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  1. Sure is a lot going on in this chapter. But it sounds really interesting. I've seen a few stories with a Covid 19 context and have avoided them. I think I'll enjoy this one though.
  2. Terry P

    President's Day

    This was great Carlos. It was great to have more of a focus on Brett and César. I'm looking forward to see what you have next in the pipeline. Cheers
  3. Terry P

    DA Ch 62 - The End

    I was expecting this to happen eventually, but I was completely surprised by this. Love it. I would like to have more of this story in future sequels.
  4. Terry P


    I too enjoyed this story. At first I didn't know what to make of it. Where was CJ? Of course this had nothing to do with him. A very interesting telling of the Lost Atlantis Story. As usual your excellent story telling made this all the more enjoyable. Thanks Carlos.
  5. Terry P


    Not a surpise there - but I'm happy with that. I don't understand Dorian not staying around as Alpha. I think maybe he really didn't want to stay and preferred to be with Karissa and her pack.
  6. Terry P

    New Year's Eve

    Thanks for the new story. I'm hooked already and I don't know yet who'll be the main character(s) yet. But I sure as heck am looking forward to finding out. This is great Carlos!
  7. Terry P

    Last Words

    Me too. It ain't over until it's over.
  8. Terry P

    Chapter 1

    Very nice beginning to this story. You can almost feel how Jimmy feels as well - so well written. It's not really a cliff hanger though, since I'm sure we have a fairly good idea of what happens next. I guess we'll have to see about that.
  9. Terry P

    The Return

    Great chapter, all about a remarkable speech. Very inspiring. I'm sure a lot of thought went in to writing this one.
  10. Terry P

    Unwelcome Guests

    I can't believe you just did that to us!!!! So unfair. I look forward very much to the next chapter (soon I hope)
  11. Terry P


    I never believed, and still don't that the Dorian is dead. I think it's just an act to reveal Levi for what he really is.
  12. Terry P

    Chapter 9

    This is definitely not the type of story I normally get into. In fact I would have stopped after the 1st or 2nd chapter. But somehow I got hooked on this one. It's so "out of this world", but well written I I'm rooting for Danni - and now Calvin.
  13. Terry P

    Chapter 1

    I'm thrilled to have you writing again. I've missed these guys and look forward to reading more. I sure hope the call doesn't bring too bad news though.
  14. What an interesting chapter. Chris is changing so rapidly it's amazing. Look, even the Elves don't comprehend it. Thanks.
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