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  1. DAYNE...Please tell me there is more after "Wild Card 8" AND MORE!

    I just started the series in late January and read every installment laughing, crying and chubbing up with each addition. The site I was reading on (UDATZ) stopped abruptly with "Alpha Challenge" and it took me HOURS to find "Wild Card 7 & 8" but, it's like literatus interruptus...NO RELEASE!  Dayne, you have a new and DEDICATED fan. Tell me what else of yours to read! Tell me where you live and I will come clean your apartment/house and cook you dinner (I can cook as well as Efrain). 


    At some point, when searching for more after "Alpha Challenge" I stumbled across plot variations? Something about a 3 way and another variation..now I cannot find them; enlighten me?   

  2. Hello.  Hope you're doing well.   Miss your stories.  

  3. It was later that evening when I woke up again, with Efrain’s warmth wrapped around me. I’d woken up an hour or so ago for more kisses and orgasms. He’d been lightly grinding his big dick against my ass, and how could anyone say no to that? We’d exchanged handjobs while he massaged my still-tender hole, and I begged (unsuccessfully) for him to fuck me with his fingers. The arm Efrain had flung over my waist twitched, and for a moment I panicked--my mind was finally clear enough for me to thi
  4. Maluma in Calvin Klein boxer briefs spraying himself with a garden hose... I'm very parched all of a sudden.

  5. Those two are too much fun to write--I couldn't possibly do without them. Plus, there's still a lot more to do with their characters. I still plan to complete Wild Card eventually. I just have to work this revision out of my system.
  6. I think the issue I really have with hands-free orgasms stems from all the romance novels I read when I was a teen. It was really common for the heroine to be unable to experience a non-clitoral orgasm (or to experience an orgasm period) until Mr. Right makes love to her, ya know, cause how else are you gonna know he's Mr. Right? The case could be made that this promotes an unrealistic expectation about sex within a romantic relationship. I started seeing parallels with hands-free orgasms in gay fiction and couldn't unsee them.
  7. Ch 4 -- Here for the Bro-down! I watched Rice and Cory weaving through the crowd waving red plastic cups at any teammate whose attention they could catch. People packed the balcony and player’s lounge. It was on the ass-end of July, but the coaches finally had the early freshmen in good enough shape to bring them into the fold, or had weeded out those who wouldn’t work on the team. To celebrate, the coaches and trainers were hosting a massive barbeque in the locker complex for the team.
  8. It took a while to get everything in the chapter 4 revision just the way I wanted it. Part of it was adding in new scenes and dialogue. Cory says he and Efrain hang out and become closer, but I never actually show it. Efrain also has friends or associates outside of the BrainTrust (he wasn't out with teammates when they ran into each other in chapter two), hence Jef, who may be used later as needed (dunno if he'll be a full character). Outside of being the object of Cory's longing, I didn't really do enough to establish Efrain's character. Even his primary flaw, his self-absorption, was incidental and went unnoticed until my husband read the earlier chapters (Yes, my heterosexual, cis-gendered, recovering-broflake husband read up through Efrain and Cory's second sex scene in the earlier, less polished drafts--shocked the hell out of me, too!) and pointed out how much he hated that trait in Efrain. The other major change was in their first sex scene. There were a couple things that I cringed over when I re-read earlier versions and wanted to revise. **WARNING: REALISTIC SEX-IN-EROTICA/AUTHORIAL SELF-LOATHING RANT** At the time, I was still operating under the assumption that erotica didn't need to conform to reality because readers were there for the fantasy. However, there are things that are so unrealistic that it breaks immersion within the moment. Like Efrain holding off Cory's orgasm with some hair-brained pressure point technique that I'd looked up. WTF was I thinking?!? I can't even use the fact that I'm female as an excuse. It has been a really REALLY long time since I've slept with a person under the legal drinking age, but young people (regardless of sex) are more known for their enthusiasm and vigor in bed than their technique and skill. This isn't to say that young people lack skill, just that they are less likely to be masters of the bedroom arts. Hell, your average person (of any age) isn't going to be a world-renowned lover. And here I have a nineteen-year-old guy who's hot as hell and intelligent--and a jock to boot. Then I made him an amateur Latin ballroom dancer and apprentice chef. Oh yeah, and he's a soft-BDSM power top. Barf. I had to cut out the teenage Tantric sex master bullshit or else I'd hate myself forever. Especially when that little ability of his was just a plot device to get them from one sex position to the next (seriously, I just needed an oral-to-anal transition) and doesn't ever show up in later scenes between them--I don't even recall Efrain using similar abilities. Plus, it's really weird that he could do this his first time with Cory, when a lot of Tantric sex practices are founded in the relationship between its practitioners (and Efrain doesn't even do relationships). It's for this same reason that I have a personal vendetta against the "hands-free orgasm" trope (when the bottom comes exclusively from penetration with no stimulation to their primary sex organs) or the "hands-free orgasm because love" trope (when that orgasm is sign of the couple's deep/deepening emotional bond). There's one that comes up between Efrain and Cory in a later chapter that I want to fix. Like the shower Tantra, occurs maybe once as a plot device but never shows up again, so why bother with it in the first place? Especially when I can do something more meaningful. I like to think thoughts like this are signs that I'm growing, and remind myself that this was my first writing project (the shower scene was the first erotic scene I'd ever written). But, it's still hard seeing the evidence of my inexperience and knowing that people have read it. Maybe there's something to be said for not publishing your neophyte writing. **END REALISTIC SEX-IN-EROTICA/AUTHORIAL SELF-LOATHING RANT**
  9. I think I FINALLY have chapter 4 the way I want it.  I think.........lemme check again.......................................dammit.

    1. Thorn Wilde

      Thorn Wilde

      Give it until tomorrow so I can have a look at your changes. I'm too tipsy right now... lol

  10. FINALLY finished re-writing ch 4.  Good grief.

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Hey, Dayne.   :hug:

    2. Dayne Mora
    3. Starrynight22


      You're amazing.   Take a deep breath. Doing a great job over there 

  11. Part One--GSA, Yaoi, Chimps Fucking, and Other Things That Don’t Interest Straight Guys After all that complaining I did about being mindlessly bored, by late summer, I suddenly found myself with a lot to keep me busy. Football conditioning and practice took up the better part of my morning and afternoon. I was still kicking it with the GSA (which, by the way, was a really strange name since practically no straight people showed up). I went out with Preston every other week for Latin Nig
  12. The day I start working over the scene in which Preston harasses Cory about making leggings a thing for men, MikeMGTV releases a video in which he tortures his straight roommates by trying on yoga leggings and doing yoga in their living room. He even finds Uggs in his size and drags them out to do Basic Bitch things while "Man, I feel like a woman" plays in the background.

    Like I need anymore reason to hear Mike Mulderrig's voice when I write for Cory.

    "I Tried on Yoga Pants And Became A Sex God"

    BTW--If Mike, Kyle, and Aristotle seem familiar, they were on Lindsey Lohan Beach Club together. But, they probably don't b/c no one watched LLBC.

  13. Don't worry about it. I'm really excited about writing again, even if I'm retreading ground I've already covered, and I want to keep this going for myself.
  14. It's a tight rope to walk, but I'm working on keeping a weekly update schedule.
  15. As a fellow Nifty/LitErotica refugee, I approve mightily!
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