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  1. Soooo glad you're back!!! Please, please, please, don't make us wait another year 🙏 The story is just too good!
  2. nelle1022

    A to Z

    Such a great story. A roller coaster of emotions and I loved every bit of it! A beautiful, beautiful story.
  3. nelle1022

    Chapter 58

    Its sad but I'm still waiting for Alex and John to walk through the door. Like they were stranded on an island somewhere or floating in the middle of the ocean. I know... Unrealistic but I'm having a hard time accepting their death with no bodies found. I'm wondering how many more people they're gonna pull into this family. I guess since they have the money and the space its ok to keep bringing in people. Just don't see that happening in real life. I understand stories are stories and they are fiction. But drama doesn't always have to come from someone dying or being abused. One time I'd like to read about one of the mothers running from a giant spider.... Or being at the cabin and them have to run from a big ass bear. Put a dent in a car. Someone trip and break an ankle. Something other than such severe events. Just saying. Great story though.
  4. nelle1022

    In Good Hands

    I'm extra late in reading this story. I'm enjoying it very much. But Margret is on my last nerve. For the life of me I can't figure out why everyone is letting her get away with the things she's saying. In my world, if you come after my friends or family, you'll at the very least get cussed out. You go after my sons and I'll try to kill you. How no one has back handed that woman yet amazes me. I understand this is just a story, but damn. Some one in this thing needs to grow some balls and hit that bitch.

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