. Then you leave us with klutzy Ozzie! Have my seat belt buckled and ready for the ride.
  9. jwh6868

    ATGB X

    Happy tears this time! Carlos you have done it again, thank you for stimulating my brain cells - generally when I read a chapter there is always something I need to look up and learn, this time was kangaroo paws.
  10. jwh6868


    Great read and in my home state - the memories of the Parliament House although I did it in the late 80's have played a bit of bingo there too! Loved the Clive Cussler-ish move of putting yourself in the story but must say slap me on the head for missing in the earlier books. PS I want Harley more since it is confirmed he is "large" 😎
  11. jwh6868

    ATGB I

    Great to see y'all back - luckily I found my way back. I had to search the site till I found "my boys". Enjoy NYC.
  12. You brought tears to my eyes, was a sad and happy read. After listening to "Somewhere over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole I could see/feel how CJ was smiling at the church.
  13. Thank you Carlos, another "happy" read! Hope we all get wedding invitations. It is a shame the guys did get to eat in Durgan Park when in Faneuill Hall. I stop off there to eat before heading over to visit a friend in P-town.
  14. Great chapter it had a bit of somber side and with a surprise that brought a tear/throw the rice moment! The somber understated side with no truer words spoken -- "He won the election and he deserves the respect of the office. But I’m not feeling any warm fuzzies right now.”
  15. Great to see CJ, Ritchie, Owen and Owen's family again plus the guys enjoying OZ. It is also great when a story evokes memories, my Thai BF and I took a trip to OZ in 2009. We ate at a "gay" Thai restaurant on Oxford Street in Sydney on ANZAC day (April 25, 2009) - may be the one you spoke/wrote of.
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