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  1. clairvin

    Tide: 7.4

    Wow, what a great chapter 😮 !
  2. This story just seems to be getting better and better (and weirder and weirder) . I’m completely on edge reading, every time the hero’s triumph, you present them with a new and greater challenge that strengthens them. Even though the world and its inhabitants you have created are fantastic, they are relatable. I empathize with them and am afraid for them. Where are you taking us next ?
  3. clairvin

    Chapter 8

    Wow, that was a complete surprise. Wonderful !
  4. clairvin

    Chapter 18

    Wow, that was crazy intense 😳! ... like the last chapter... and the chapter before and the chapter before ... I have major heart palpitations when I read your stuff 😅.
  5. clairvin

    Chapter 23

    Crazy, good crazy but still crazy !
  6. clairvin

    Chapter 13

    We have a little guy who’s a couple of years older than Damien now. I’ve been in that car. Not the swearing part but the part about refusing to eat anything but exactly what he wants, then the hours of sullen silence and the final triumph of hunger over obstinacy. A great chapter although I laughed more than I should have. Damien’s situation was no joke.
  7. Yes, I concur, a great interview. Thank you to both Mike and Cia. Unlike the previous commenters, Historical fantasy stories like Mike’s are definitely ‘ my cup of tea’ and I’ve spent many days reading and re-reading Mike’s stories. Over the past 5 years I’ve read both the Preacher and Crown of Tassilo series compulsively, returning to my favorite chapters when I feel lost in the global craziness that seems to increasingly surround us. They constantly remind me that men, gay or straight, can be heroic, that family and friendship are central to happiness, that good people struggle against fate and the darkeness and that their struggle is noble. In short they describe all the themes of great literature and are well worth the reads. One warning, even though the individual books can stand alone, one really has to read the works as a whole to understand the scope of their vision. They are intricately interconnected over time and space, families and their descendants, great and minor, show up generation after generation, their successes and failures , weaknesses and strengths , driving the action and continuing themes in subsequent volumes. The individual books are actually chapters in a great epic that has required effort and time but I feel my life has been immeasurably enriched by the effort. There are great books that span the history of nations and great families over generations and speak to morality, god, and the nature of man but none of them have gay hero’s and antagonists. Before I read Mike’s books I didn’t associate these themes with gay men like myself and I thank him for changing that and giving me a heroic vision of gay men.
  8. Haha, feel just like Ryder, I waited all day for my story fix. Great chapter, thanks .
  9. I forget if I remembered correctly or not. Did you say you played in the Out For Kicks league?

  10. Just read all you stories to date. I was totally caught up in the alternate universe you created - history, technology and characters. Your portrait of Aeris as a moral compassionate , personalable, multi-dimensional 'dark' agent is unique. Can't wait for the next chapters . Thank you .
  11. Thanks Red Flight. Kind of a modern morality tale. Ben has the courage to do what's right regardless of his doubts and the consequences. Fire forms the gold . What's next for the boys?
  12. Truely epic Bill. Im gong to miss these guys. Thanks for a great story.
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