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  1. Terry P

    Chapter 1

    Sounds really interesting. I look forward to more. As always, well written and great story beginning.
  2. Terry P

    Meet the Humans

    I've been waiting almost impatiently for this chapter, but the wait was definitely worthwhile. That senator Taylor is just like some of those we see in real life, so that was more than believable. Chris really proved himself, although it appears that grandfather might have won that fight if it lasted any longer. Of course that would have been because of Chris's lack of experience. He sure is growing in power though.
  3. Terry P

    Chapter 1

    You have such an interesting variety of plots in your stories. This is great!
  4. Terry P

    Chapter 46

    I've missed having posts to this story, and new when you posted it that it wasn't going to last much longer. But that's ok. I am looking forward to the epilogue and your very brief description of it is the kind of epilogues I love. You're a great writer and I've enjoyed everything you've written. I know good things will continue to come from you.
  5. Terry P

    Idee Fixe

    Ah - now we're starting to get somewhere. I look forward to reading more. This story has a lot of promise. It's well written and amusing at the same time. But $10 for a plumber? I just spent $50 for one and he was here less time than Rick was, and mine didn't even have to go out of his way. I was pleased at what I paid too. Send me Rick's number and I'll call him next time.
  6. Terry P

    Chapter 10

    I loved this chapter. I didn't get the "joke" when Marge was talking about when they were younger and she had all the suiters. She must have slipped somewhere, but I didn't get it. Sam is quite the character and I'm seeing a whole new story with him as the star.
  7. Terry P

    Chapter 30

    I've thorough enjoyed the story. I also discovered a new author - and a good one at that.
  8. Terry P

    Songs of Magic

    A really great chapter - what action! When Chris could see the demon general do things that, while probably were happening fast, but he was just watching her do it. Why didn't he act against the demon while he/she was occupied with what they were doing? He could have brought the fight to an end sooner and with less problems for him. Just thinking.
  9. Terry P

    Chapter 2

    I love this story. It has so much potential, so I'm looking forward to reading it.
  10. Terry P

    Chapter 3

    I'm going to get a sore neck trying to see which way this story is faced. Now we've got 2 realities in one? Great work on this.
  11. Terry P

    Chapter 17

    You are the cruelest author I know. I love it. At this point I would say that this makes a lot of sense, but it also raises a lot of questions which I'm assuming will be answered in the next story - I hope.
  12. Terry P

    Chapter 9

    Wow! There is more drama in this story than all the soap operas put together. You really know how to keep us on the edge of our chairs.
  13. Terry P


    You did warn us about the cliffhanger, and it totally got me by surprise. But I'm glad I read it and I have something to look forward to on Tuesday. Great chapter and Great story. Thanks.
  14. Sure is a lot going on in this chapter. But it sounds really interesting. I've seen a few stories with a Covid 19 context and have avoided them. I think I'll enjoy this one though.
  15. Terry P

    President's Day

    This was great Carlos. It was great to have more of a focus on Brett and César. I'm looking forward to see what you have next in the pipeline. Cheers
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