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  1. Panda

    hide age

    How come I need to show my age to everyone or is there a way to hide it? I dont htink ppl should need to know how old i am only the ones that are in charge. Sorry i do not mean to cause problems it just anoyed me lol.
  2. I tried to watch castlevania but its pretty boring which sux. I thoght it will be really good but idk it didnt work out lol.
  3. Panda

    In Barcelona

    Pics i am taking in Barcelona.
  4. Alec Benjamin is so good
  5. this is gona be so good! did u here also it might be a show soon? https://www.gamespot.com/articles/assassins-creed-tv-series-is-on-the-way/1100-6448906/ omg I am so excited!
  6. i got very gay loloool!
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