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  1. Terry P

    Chapter 1

    Sounds like we're in for some fun and plenty of surprises. I'm really looking forward to reading more.
  2. I lost my bookmark for this chapter and followed through on a message from Headstall. I decided to read this last chapter and probably laughed as much as I did the first time I read it. Headstall is an amazing writer. Hopefully he'll get better soon and be able to write a new chapter. Best to you Headstall.
  3. Terry P

    Chapter 13

    Oskar's track record for lying and deceit do not help me to believe he is on the up and up with Will. Regardless if it is right or not WIll should take the next plane back to England and never look back. It's not worth it.
  4. Terry P

    Alo Chapter 13

    What Lloyd went through with Nicholas is terrible. However he is punishing the wrong person. Jeremy and & Angela have been really good to him, so why isn't he speaking to them to let them know what happened. He owes that to them and I think it was a bit irresponsible for him to run away from the whole thing - particularly by pressing charges against Nicholas and sending him to jail.
  5. I was really surprised by the reaction everyone had to what happened between Sam and Jamie. It wasn't even a kiss for gosh sake. Yes, I think it was good that Jamie spoke to Ben about it but even his reaction was over the top. Everybody was really immature about it. Jamie put a stop to what Sam wanted to do and rather than be commended for it everybody jumped on him.
  6. Terry P

    Chapter 30

    I feel so bad for Felix. I hope the dream he had is a good omen. This is an amazingly interesting story and I look forward to every new chapter.
  7. Terry P

    Orc Chapter 6

    Lewis never ceases to amaze me. While Sebastien is very controlling and obviously has a bad temper Lewis never appears to confront him on it. Instead, at the first sign anything seems to go awry he runs away. And he does this with other things happening in his life. A very immature way to act if you ask me.
  8. I enjoyed the little trip into the lives of Don, Marco and Gwyn. But I missed Derrick and Gabe and am happy to back to them.
  9. Happy Birthday!  :D  I hope you have a great day :D  

    1. Terry P

      Terry P

      Thank you.  So far my day has been great.

  10. Happy Birthday Terry!

    1. Terry P

      Terry P

      Thank you.  I appreciate that.


    1. Terry P

      Terry P

      Thank you.

  12. Terry P

    Chapter 4

    I'm enjoying this story very much. As far as the editing is concerned you're doing an excellent job. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  13. Terry P

    Losing It

    I'm looking forward to more from this family. What a great one at that.
  14. Terry P

    Chapter 61

    Hope you're well Mark!
  15. Terry P

    Chapter 18

    That ending sure took me by surprise. Although, Think I know the answer to the question Grandma Asta asked. Great story.
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