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  1. Omg! Yes that's it! Thanks so much! The kids good, getting all big and grown up. 😁
  2. I'm looking for a series about a teenager that goes to live with his gay Dad, meets his dad's group of gay friends. Becomes comfortable with himself being gay.The kid ends up becoming very political, and meets a bunch of important people They go to Australia where he falls in love. He's got a younger step-brother and he step-dad is a general or something.
  3. Prompt: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/29/4f/fe/294ffe7f90dbdbc53ee2f02f322a3f0e.jpg The lights flashed again, momentarily lighting up the dark room. He could hear running feet all around him but the labyrinth walls blocked his sight from pinpointing their location. The landing above his head shook as a group ran across. Shifting his gun, he turned slowly and tried to make his way through the dark halls without running into anyone. This whole trip was a stupid idea. He didn’t know why he had agreed to it in the first place. He jumped slightly when someone yelled and
  4. Once upon a time scientists thought the world was flat. Then they discovered chromosomes . (these two events have nothing to do with each other, I'm simply using them of references to establish a time line) Scientists discovered the (X) Chromosome and (Y) chromosome. The pattern in which these chromosomes occur decides whether someone is born (male) or (female). All eggs start out with with (XX), female. Then once fertilized a surge of hormones in the uterus decide whether a fetus stays female or becomes male. This path to maleness or femaleness originates at the mome
  5. LillyLee

    Chapter 1

    Thanks everyone for all the positive support!
  6. I got a new idea based on prompts from Pinterest For a series of short stories About a young Superhero And the crazy Supervillains he has to deal with 100% Comedy So far I have three villains And I'm super excited about this
  7. LillyLee

    Chapter 1

    Thank you! I was a little nervous about this one, but it was one of those ones that once I got the plot in my head it demanded to be told.
  8. LillyLee

    Chapter 1

    “Hey! What are you doing?” Logan froze, gripping the hand picked bouquet to his chest. Damn it, he was caught. “Umm… well ...you see…” The old man climbed steadily donw the steps and crossed the yard towards Logan. The young man considered running but couldn’t seem to make his feet move. “So you’re the one who's been stealing my flowers. Too lazy to plant your own, hmmm?” “Oh! No, I swear they’re not for me. It’s just, they are so pretty and Elli always loved Lilies. I couldn’t help myself.” “Elli eh? So they are a gift for a girl.” The strange man lifted one bush
  9. is it weird that I find my binder WAY more comfortable then my sports bra? I always see people complaining about how tight and uncomfortable they are and I actually love it. Maybe it's not as tight as some people wear them? But it works so I guess that's what matters? Or maybe I'm so used to an uncomfortable sports bra it seems better. But the sports bra seemed comfy until I started wearing my binder regularly. LOL I dunno. It did start to stretch out and not work as well so I put it i the dryer and now it's back to how it was when I first got it. I seriously need to invest in a new one, maybe
  10. LillyLee

    Chapter 13

    I would love to say something philosophical like "because it's not really the end, it is just the beginning of the rest of their lives" But really it's because this isn't where I has planned on ending it but decided the points I was going to hit would do much better in their own story Sequel?
  11. It's been a long while since I've written anything. My muse took a nice long vacation it seems (but also been a crazy summer, and not like "omg so much fun " crazy, but like "omg I forgot how exhausting it is to have the kid home all day everyday " crazy). I'm going to try and force myself back into it. I have ideas and I think I saw a few plot bunnies peeking out of the bush. So to anyone who actually follows me: yea... sorry bout that. I try to do better. I finally finished My Prince! YAY! Hoping to manage a Sequel thing, Phoenix's time abroad I made a little updated
  12. Take a walk with a stranger And tell him your dreams Open yourself up It's as easy as it seems Take a walk with a stranger The secrets you will share The deepest and the darkest Cause this stranger won't care Take a walk with a stranger And let it all out You'll feel much better This I don't doubt Take a walk with a stranger And when you are through You'll know yourself better For this stranger is you
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