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  1. Tazzle001

    Chapter 12 - Sluppies or Sloppies

    Hmm, we’ve all been assuming that they are wolf pups. What if they’re sloth babies. What if they look like a wolf and act like a sloth or vice versa ? Can you imagine a wolf with a sloths claws and just as comfortable in the trees? Or a sloths with wolves battle lust or speed? Or a new species hybrid. So many possibilities. I’m not so much worried how he’s going to carry them as the same thing that makes him able to have babies would probably have a way to deliver them. I wish we could have had met his parents and began dealing with his wolf mate stuff . Oh well, in for a pound... .
  2. Tazzle001

    Chapter 11 - Slothitude

    Yes ! Preggers ! Robby is cool. Walker is keeping a lot of secrets. Still waiting to hear from Larry’s family after the speed dating night. Not mate marked yet? So much ! 😅
  3. Tazzle001

    Chapter 10 - No more Sloffee

    I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying this story. I apologize if I haven’t done it yet. It’s a highly entertaining read and I’m loving the possibilities of this story world. I feel like a much older version of Larry, but still looking for my place. It’s silly, but he gives me hope. He’s also incredibly funny. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks again.
  4. Happy Birthday! Have a brilliant day. 🎊🎂

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. I missed it last year, I'll try to do better. Here's wish you a very Happy Birthday and hoping you have a good one.


    Best wishes


  7. Tazzle001

    Chapter 50

    Thank you for a beautiful story.
  8. Tazzle001

    Chapter 28

    Wow, more stories should open like that. Think my breath hitched and my eyes dilated. Um , well done.
  9. Tazzle001

    Chapter 27

    This was another beautifully written chapter. Jack is an amazing guy. It's hard to watch someone as deserving of love and happiness, unable to find those treasures. I hardly expect him to come across someone out of the gate, but I guess it's hard not to hold your breath, cross your fingers, or will a connection to occur. I hope he doesn't settle for "diet" love, even if it is convenient or comfortable. It's good to see his kindness continues to pay itself forward. I hope he can continue to find friends that will support and care for him. I pray he continues to find courage and self worth. I wish for him to find a love that not everyone finds, but that we all dream about. Thanks again for another touching chapter. -Brian
  10. Tazzle001

    Chapter 26

  11. Tazzle001

    Chapter 25

    I really love this story. Like Jack, I would never expect to have or understand all of that money. I like that he has people he can trust to manage that money. I think he'll either go to Disney or somewhere with a beach. Childhood fantasy or adult relaxation . I love how he is excited to have the two hundred extra a month from having his loans paid off. (even with a lifetime of money in the bank.) I felt the same way,lol. Can't wait to see where this continues. Thanks ! -Brian
  12. Tazzle001

    Chapter 18

    Such a beautifully written story. I can't describe to you how intrigued I am by this story. It's unfolding a such a delectable pace. I can't wait to see Jack's life unfold into this unique direction of his choice. Thank you. -Brian
  13. Tazzle001

    Chapter 20

    This story has gone from a place of bleak beginnings to one of heartwarming endearment.
  14. Tazzle001

    Chapter 28

    Ok, that was really good, and no sheep skin rugs were harmed in the making of this story. Next up, "Let's Make A Baby" then "Dan's Revenge Sex" (since he'll have to wait). Go with a Streamliner International, classic and modern. I would also like to do a shout out to Ms Julie's Strawberry/Rhubarb and Sweet Potato pies . Looking forward to the places you will take us next. Always -Brian
  15. Tazzle001

    Chapter 18

    Such a beautiful chapter . So happy to see the healing he is undergoing .

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