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  1. mollyhousemouse

    Saying I Love You

    thanks sweetie big hugs for you too xo
  2. mollyhousemouse

    Saying I Love You

    There are about a million ways to say those three words “I Love You.” Have you eaten? Sleep well. Drive safely. Grab a coat. These are some of the ways it’s said in my house. There are others, not as obvious, but we all know them when we hear them. And it’s not just that way with lovers and spouses, we do it with friends and family too. How are you? Really? Let me know when you get home. Let me buy you lunch. Because you’re family i’m glad you are in my village. i’m sorry. It’s been rocky for my family the last 3 weeks. i’ve heard, or said, everything i just listed. i can’t begin to tell you how important it is to say those things. They are life changing, life affirming phrases. They can restore faith, hope, and bolster love. i know that there are other ways to show love. We see those around us too. A simple hug, fixing a favorite meal, offering a ride to where you need to be, talking with someone in a PM, or by email. i’ve been on the receiving end of many of those during this rough patch as well. The simple act of reaching out was a show of caring, and it mattered. How do you show love; how do you say “I love you” without saying it? No matter how you do it, don’t forget to show and tell people you love them. no one read or edited this, any mistakes are mine many thanks to @MacGreg Sir, @MichaelS36 Sir, and @Mikiesboy for everything
  3. mollyhousemouse


    oh AC.... 24 is sad, so sad 25 seems to be hopeful, that there are conversations still to be had 26, well i didn't read the footnote until after i had read it over more than twice, it's very much like the affirmations i have collected and posted around my desk, and write on the bathroom mirror. then seeing when it was written, it's very much like a big sigh the one you take before jumping into something with both feet thanks for sharing these
  4. good morning Sir



    may i offer you some coffee?

    1. MacGreg


      It will certainly hit the spot this morning, molly, thank you.

  5. Happy Birthday!  i was just thinking of you the other day.

    You are missed

  6. nice new avatar Sir!

    those hands have such strength in them!

    1. MacGreg


      Better to tie knots with. 

    2. mollyhousemouse
  7. mollyhousemouse

    Bluegrass Symphony

    this blog strikes a chord with me Wayne. i'm in Texas now and loving it. but... there are parts of my home state that i miss terribly. the mountains in Northern Colorado are where i grew up, and where Phil and i spent so many weekends, before and with kids. i miss the particular color blue of the sky there, trout fishing, the aspen trees... i hope that you'll be able to take a trip back there so you can hear those sounds again
  8. mollyhousemouse

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    no drugs here & i have no idea what he said
  9. mollyhousemouse

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    i know i did when i first read it! happens a lot in this story, doesn't it?
  10. mollyhousemouse

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    having the day off, i totally lost track that it was only Friday i'll set the coffee pot up so it's ready in the morning for this next chapter
  11. good Friday morning Sir



    1. MacGreg


      Thank you, molly. I'm frustrated and anxious today. I appreciate your kindness. 

    2. MacGreg


      Also, enjoy your day off! 

    3. mollyhousemouse


      i'm trying to Sir

  12. mollyhousemouse

    Blank Paper

    @MacGreg Sir and @Mikiesboy, these never cease to amaze me this one is no exception, as hauntingly sad as it is
  13. mollyhousemouse

    The Strong One

    Wayne, it can be very taxing to be the care-giver, the one people always turn to Also, it's ok to say "I need help, today I need YOU" you have to be able to give yourself permission to do that. And, yes, i did say that to @MacGreg Sir, about caring for yourself so you can do for others. Talk to your husband, honestly, about how you feel. i'd be willing to bet he's there for you to lean on.
  14. good morning sean!

    i saw you were around last night

    good to see you :hug:


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