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    Chapter 5

    Yes there is a lot of love between them but Because they are Brothers and lovers. But will they end up together? who knows there are lots of people in the world.
  2. 6819zulu

    Chapter 5

    Thank you, Chapter six will come soon and chapter 7 we find out more about Gabe's Mom
  3. 6819zulu

    Chapter 5

    Thanks so much I'm really glad that you enjoy the story. chapter 6 will come soon. Merry Christmas Zulu
  4. 6819zulu

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 5 Gabe and Brad drove into Arlow but instead of going shopping as they planned; they decided to stop at the hospital and check on the Barrett family. When they got there, Brad used his connections as a Sheriff's deputy to find out what the condition of the Barrett’s were and where to find the kids. Mrs. Barrett was in surgery; she had a subdural hematoma and lacerated liver. Justin did have a broken wrist, a badly bruised ankle and a small laceration to the scalp above his right ear that required four stitches. Connor had a hyper-extended his right knee and was in a knee bra
  5. Nelle1022 sorry it took so long to respond. I travel for my work and worked 3 weeks straight with out a day off so haven't look for a reply in a while. I'll gladly take your assistance please send me an Email at 6819zulu@gmail.com and i will add you to the google docs editing privileges. Thanks again for your offer of editing help. Also please read my previously released chapters so you are up to date on the story. title is : Gabe Darby.
  6. 6819zulu

    Chapter 10

    Just binged read all ten chapters WOW you have done a great job creating suspense and maintaining it. Thanks so much for your literary efforts can't wait til the next chapter is posted. And I agree Matt could give Marc a few pointers.
  7. Chapter Four of Gabe Darby is in the cue, hope it is released soon

  8. Hope every one had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please remember that today is small business Saturday and your local shop owners depend on your support.

  9. 6819zulu

    Chapter 3

    Thank you so much the next chapter should be up shortly
  10. Carlos Love the way you research your locations. Can't wait for more tours of the Miami area ever thought about CJ going down into the Keys? When I was single used to vacation there every year staying on Marathon key. Some very fond memories com from those years.
  11. I am just completing my fourth chapter of my story "Gabe Darby" and have lost my editor and am in desperate need of one so I can get this and following chapters published.
  12. 6819zulu

    Rocky Ground

    Hit it out of the park again Carlos. I really like the way CJ handled his mother, though I feel it's a bit unrealistic in his calmness. My 18 yr old son has problems with his mom my ex. And he hS tried to have adult conversations with her she reacted much like Lourdes and it went from civil to argument in no Time. But I still love the story and the chapter. Ted
  13. 6819zulu

    Hungry Heart

    As always when I get stuck in my own writing I find yours has a way to spark my inspiration. Ah yes CJ and Owen I think the age difference is being to show. CJ is afraid of being hurt by someone he truly loves again. Owen got hurt but got a taste of genuine affection with CJ, so yes his heart is hungry. As for the money thing I understand were both are coming from. Growing up I was always the one with a job and money in my pocket. I enjoyed being able to go and do Becuase of the freedom of having the money provided. But I hated the fact that I was the only one to be able to have th
  14. 6819zulu

    Chapter 3

    yes they have but all will not bee so easy for them. Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions. Still working out the kinks but really appreciate you sticking with the boys and us. Please keep letting us know what you feel about our story. Thanks again. Ted
  15. 6819zulu

    Chapter 3

    Thanks for the review. chapter 4 is coming and yes there are going to bumps along the way for Gabe and Brad. Thanks for the encouragement. Please let me know your thoughts on future chapters. Ted P.S. HEA just doesn't happen they require work and sacrifice, nd some pain so the HEA is appreciated.
  16. 6819zulu

    Chapter 3

    Gabe Darby: Chapter 3 When Brad and Gabe arrived at the German house, AJ was not there yet. So they grabbed a booth and ordered a couple of beers. “The house is beautiful, and it’s not that far from dad’s place,” said Gabe. “And with the additional property, the potential of the place is fantastic.” But don’t you believe it’s a little small?” asked Brad. “For now it will work, and in the spring we can start the expansion I want to do” replied Gabe with a wicked grin. “Expansion? What does your little mind have rolling around in there” asked Brad? “Look here.” Gabe pul
  17. Bradley, Thiago, and CJ will definitely mellow with age but for now they are young and full of hormones. This is in No-way an excuse for bad behavior but. it explains it. I teach middle and high school classes and I can tell you the one thing boys that age have at least half of their brain occupied with is Sex at all times, hetero or bi or Gay not with standing!
  18. 6819zulu


    very nicely done, it expresses love and romance very well
  19. 6819zulu

    Worlds Apart

    Great chapter Carlos. I enjoyed the guns discussion. Yes it is a difficult subject and requires critical thinking. I am glad CJ and Owen both show that they can use their minds and control their emotions. So many of the problems in our Society and the World, stem from an over abundance of emotions and lack of the ability to think through the other sides point of view, prevent coming to a consensus. Now there is a word that I think needs to have its definition read to our houses of government at all levels every time they meet to remind them that consensus is the way things move forward. N
  20. 6819zulu

    Chapter 2

    Thank you working on that hope to have up mid week next
  21. 6819zulu

    Chapter 2

    Gabe Darby Coming Home Chapter 2 The next morning Gabe woke up cold and shivering. He had forgotten how cold his bedroom in the basement got in the winter. He put on a set of sweats to cover his naked body and he found his heavy socks to warm his feet. As he stumbled up the stairs to the kitchen, Gabe could smell fresh coffee and bacon. His Dad had been up since 5:30 am, as usual, and he had fixed breakfast for himself, AJ had also cooked a few extra strips of bacon for Gabe. “Morning there’s some bacon for you” AJ said as he continued to read the paper and listen to the local news on t
  22. I am who i am ...paraphrase of Popeye the Sailor

  23. great chapter Carlos, you hit it out of the park. Not sure about the MJ. I hope that Cj fun habit doesn't get brad into some real trouble. Great chapter once again. Ted
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