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  1. thank you Fae they say it takes something like 21 days to make a new routine a habit right now, about a week into it, i have found it easier to wake Phil and get up myself when the alarm goes off
  2. ...sigh......

    my day was interrupted by a sales meeting with a new client, important that i was there, but it messed with my flow

    needing motivational music suggestions

    and go.....

    1. dughlas


      I got ... nuthin', sorry. 

    2. mollyhousemouse


      thanks Dughlas

  3. good night @MichaelS36 hope You had a good day. instituting new routines after meeting with the sleep disorders doctor. so i'm off to bed. sleep well everyone
  4. hi rick glad you had some good family time today was good, meal prep for the next couple of days is done, made the baked oatmeal for dessert, that went over well laundry is done, and i am headed to the bedroom to watch TV with Phil and put my clothes together for the next few days hope everyone has a good night, i'll see you tomorrow
  5. mollyhousemouse

    Growing Pains

    it's hard to keep secrets from people who know you as well as T's friends know him. There are a lot of "He should haves" in this story, aren't there?
  6. lol! some of it did, rick. a KitchenAid stand mixer, 3 Nintendo DS games, an 18 volt DeWalt drill for my new cleaning tools nothing spectacular lol...
  7. that makes my heart happy rick! our day turned into a mini road trip. 45 miles up the highway is Fort Hood Army Base in the town of Kileen. Because of the itinerant nature of the armed forces, these towns usually have thriving pawn shop businesses. We spent the day going from store to store. Found TONS of good stuff! We just finished dinner at a new burger joint, Willie's Grill & Icehouse.
  8. good morning rick it should be a good day. i added the melatonin Calm to my regular & slept almost 10 hours 😮, we have to run a few errands but not much else has to happen today. hope yours is good as well
  9. thank You Sir, that's almost word for word what Phil Sir said it was pretty much the straw that broke this camel's back yesterday hope Your day has been a good one
  10. thanks rick i had a little nap, and am getting a foot rub 💛 but that cup of tea idea is a good one!
  11. thanks, this particular person gets on my nerves regularly oh i'm sorry A, i know how those cold weather changes affect the lungs stay well
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