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    What a Great Story!!! It ended as it should!!!
  2. Back in college i took a theraputic recreation class and we had to learn sign language--my professor told me that i stuttered, because i jerked' I got better!!!
  3. Loved this Chapter--Matty got credit and feels Great!!! I hate cliffhangers!! Please let us know what happened to cause his death??????
  4. ott

    NBD Chapter 1

    me too!!
  5. ott


    Loved that YOU gave us another Chapter--kinda fast!!! It was a Really good one--Thanks!
  6. ott


    The Sermon was Fantastic--just what a Loving Father would say! I'm glad he woke up rapidly--crying over a LOVE story is hard! Thanks for writing and HURRY with the next chapter!!!
  7. ott


    Maybe we'd have liked to see them together, but life is not always like that!!! Really Great Story!
  8. ott

    My Name is Nick

    I truly HOPE YOU continue this story--i'm waiting for the next chapter right NOW!!!
  9. ott

    OB Chapter 15

    I just reread the chapter hoping the next chapter would pop up!!!LOL I'm glad tat we don't have to wait til next month......................
  10. ott

    Chapter 38

    Through the Years I may have heard that I was going to Hell for being Gay--possibly from My Born Again ex wife, who Found The Lord! I never knew HE was lost. I've always believed that God made us so it must be alright to be who we are! Poor Jackson--hope that he finds someone who will Love him just because-he has met some wonderful guys who will really help him! NOT to get off the subject, but we still didn't get to see Doc's COCK! lol!!! Thanks for writing this story!
  11. ott

    Chapter 37

    I think i'm in Good Company to be one of your kind of people!!!
  12. ott

    Chapter 37

    What a Chapter!!! Gay sex--well an almost blowjob should count and then a Drunk Cunt who didn't really have a gun being upset cause Queer guys didn't want to fuck her!!! We still didn't get to play with Doc's COCK! LOL I'm glad that a Good Friendship was made of all the Guys! Thanks!
  13. ott

    Chapter 36

    Was that a marriage proposal??? Yes, as normal I really liked it!!! And, writing faster and posting sooner is not a bad thing!!! LOL!
  14. ott

    Chapter 36

    I still wanna see Doc's COCK!!! But, Jim, do YOU pay pal/ credit cards or do I send a check?? YOU will be needing $20.00 plus tip from me--just let me know the proper way to get it to YOU>
  15. ott

    Chapter 34

    Great chapter!!! I'm with Paul--I wanna see "Doc's" COCK also!!! Looking forward to the Chicago trip.....................................
  16. ott

    Chapter 32

    WOW!!! makes me wanna take matters in HAND! YOU got it going and going HOT! Raymond and Danny mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I like that Runt and Larry will be getting a good House, just like they deserve.
  17. ott

    FS Chapter 1

    Great beginning!!! Look forward to the trouble and the fixing of it!!!
  18. ott

    Chapter 31

    YES!!! What fun stuff--Raymond and Daniel talking out stuff, Paul apologizing, Paul and Jeff getting a Manny and then---YOU drop the "Who's gonna run for Mayor?"
  19. ott

    Chapter 30

    Who is John??? Isn't he the Cowboy in the painting?????????? I have a poor memory........................
  20. ott

    Chapter 29

    And I like older guys, so Raymond fits the bill somewhat!
  21. ott

    Chapter 29

    It is/was a failure to communicate, but they best get their act together and leave that bondage shit alone!!! I've grown to like Raymond and Daniel the best!!! I'm glad that Dave took up for Paul with that homophobic asshole..................Thanks for this chapter and please hurry with another!!!
  22. ott

    Chapter 28

    Loved, Loved, Loved it!!! Stayed hard and gooey all the time i was reading!!!
  23. ott

    Chapter 27

    Very I consider Paul a Dom, very disappointing to me, but I will still keep an open mind and read! Daniel and Raymond--well that is another story! Boy are they in love--wanted to help them out with their problems during the day!!! Raymond is a Sweetheart--what he's doing for Larry and Runt. The job and a Warm place for them to live.................... Thanks for writing!!!
  24. ott

    Chapter twenty-six

    Fugly sounds Wonderful! Oh, Jim I think it was a really Great chapter where we did Learn! I've seen some Fugly people in my time as well as some 4 legged ones! Silk ties sounds like fun also--i'd say with Princess spending the night away there is gonna be some play............................Thanks!
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