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    My name is Lofie
    I'm a long time lurker turned active member
    I like many things including but not limited to: reading, writing, music, animation, cats, and so on.

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  1. lofie

    Waiting Game

    I'm so fucking impatient i can't stand it today was iight i found out that m did acid in the 70's like a lot of acid So that was interesting it made me like her more we're like two degenerates masquerading as proper people im so excited I'm waiting for chapter 2 of she loves me to go up And I'm almost done fixing chapter 9 i still have to rewrite the ending and when that's done I'll have completed a story a whole story all by myself so excited
  2. lofie

    Number 1

    I feel good today i worked from 10:30 to 1:30 now I'm chilling in bed listening to Spotify ok this is sufficient i have nothing else to say this is a good day p.s. i didn't email z happy bday and the world didn't end i feel small
  3. lofie


    I'm half way through chapter 9 but i have to stop now and do some chores. I just wanted to say i love this story. I love the pace, i love the mood. I love the characters everything. i hate Mr. Templeton though, i am so tempted to skip ahead just to see if Mrs. Templeton divorces his ass. Seriously though this is good story and the characters are so believable and like able. It's really great how you handled Billy's "issues", i can really relate to that and you've done a great job of bringing him to life.

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