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  1. so, not a platinum blond like Marilyn Monroe then? right after he graduated high school, Number One Son went through a phase where he dyed his hair Joker green! it involved lots of bleaching, and lots of color. glad that it was a short lived phase. tonight i am taking the train from Vienna to Berlin and then EuroCity Train Ljubljana - Graz - Vienna "Emona" in First Class, i find these fascinating. hope everyone has a good night


    that was awesome!

  3. good afternoon Sirs and friends it's been a long couple of weeks for me, but life is good. also, am i weird? i've been watching all of the build up for the SpaceX Dragon Capsule to return to earth today. truly amazing! hope everyone is doing well
  4. my thanks to @Wayne Gray for this one, played it a lot over the last few days
  5. just stopping by


    1. Mikiesboy


      Yes, it is, molly.  Thank you for the reminder. xo

    2. chris191070


      It certainly is Molly. Thanks for the wonderful words and the reminder 😀 

  6. Sirs & friends i'm so glad that article sparked such conversation. i'm what the writer referred to as an ambivert. and i live in a house full on introverts, except for Number 2 Son. he can talk to anyone! i'm hoping that i'm able to remember those things in my dealings at home and at work hope everyone had a good day
  7. we're hand washing too, not sure if the nose pieces and ties would do well in the machine
  8. good morning Sirs and friends busy day, but i wanted to say hello and share this article with all y'all. it's very thought provoking.
  9. what starts with an E, ends with an E and only has one letter in it?
  10. good night Sirs good night friends i hope you have a restful night
  11. oh Sir, You beat me to it! i was trying to find it too!
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