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  1. @chris191070 @kbois @spyke well...... my little location (14 persons) is responsible for fully 30% of earnings year to date, company wide he apologized for not sharing good news faster.... breathing easier now
  2. OK deep, slow, even breaths our BIG BOSS is here today along with one of our technical managers i *knew* there was a town hall meeting with the first, didn't know about the second person and now, there will be a "presentation" in our town hall meeting why does this make me anxious??? breathing......
  3. today was full of self care, minus a quick trip to the vet. i slept in, had coffee & toast, did some reading, took a short nap & made a favorite dinner. capping off the day with a short drink & some Olympics on TV. take care 💛
  4. i've heard that hospital resources have been shifted with the covid patients taking the priority. i hope you are able to get in soon
  5. thank You Sir. i'm normally allergic to conflict. but i won't be walked on. we're tired of other groups not using the proper procedures causing our numbers to look bad. so we elevated to the next level. the team lead on one of those groups has already made his displeasure known. "tough cookies. he needs to pull up his big boy pants and do his job." said my manager...
  6. it was a long week. with my manager's approval and assistance, i did some pot stirring i have Monday off, so Tuesday may be very interesting..... it is what it is in case you missed it, tim posted another short story it's really good https://gayauthors.org/story/mikiesboy/onlyprompts/31 i'm going to get ready for bed, i'll see y'all tomorrow
  7. nope.... no slapping here when you say it needs to be as it is, i trust that.
  8. i love the way you approach writing. it is work, it's not a child or "my precious." but it is work done for the love of the craft. something to be lovingly created. the way you write something and then let it sit, marinate if you will, has taught me to let things be for a while. i often do this as your editor. i also appreciate others work more now that i have worked with you.
  9. hello everyone... i came home wiped out again, was very glad tonight was a leftovers night. i took a nap before we raided the fridge for dinner. hope everyone had a good day take care
  10. well so good morning went to bed thinking it was Wednesday. woke up today thinking it was Thursday. .... sigh ...... take care y'all ❤
  11. it's been a crazy busy week and i have come home exhausted every night! i'm off to bed, have a good night
  12. Phil can take clutter, up to a point. i can take less of that. but the dust and the clumps of dog hair and dirt and leaves from doggie paws....... What i seem to be hearing is that "this" is just a part of being male?
  13. i kind of thought that might happen here, your comment causes a memory to float just out of reach... we may have had a conversation about cleaning before it's just..... can't they see the clumps of dog hair and the bits of mud and other debris the dogs bring in? thanks tim. i appreciate you encouraging me to write these things down. xoxo
  14. i knew after your posts that you would get it! boys are unusual there's actually another blog here i wrote about that, lol! and i know that boy mom meme, it's funny because it's so true! bissel crosswave.... i'll look into it thanks for reading
  15. it just frustrated me so badly this time Reader! thanks for taking the time to read and comment
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