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  1. You got my all wound up because this story is still not finished. I was going to sick VInnie on you. However, since you've promised a sequel or more you're forgiven.
  2. Terry P

    Chapter 34

    I figured out immediately that this was a repeat and was going to check it out. Deciding to check the comments first I was relieved that others had done all the work for me. No problems though, it happens, and I sure know about that.
  3. Terry P

    Chapter 5

    I think they are beyond pointing the blame at each other. They both screwed up royally. Now they need to get ove the hurt and move onto the loving part.
  4. Terry P

    Anthony and Silas

    I love all of these stories. Very inspiring.
  5. Terry P

    Chapter 1

    I do think it's great you have a wide range of genres. Don't give up on doing that.
  6. Terry P

    Chapter 1

    Very different from what I'm use to from you Carlos. Well written. Not really my cup of tea but I did read it because of the author.
  7. Terry P

    Chapter 4

    Great Story. There are good people in this world.
  8. I like the idea of a forum like this. I hope it works out to your expectations. This last chapter was quite interesting, although kind of confusing with all of the chatting between the 2 vincents and the 2 Mason's. I had to focus enough to remember which was was talking, although the wolf side does speak differently from the human side. I love this story a lot and look forward to each chapter. The new alpha for the New York Pack caught me by surprise, more in that I got a quick sense of not trusting him. I sure hope I'm wrong, but if not it should make some pretty interesting reading
  9. A very appropriate story for all of us. We all have different circumstances from each other but this story serves as an example for everyone. Too bad it can't get circulated even more. Thanks for this.
  10. Terry P


    I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying this story. It's truly amazing.
  11. Terry P

    Song of Soul

    What a great chapter! Chris continues to surprise everyone and I'm liking him more and more (if that's even possible). Victor is a lucky guy, and from all appearances so is Chris. The ending of the chapter was so romantic.
  12. Terry P

    Chapter 6

    I'm really enjoying this story and look forward how things are going to develop. Jeff is going to need to hire some staff now. There are too many boys just for one to look after, but I'm sure you've already got plans for that.
  13. Terry P

    Chapter 10

    I've been enjoying these short stories. Keep them coming please. Are you working on any longer ones?
  14. Terry P

    Chapter 1

    So glad to a this story. I've missed everybody. Great start to this one too.
  15. Terry P

    Chapter 1

    Sounds really interesting. I look forward to more. As always, well written and great story beginning.
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