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  1. The Crimson Phantom

    No Life

    Some people tell me that I’m boring and have no life. That I don’t really do anything interesting. But I fervently beg to differ. I enjoy doing what I do, doing whatever I choose to do. Never really inclined, because someone tells me this is what normals do. I stick to no social stigma. Because I am a stigma. I am my own. And that alone makes me all the more interesting. You see. There’s a trick. Don’t find a fun place. Find a place and make it fun. Plus, if I am so absolutely boring, why is it you watch and care about what I do. Constantly wonder what I do and say What I will do and say. What I did and said. For the things, you may do. For the things, you may say. I do not have the slightest wonder. Frankly, I don’t care. I wish not to live another’s life, I love too much living mine. Does that phase you? It shouldn’t. The people who truly have no life, are the ones always in other people's lives.
  2. The Crimson Phantom

    Chaotic Commotion - Love

    Different from all Always the same to call What does it mean to never have What is the feeling of endless want? What am I, in a world without you. What is the definition of existence? Eternally confused or forever lost?
  3. The Crimson Phantom

    Chaotic Commotion - Infinite Bull

    Infinity… All the infinite bullshit, A huge waterless pit and I'm swimming in it. Just the surrealness of the bullshit, I'm tired of hearing it. So I fade away… drift far far far away. So I don't have to hear… to feel it. Ya know.
  4. The Crimson Phantom

    Chaotic Commotion - Hunger

    What matters is the drive The hunger to want… The things that I want This ambition, the world at my fingertips. It's all in my grasp. And I'm starving. When you knock me down Keep me down Because when I get back up You're fucked.
  5. The Crimson Phantom

    Chaotic Commotion - Invalidated

    Senseless sensibility forever lost But isn't that exactly what they want I'm crying, bleeding, and screaming for help And they pretend like they don't know In this endless mortality dreaded with pain An independence I struggle to gain. A beautiful voice disenfranchised by the lame Ineptly weak, and you're to blame. A life forever as you and never me. A lost and pitiful destiny Invalidation, that's the game A wicked laughter that's never the same I am me, Dimitri, but instead, it's you they see Like this, Like that, Never like himself. It feels like everything I do Is the morbid product of someone else. I like no other, and yet the same Invalidation... But that's not my game.
  6. The Crimson Phantom

    Chaotic Commotion - Broken

    BETTER, always trying to improve the worst. REMEDY, the cure for every ailment. OPEN, never closed off from the world. KIND, constantly wearing a fading smile. ENDLESS, always and forever. NEVER…
  7. The Crimson Phantom

    Deadly Shadows

    I am dead. I die at the end. I died before the end. I died even before the story began. I am alive, yet I’ve never lived. I find solace in the comfort of never knowing love, hate, friendship… I was born in the darkness of night, and have never seen the beauty of light. I am the shadow of a person who I was once thought to be. I am nobody...
  8. The Crimson Phantom


    I am nobody other than me, A fact I wear proudly for all the world to see. I am in every way who I want to be. Love it or hate it, as long as it is me.
  9. The Crimson Phantom


    I am not weird, just slightly feared. I am inside the box and everything is out. It is me who is normal and everyone else is different Ode to being the singular definition of sane among, the truly insane
  10. The Crimson Phantom


    Destroy me Entice me Find me Ignite me Notice me Intimidate me Think of me Ignore me Only you No other
  11. The Crimson Phantom

    Like Me

    Unfortunately, not everyone is like me, and I like no other. This is a fact I wear with pride. One I dare not hide. I’m different in every aspect, from everything that surrounds me. Truly I’d love to find another like me if I did I‘d love them. They’d be my destiny.
  12. The Crimson Phantom

    Three Sides of the Same Coin

    The light of life is very bright. Even when faced with complete abyssal darkness. Lift your lantern and hold it high and tight. And proceed through the night without fright. ------------------------------------ All of the sudden the world isn’t so bright Absolutely devoid of light And in the darkness, I develop such a fright Too many monsters in the dark, I’m afraid to fight I always seem to lose sight Something in this world is impossibly un-right Despairing to their wicked delight I sink like quicksand into the night ------------------------------------- The world is full of darkness. But I do not fear it. I embrace every aspect of it. Accepting it, and taking it in. Allowing it to hurt and ravage my being. Because how can I truly respect the Light If I do not know the dark.
  13. The Crimson Phantom

    When Things Change

    Often in this world do things change, always moving forward. Nothing stays the same, this is a fate no man can tame. And I love it, how things change. And I hate it that people complain when things do or don’t change. Keep your head up, or hold it down It doesn’t matter as long as your feet keep moving forward. Let the cynics doubt, let them hate, let them criticize, let them lie But don’t let them bring you down with them, to that lowest of levels So when you see everything around you changing… Don’t change because that’s what everyone else is doing. Change when you feel it in your heart and soul. It's no competition, change when the time is right.
  14. The Crimson Phantom


    High enough to reject all internal sound. Lifting my wings high enough to soar. Fleeing to a place where I can never be found. A newfound freedom that rejects all external intermission. Breaking away from a depressing disposition. The world around me fades to a black nothingness. Every day feels bleak and determinably meek. Always from that high cliff, I take my leap Into that dark distant abyssal deep. I am free. I am falling. Why is there never in any sound, when your falling. Why does falling feel like flying, before you hit the ground?
  15. The Crimson Phantom

    The Deception of Falling

    A collection of my poetry... No real collective theme... If you ever wanted to know I think... Just look inside and take a peek. I like writing, I do it when I'm bored, happy, sad, afraid, brave, strong, weak, or just feeling inspired. Some are good, some are great. Some are bad, some are terrible. And some are just parts that I like out of the stories that I write. So without further a due... I give you my first poetry anthology; Falling.

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