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  1. buckle up though, it could get bumpy



  2. awww Thorn, sorry it's been so rough. be firm and don't let the GP just poo-poo you and your symptoms. now, have you changed your toothbrushes, and used anti-bac wipes on all the hard surfaces in the house? light switches, door knobs, remotes, phones, etc. some of those viruses can be very hardy. and you don't want to keep passing those viruses back and forth on those surfaces.
  3. until he dies during the Triwizard Tournament in the fourth book Sir
  4. good morning Sir,




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MacGreg


      Thank you, molls. I'm afraid I missed this one today.

    3. mollyhousemouse


      you're welcome Sir

    4. MacGreg


      @Wayne Gray What you described sounds nice. Maybe tomorrow.

  5. so much good mood Friday music on my way home, wish i could figure out a way to get the car radio to repeat a song, lol!

    had this up loud....


  6. that it would Sir. i'm just over the superhero genre, it's just been done to death
  7. mollyhousemouse

    gilded in grime

    i think you do yourself an injustice by saying ...these four are rather meager... they are only meager if you are counting words, or syllables. otherwise, they are full of feeling, of raw emotion i'm thankful that you share these with us xo
  8. getting through the workday with some good music & this popped up. it's always been a favorite.

    TBT it's still the jam

    1. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      As a young Gay teen when this song came out, it meant the world to me. Might have saved me sophomore year too. (and what a major crush I had on this beautiful, beautiful guy... mmmm)


    2. mollyhousemouse


      AC i wasn't familiar with this one! i've now listened twice & love it 💜 thanks for sharing it!

  9. Good Morning Sir



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    2. mollyhousemouse


      the dreaded "Doctors Orders" glad You've since been able to eat & drink Sir

    3. MacGreg


      Well, the good news is, my heart is healthy. 

    4. mollyhousemouse


      that is good news Sir

  10. mollyhousemouse

    Instant Pot

    guess what i just got for Mother's Day?
  11. i'm sorry you're not feeling well but what a way to honor his memory ❤
  12. good morning Sir, have a good day




    1. MacGreg


      Thank you, molly. Happy Mother's Day! 

    2. mollyhousemouse


      thank You Sir

  13. mollyhousemouse

    Myriad Hues

    i missed this in the crazy that was last weekend, but i'm glad i found it now Your analogy with the trees is just spot on. even among the same species, say the aspen, there are so many, many variants and as you say, no one questions that, do they? thank You for sharing Your poetry and thoughts with us
  14. mollyhousemouse


    no Sir, not a very good draw
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