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  1. thanks! it's talavera pottery. there's a vendor who comes to our Second Saturday Market occasionally
  2. thanks Starry i was really irritated so this was a kind of therapy how've you been?
  3. mission accomplished 9 quarts of chile verde for the freezer. 1 pint for Daughter & a pint or so for the fridge
  4. good morning. i'm off today. i was supposed to be getting some dental work finished. but the dentist's office called & my crown didn't come in from the lab. we have a BIG week at work & i had already rearranged some things to take today off. sigh ..... i think i'll do some cooking... @chris191070 i hope you get those answers @kbois i'm missing my mom today, not sure why it's hard sometimes to navigate grief isn't it
  5. has it truly been that long!? your zucchini boats sound marvelous! pork has been on sale lately. we had a rack of ribs tonight with some steamed and buttered local carrots and mac & cheese.
  6. mollyhousemouse


    what a wonderful tribute to your very special love
  7. i'm glad it gave you a laugh Reader. yeah that eye roll gets me in trouble regularly, lol!
  8. customer: so why is my project taking so long? me: hi! have you followed up on that list of necessary documentation that the engineer sent on Monday? customer: oh. no. we haven't yet. me: ok thanks for the heads up. please look it over and let us know when we can anticipate having that information. we can move along once we have it. customer: oh. ok. me: thanks for calling! it's always great to talk to you. me: hangs up & bangs head on desk ..... sigh .....
  9. so sorry to hear this chris try to take time to care for yourself while you are dealing with this. i learned last summer how important that is
  10. it wasn't spicy, just well flavored. Number Two Son who doesn't like spicy foods had two helpings!
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