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  1. Terry P

    Losing It

    I'm looking forward to more from this family. What a great one at that.
  2. Terry P

    Chapter 61

    Hope you're well Mark!
  3. Terry P

    Chapter 18

    That ending sure took me by surprise. Although, Think I know the answer to the question Grandma Asta asked. Great story.
  4. Terry P

    Chapter 26

    This was an amazing story. Thank you for it. I also appreciate that you didn't drag it out over a long period of time. Looking forward to a new chapter every day was really nice. I know you put a lot into making that happen. I look forward to more from you.
  5. Terry P

    Chapter 12

    This chapter brought so many emtions. WIth David learning about his grandson, to him and Jacob - at least being friendly towards each other (friends) Andy and Brian. So good!
  6. Terry P

    Chapter 8

    I sure didn't see that one coming. Now, I'm looking at finding out the circumstances of that night. I'm betting it was a one time thing (hoping anyway). And Brian and Andy? Not a big surprise. We saw the signs before. Its something how some things can really fuck up a person's life isn't it? I'm looking forward to the next chapter with the reunion and everything. Thanks for this story.
  7. Terry P

    Chapter 4

    This is a great story. Thank you. You really have me in suspense about what the adult Kyle and his father went through that they are estranged. And what about Jaob. I iknow, all in due time. But your chapters are definitely not too long, so please don't give us anything shorter.
  8. Terry P

    Final Chapter

    Really? Is it April 1st yet? (You know April Fool's Day?)
  9. Terry P

    Chapter 17

    An excellent chapter with so much happening. I love it when chapters are on the long side. I am concerned about this "United Sates being brought into God's Kingdom" bit. I hope that doesn't happen because I don't think it is necessary to resolve the underlying issues that the United States faces (even in real life today). But, it's only a story, so if it does happen it's not for real.
  10. Terry P

    Chapter 1 - Welcome to Whoseville

    This is hilarious! I can't wait for the next chapter. But, what is all this "Mama" bit whenever he talks to an older woman? Perhaps you mean to say "Mam" Saying Mama to someone you don't know sounds a bit rude to me. Keep up the story. It's great. And you say you're going to be working on it till Christmas? Sounds like something to look forward to.
  11. Terry P

    IOI Chapter 15

    6 months isn't very long on this job - an important one at that. However, the danger of burnout was indicated so Lewis has to think of his health first. Kudo's to him for doing that.
  12. Terry P

    Chapter 3

    I was looking forward to reading this story but only got partway through this chapter and decided I'd had enough, but did finish the chapter. I don't agree with how Charlie has responded to Bobby's demands for sex. Hopefully that will change with Stan joining them. The kid needs serious counseling. The kid has been through hell and back, but still needs proper guidance. I'm not so sure Charlie is the best one for it.
  13. I was getting notifications whenever new content was added, but recently I'm getting notifications about all kinds of things, i.e. when an author makes changes to previous chapters (even on stories that are completed); whenever someone makes a comment on a story, etc. I checked how my notifications were set up and I don't see any way to change that.
  14. Terry P

    Chapter 11 - Brady

    I can't believe November really did what I think he did. He actually followed Mikey to the bathroom to tell him Brady was already involved? Really cool!
  15. Terry P

    Dec Chapter 1

    I' liking this story very much so far. It could turn out to be one of your best.

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