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  1. I like the idea of a forum like this. I hope it works out to your expectations. This last chapter was quite interesting, although kind of confusing with all of the chatting between the 2 vincents and the 2 Mason's. I had to focus enough to remember which was was talking, although the wolf side does speak differently from the human side. I love this story a lot and look forward to each chapter. The new alpha for the New York Pack caught me by surprise, more in that I got a quick sense of not trusting him. I sure hope I'm wrong, but if not it should make some pretty interesting reading.
  2. This is great Carlos. I was aware of this section of GA but had never visited it. After this I'll be sure to be a more frequent visitor and maybe even ask a question or two.
  3. Happy Birthday!  :D  I hope you have a great day :D  

    1. Terry P

      Terry P

      Thank you.  So far my day has been great.

  4. Happy Birthday Terry!

    1. Terry P

      Terry P

      Thank you.  I appreciate that.


  6. I was getting notifications whenever new content was added, but recently I'm getting notifications about all kinds of things, i.e. when an author makes changes to previous chapters (even on stories that are completed); whenever someone makes a comment on a story, etc. I checked how my notifications were set up and I don't see any way to change that.
  7. Hi, Terry,

    Thanks for reading my stuff and commenting and reacting. Without readers there's little point in writing. :)



  8. See the source image



  9. I'm not sure I would like Liam to take Alex back. Of course, not really knowing Alex has a bearing on that. That's why I'm rooting for Nathan, who also deserves to be happy. He's a great guy, and if it doesn't work out with Liam I hope we see something good happen to him. That might be a great sequel.
  10. I didn't see this and was wondering if there was a bug in GA. My best to Quokka.
  11. I know it's a new website and there will be some bugs - I get that. And in the end we'll be really happy with the new one. My issues at the moment are: 1. Notifications: I guess there is a new way to get them, so I'll learn that. However, instead of writing the chapter name, could you not put the name of the story instead (the chapter # is more helpful than the title of the chapter). 2. When I save the latest chapter in my bookmarks can we have the name of the story, chapter and author? When I save my bookmarks I put them in alphabetical order. The way that they are saved now is not at all helpful. 3. We use to get notifications on only the stories we were reading. Now we get them for every story and every comment that is made. That's a lot of bother as far as I'm concerned. 4. I am now obligated to sign in to the website everytime I go to it, That should not happen. I appreciate all the hard work you've put into this and hope my comments (or rather suggestions) will be helpful.
  12. Happy Birthday Terry!

  13. Happy Birthday, neighbour.!!

  14. Happy birthday, buddy.

  15. Almost missed it... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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