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  1. mmmm Stories of the Mother....... i'm always thrilled to read for you! xoxoxo
  2. happy to have had a little part in this one. looking forward to reading it for pleasure & seeing the reactions
  3. i couldn't say it any better than @Mikiesboy & @kbois did you are a very special person, i'm grateful to have you in my life, just the way you are
  4. what a satisfying ending! while i wouldn't mind seeing these characters again, it's enough to know that they'll get their happier ever after as for the General, i think he learned a lesson! thanks for the wonderful story tim xo
  5. hello Sirs and friends hope everyone had a good day @Fae Briona, i hope the dog is ok we took a drive and stopped at the farmer's market. picked up a nice loaf of cheddar/jalapeno sourdough bread and some cucumbers
  6. good morning Fae the birds are singing, the house is quiet & the coffee is hot. so far, so good i hope your day is a good one
  7. good night Sirs good night friends rest well tonight see you tomorrow
  8. very well said! as one of tim's team, i can attest to how hard he works at this. and he's right. the only way to get better is to work at it. and the same goes for anything you want to do, sports, cooking, playing a musical instrument. you practice, you listen to your coaches (editors, beta reader) and you take it all in glad you wrote this tim, it's good to have this conversation
  9. mollyhousemouse


    connections indeed i love how we see Harlan go through the process of giving himself permission to connect with this other human we see how deep the connection between Clay and Greg has become, as well as Jeremy and Mason how Huck is re-connecting with Rayne, and the connection there with Elias how Orson, Joseph and Elias have connected so deeply, i hope we hear the "D" word more, oh and the way Orson feels about Elias moving out? VERY parental (speaking from experience) and to see how WE have all connected with these people thank you Wayne
  10. there were so many images in my head reading this chapter i could see the port scenes from almost every old pirate movie i've ever seen, and every old sailing vessel from those kinds of movies and what a nice happenstance that Smeeth know the harbour master well enough to be invited into his office for a drink and he saw the amulet now, to see what Junias and Trewhalla get themselves up to. what a wonderful chapter tim!
  11. i'm glad it made you laugh Reader! i'm happy to be done with this week, it wasn't horrible, but it was busy are you doing well?
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