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    Thanks for your comment, I will be mindful of the POV switching next time 🙂
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    Thanks for the lovely comment JeffreyL I’m glad you’re liking the story so far. I’m still undecided about whether or not this will be a short story but I’m trying to improve my character development skills so looks like it might be on the longer side. Anyways I do hope all your questions get answered 😁.
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    It was an early autumn afternoon and for the life of me I just couldn’t concentrate. I was supposed to be writing a paper on woman and their roles in the 16th century. But for the most part I was people watching or rather person watching. I sighed and closed my laptop. Chip, my closest friend, would be waiting for me at my place. By now he would have let himself in and made himself comfortable in my tiny apartment. I could see it now. His feet up on my coffee table, the only thing of value I own besides my laptop, eating the salt and vinegar chips I keep in stock just for him. Despite his level of comfort, he would be pissed that I’m, I looked down at my cell phone, thirty minutes late. I quickly shoved everything into my ratty backpack. I was so focused I didn’t notice a figure had approached my table. “Would you like the bill?” I froze momentarily. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. I met her warm brown eyes. She smiled. And slapped the bill down on the table. “Any progress?” “What?” My tongue felt thick and heavy. “You were working on something right?” “Oh I…No.” I blushed. Feeling stupid. “The words will come.” She winked. “I’ll go get the machine.” She twirled around and gracefully walked back to the check out counter. Not for the first time, my eyes followed her. *** “She spoke to me today.” I announced as I let myself into my apartment. I hung up my backpack on the hook beside the door and kicked off my shoes. Chip looked over at me from the couch. “Your 45 minutes late.” “Sorry I was working on an assignment.” I flopped down beside him on the too small canary yellow couch I had bought from a consignment store. “And stalking that waitress.” “I don’t stalk, I merely appreciate from a distance.” Chip smirked. Chip was a trans man like me, unlike me, he had no trouble in the dating department. I wasn’t surprised. Chip was blessed with classically androgynous good looks. His strong jaw, tall stature and muscular frame often left others in disbelief when he told them he was trans. He even had a little stubble. I on other hand was still mistaken for a girl even though I’ve been on testosterone for 2 years. He shook his head. “What did she say?” “She asked me if I made any progress with my writing.” He arched a brow. “What?” “I think she was watching you, you should ask her out.” He stuffed a handful of chips in his mouth. “Trust me I know women.” I scoffed. “You only know women because you have it easy, you pass.” “Ugh this again.” “Well It’s true. People don’t know what to make of me. I dress like a guy and yet I look like a prepubescent teenage boy at best.” “A cute one.” Chip grinned. I rolled my eyes. “Stop putting yourself down. Yes, rejection sucks but if you never step out there and take a chance, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.” “Hmm catchy saying who said that?” “I believe it was cupid now get dressed we have a bar to go to.” I looked down at my outfit. “What’s wrong with my outfit?” “Your wearing overalls.” Chip rolled his eyes. “Go shower and change and then we’ll get you a nice lady.” I stood up. “There’s nothing wrong with overalls and there’s only one lady I want.” I mumbled to myself. I could tell Chip had heard by the smile he wore across his face. *** The bar was trendy, half bar, half club and outfitted with a smallish dance floor and booths. Flannigan’s, it was our favourite place and judging by the crowd it was becoming everybody’s favourite place as well. “What’s with the crowd.” I asked Chip as we waited at the bar for our cocktails. “Hey K.” Chip called out to the redhead behind the bar. “Hey chocolate Chip, hey Rory. The usual?” Chip and I nodded. The usual meant the Friday night drink special; a fruity concoction called a cherry bomb. “Chocolate Chip huh.” I nudged Chip discreetly. Kathy mostly known as K, focused on our drinks. He glared at me. So it wasn’t my imagination when I noticed them flirting last Friday night at close. “K what’s with the crowd?” She placed down our drinks on the counter.” She looked at me like I was the lamest person in the world. “Dj Slay is playing tonight.” Chip and I exchanged a glanced then shrugged. “You two are hopeless. I’ll catch you later Romeo?” She purred. Chip smiled a goofy little grin. I faked a gagging motion as we turned away from the bar. It took us a while to find possibly the last available booth in the joint. “We have a good thing going here please don’t fuck this up.” Chip’s expression was suspiciously innocent. All the more reason not to trust him. I ran my hands through my disheveled curly hair. “I don’t know what your talking about.” “Chip,” I gave him my sternest glare. Chip had a way with the ladies but he had an attention span of toddler. As soon as someone new and shiny came along he had no qualms dumping the current toy. “We never pay cover and we get free drinks. I’m a broke college student this is the life. Also, she’s our friend.” I added softly “Okay okay.” He ducked his head and looked into the crowd. “It’s not what you think we are just fooling around and K’s a big girl.” “Well make sure you’re both on the same page.” I sighed It wouldn’t be the first time Chip’s escapades with a lady got us both in trouble. Darlene, a girl Chip hooked up with in high school, still gives me the evil eye every time I see her and we’re in the same program at college. Chip and I hung out for a while longer until K got off the bar and she came to collect him. I downed the rest of my third free drink and watched them dance. After a while I decided it was time to dance. For me moving while sober was never an option. I’m always too self conscious but get three cherry bombs in me and I was practically Baryshnikov, without the grace. The music was changing from background pop top 40’s to indie electro songs that were melding together perfectly. It was good. I saw a few acquaintances and nodded as I made my way to the back of the floor. I started swaying as the bass crawled up my spine. The beat was infectious. I could see the hype. I looked up at the DJ booth floating above the dance floor. DJ Slay was too far up for me to make out there features. I couldn’t put my finger on it, it was probably just the good music, but something about the DJ was making my body tingle. Yeah it was probably the music and the healthy dose of cherry bombs. *** I awoke with a mouth full of cotton and a killer headache. I needed coffee stat and greasy dinner food. I moved slowly as I showered, and basically tried to look human. It didn’t work. ‘Meet you at the café at noon.’ My phone buzzed; it was Chip. Chip didn’t have to mention which café, we had our habits. ‘Sure.’ I responded. It was at least 11am but I wanted to get there early there was a certain waitress I wanted to talk to. It probably wasn’t a good idea but watching all those couples on the dance floor last night left me feeling left out. More than a little lonely. I want to try especially if it’s with someone like her. Someone who comes off as really kind and I was enraptured with anyway. Worse case scenario I read the signals wrong but I doubt she’ll laugh in my face. And if she did I could just go to Starbucks to study. My gut rolled over. I picked up my pace. Hopefully the queer gods would smile down upon me and she’ll be working today. *** Shit she was working today. I stood outside the café and watched her through the glass for a minute before entering. When I did enter the woodwinds above the door chimed and she greeted me with the brightest of smiles. Reflexively I smiled back as my palms grew sweaty. This was it. The café was pretty much empty, so I sat down at my usual table and took out my laptop. It didn’t take her long to come over. “Hey. You look like you had a fun night.” She grinned. “Coffee?” I groaned. “Is that a polite way of saying the bags under my eyes make me look hungover? Because I totally am.” I chuckled. “And yes, coffee please.” “I didn’t notice any bags.” She paused and I held my breath. “You have really great skin.” She lowered her voice. I felt my face colour. “I’ll be back with a menu.” “I-I already know whet I want.” My voice came out rushed. “Okay what would you like?” She flipped open her note pad. I cleared my throat. “The breakfast special and coffee of course.” She nodded. “Anything else?” “Um yea.” “Yea?” Her expression was open and curious. “I’m Rory.” I blurted out. “Hi Rory, I’m Leesa is it ok if I put in your order then we can continue this conversation.” “Sure.” I said as if my heart wasn’t beating a mile a minute. I watched her hips sway as she walked back to the register. She was really something else, with her olive complexion, friendly brown eyes and full lips. She was tall too at least 5’9, a couple inches taller than me. Describing her as beautiful would be an understatement. She was more than that. “Hey Rory, you wanted to talk.” Her eyes were playful. I hadn’t noticed her return I was staring at my laptop. “Um, I, um.” I felt myself blushing as I struggled to get the words out. “Take a breath.” She placed her hand on top of mine. I froze as my eyes zeroed in on where she touched me. How was I supposed to breathe? She smiled gently and removed her hand. “i-“ I let out a breath. “What are doing this Friday?” Before she could answer the chime on the door rang. I groaned as I heard Chip talking loudly to K. Her eyes filled with mirth. She scribbled something on her notepad. “Looks like your friends are here.” She slapped the paper on the table just as Chip and K found us. I quickly pocketed the paper. Chip looked between us suspiciously. “I’ll be back with your coffee.” Her smile was bright, I felt like she was touching me, and then she left us. “What was that about?” K asked. I beamed as happiness burbled within me. “Did someone take my advice?’’ “Maybe.” He smirked. “I expect details.” I paused and looked closely at his hair. “Since when do you have purple hair?”
  4. Rory lacks confidence after his first relationship didn't end very well. Despite his misgivings he's still got eyes for the hottest DJ in town. With a little luck and a whole lot of false confidence can he snag the girl?
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    The Venue was jam packed. The collective excitement was palpable and contagious. Despite being at Torrid, the club were Leroy saw Drew cheating on me, I was in good spirits. I just couldn’t shake the feeling I would see her tonight. I lightly touched the pendant attached to the necklace Jazzy gave me. “You okay?” Jazzy yelled in my ear. I Nodded and looked for the bar. I could use a beer right about now. Leroy had long abandoned us to go dance with a hot blonde twink the moment we stepped inside the club. He would magically reappear when we felt it was time to leave. This often happened. I had a feeling the only reason Jazzy was staying by was so that I wouldn’t be alone. “Go dance with him.” “What?” “Go. Dance.” I yelled gesturing to the cute grungy guy with the come-hither stare that Jazz was totally pretending not to eat up. “What about you?” I shrugged. “Bar.” It was better to speak in monosyllables. The music was loud. “Text me okay. If you need me.” I nodded and we separated. The bar area was nuts. It would thin out once the band came on. In the mean time I weaved my way through the throngs of people until I got to the counter. There were three bartenders working tonight and the first two that I noticed did not notice me. The third bartender was a brunette with a pixie cut in the middle of mixing a drink. After passing off the drink to a customer she nodded at me. “What are you having?” I blinked her eyes were really blue, the ocean came to mind. “You okay?” She moved closer to my ear, her voice a touch louder. She smelled like vanilla. “Yea uh can I have a beer.” It didn’t take her long to spin around and serve it to me. I decided to stay here since I had a good view of Jazz and Leroy chatting up their respective partners. I sighed looking down into my beer bottle. Since i wasn't in the clubbing mood it was going to be long night. *** The lights around the venue dimmed and for a moment the sound followed as well then ear shattering cheering broke the temporary silence. The opening act was about to come on. By now the bar area had cleared quite a bit since everyone was rushing towards the stage. “Another?” I had long since finished my beer and I couldn’t summon the courage to speak to her again. I smiled nodding. She brought me another beer and leaned against the counter. “Not into the band?” She smiled impishly. I felt something go through me that was almost foreign. I shrugged frowning it was too soon for this it had only been three months since my break up. But then again, she just asked about the band. “why do you ask?” She got a rag and started wiping down the counter. “You’re here and not there.” She gestured towards the stage. She was cute. I couldn’t help noticing. “I don’t like crowds.” “Good thing you’re at a concert then.” She grinned. “I’m Tiffany by the way.” I nodded. The band was good. Heavy on the guitars and drums yet still very melodic. The vocalist had amazing pipes. I turned back towards her she was looking at me with an arched brow. “Sorry I’m really bad at this.” “At what?” “Talking to strangers.” She beamed. I felt looser, thanks to the beer. “I’m Liz, Elizabeth.” “Liz.” She confirmed. I nodded. The music ended and the band exited the stage. The audience started chanted and stomping their feet. She leaned over the counter and leaned closer to me. “Wanna get out of here? At least for 15 minutes.” I nodded and swallowed grateful for the low light. I drained my beer as she went over to her coworkers. *** A few minutes later we were outside leaning against the wall of the club. “So how long have you been a bartender?” I felt like kicking myself. She threw me a bone and answered honestly. “This is just my part time gig. I’m really a full-time art student.” She smiled. She had a nice smile. I didn’t know much about art, right now I wish I knew more. “What about you? What’s your day time gig?” “English major. Aspiring English prof.” “That’s cool, my mom's a teacher. In high school.” She added “I mean I know that’s not the same.” “It's pretty much the same.” We smiled. She moved a little closer to me. I pretended not to notice. “Why academia?” I paused. “You don’t have to…” She began when she sensed my hesitation. “No it’s okay. My Dad’s a professor and he always talked about the joys of imparting wisdom. I want to be apart of that link.” I immediately felt like a tool. “That’s really cool Liz.” When I looked at her she was already looking at me. No one’s ever called me cool before I told her as much. “I guess they never took the time to get to know you.” I blushed and shivered when she raised her hand to stroke my cheek. “Fuck. I have to go back to work.” She murmured. “Take down my number.” We swapped phones. When we got back inside, she leaned against me and spoke directly into my ear. “Call me.” I stood rooted in my spot as I watched her go. ^^^ The concert was good for all of us. Jazzy and Leroy gushed about the phone numbers and potential hook ups on the horizon I stayed quiet in the cab ride home. It was 3 in the morning when we said good bye to Leroy. The cab would take him the rest of the way home. The house was eerily dark. Ma always used to leave a light on when we went out. “Shit.” Jazzy was alarmed. I looked at her. She frowned as she unlocked the door and turned on the foyer light. Jazzy quickly removed her shoes and raced upstairs I followed as closely as I could. We ended up in Ma’s, formerly Dad’s old study. There was Ma in his worn leather chair cradling a bottle of jack that was a quarter empty. Jazzy deflated before my eyes. I raced over to Ma. “Ma,” I took the bottle from her hand she was breathing, just slumped over. I gently shook her shoulder. Slowly her eyes fluttered opened and she smiled a dopey smile. “Lizzy.” “I’ll go put on some coffee.” Jazzy left the room her voice strained. “Ma let’s sit up.” My mother was never one to drink it seems a lot has happened since I left. I helped her up and sighed. “Lizzy, your so much like your father.” I frowned not sure where this was going. “Don’t compare me to him.” My voice was colder than I would’ve liked. She smiled fondly. “I miss him so much it hurts.” My heart broke at the defeated sound of her voice. Her face looked friendly enough though. I sighed. “I’m sorry Ma, I miss him too.” She blinked, then frowned. “He left me for a man Lizzy.” It took a moment for me to understand her words. She lowered her eyes. “One of his colleagues at work.” I stood and rubbed my temples, trying to process every. A choked sob escaped her lips. “I’m so sorry Lizzy. I finally got to a place where I could breath and then and then…” She didn’t have to say it. I moved over to her and rubbed her back. As she cried. “The pain won’t go away. He was the love of my life.” “I’m really sorry Ma but let us help instead of bottling it up.” Her cries grew louder. Jazzy took that moment to appear. “Oh God the crying phase.” She whispered as she passed me. It made me wonder how much she knew and how long this has been going on. Why didn’t Jazzy tell me? “Ma I brought you some hot chocolate.” She looked up through tear filled eyes. Jazzy put the cup in her hand and slowly she downed the hot beverage. “Let’s get you to bed.” It was past 4 am. Jazzy deftly slipped her arm around Ma and helped her up it was a practiced routine. After realizing I was just standing there, I ran to the opposite side of Ma to help Jazzy carry her to her bedroom. *** Jazzy and I stayed up most of the night discussing our parents divorce in my room. Jazzy didn’t know the details. “She wont talk about her pain unless she’s drunk. The first time it happened was after you left and the frequency has been increasing.” A stab of guilt ran through me. “It’s not your fault Lizzy and you didn’t deserve her silent treatment.” “She needs help.” Jazzy nodded. “She won’t go to therapy.” Jazzy said flatly. “I think we should call dad. Maybe she’ll listen to him.” Jazzy features sank. “Maybe.” Her voice was small. “What Jazzy, don’t tell me you blame him after knowing this.” My voice rose. “Calm down. It’s just, I see her pain everyday in everything she does. I don’t know if involving him is a good idea.” “Okay.” I resigned myself to her logic. ^^^ I was awakened by the jarring light that streamed though my window. I barely opened my eyes Ma stood by the window smiling softly. “How are you so chipper after last night.” I groaned. I felt a swift kick from under the covers. I was always grumpy in the morning and after last night I would need an I.V. drip of coffee to wake up. I yawned and turned my head to Jazzy’s direction. She was glaring at me. Right tact, I had forgotten. We had both fallen asleep in the clothes we wore to the club. “Up and at em girls. Jazzy do you mind getting breakfast started I have something to say to your sister.” Jazzy and I exchanged a look. Slowly she slid out of the bed and closed the door behind her. “Last night was a low point for me. I’ve been struggling but last night…” She looked away before meeting my eyes again. She let out a shaky breath. “I need to work through my issues, with a therapist. I think it’s time to move on with my life…” Her voice lowered I’ve been horrid to you and Jazzy I’ll never forgive myself. I Love you. I just I look at you and the hurt comes back…” “It’s okay Ma, it’s okay.” My heart cracked. But I smiled anyway, Her smile in return was sad. She cleared her throat “let’s go get something to eat.” *** Breakfast was good. Pancakes my favourite. We mostly ate in silence but the mood had shifted it was lighter. After breakfast the three of us hung around the kitchen cracking jokes. I talked about school and I was pleased they were both relieved when I let them know I was moving back home after my final semester. My phone buzzed and I blushed when I saw the I.D., Tiffany. Both Ma and Jazzy wore matching smirks. Jazzy raised an eyebrow and I excused myself. When I got to the living room I checked my messages. It was an invitation to a gallery opening later tonight. I only had a few more days left before I had to go back to school so I wanted to make the most of my time with my family. I looked at my phone, unsure of what to do. “That better not be Drew.” I spun on my heel coming face to face with Ma. “No, we broke up.” “Good I never liked her.” “I’m thinking of going out tonight.” She nodded. “You should you’ve worked hard. I’m-,” I could sense an apology coming so I cut her off. “It’s okay.” After a moment of silence, She nodded and went back to the kitchen. I watched her go before sending a message back to Tiffany. ‘Sure, what time?’ The End
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    Home Again

    Thank you for commenting!
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    Home Again

    Thank you @JefferyL I just posted a chapter two 🙂. It still has to go through the moderation queue.
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    Home Again

    “So, what did you buy me?” Jazzy opened the door before I even put my key in the lock. “Chill Jazz, I just got in, let me unpack my bags first.” I crossed the threshold and dropped my bags closing the door behind me. Jazzy sprung into my arms. I inhaled her watermelon body wash. God, I had missed her, I couldn’t help think as her ringlets tickled my nose. “Okay stop being a birthday grinch and tell me what you got me.” I laughed kneeling down I opened my backpack and pulled out a wrapped rectangle and handed it to her. She crinkled her nose. “I love you dearly but this better not be a book.” I smirked. Three years ago, I got her the lord of the rings trilogy and she ignored me for most of the day. According to Jazz books belonged in the classroom they were not sufficient birthday gifts. We couldn’t be more different. She ripped off the wrapping and groaned. “Seriously, Little Women. No more books.” She smiled. “I’m so glad your back.” “Open it.” “What?” “The book, open it.” She opened it and flipped through the pages stopping at a set of peculiar looking book marks. “No You didn’t!” She squealed. She looked up at me. “These tickets must have cost a fortune.” The Cakes were an up and coming indie band. Ma kept complaining about Jazzy driving her crazy with that cake music. Or so I heard from my cousin Leroy. Speaking of Ma. “Where’s Ma?” Her expression sobered. “She’s in the kitchen.” “She still mad?” Jazzy nodded. I let out a breath. After Leroy accidentally outed me three months ago. My mother stopped speaking to me. I decided to give her space. I transferred to a school as far away as I could afford, New York, to put as much distance as I could between us. The down side was I missed my twin, Jazzy terribly. “Elizabeth Mae welcome home.” She only ever used my full name when she was mad. Both my sister and I turned towards the sound of our mother. We took after our father in appearance. Our lighter skin was a testament to that. Jazzy was silly and quick to joke like dad was and my temperament is more on the serious side, like Ma’s. “Thanks.” I whispered. Ma looked like she had stopped ageing at 40. Frankly she was beautiful. “Please bring your stuff up stairs. We eat at 5.” She said, as if I didn’t know. She turned and walked back in the kitchen. “Happy birthday to me.” I murmured. *** My relationship with my mother had never been easy. I always felt that Jazzy had been both our parents’ favourite. After the divorce last year. I retreated into my shell whereas Jazzy became Ma’s rock. I was filled with regret. Retreating for me was easy. My only friends where Leroy, Jazzy and Drew, my ex. The four of us did everything together. Until I Leroy found Drew kissing a girl at a night club who wasn’t me. I sighed, rubbing my temples. I did not want to think about her. Not now, not ever. I could hear them chatting over the stereo laughing as they cooked family dinner while I hid upstairs in my room. My phone buzzed. It was Jazz. ‘How long does it take you to change?’ I rolled my eyes. She was such a pain. Reluctantly I sat up. No time like the present to face the music. I hastily changed into sweats and put my curly hair up in bun before grabbing my phone and closing my room. Leroy was in the kitchen not helping. “Hey Cuz.” He said softly. He was munching on a bowl of cherries. Leroy is a bottomless pit yet he remained rail thin. He was one of my favourite people until he inadvertently caused the rift between Ma and me. I nodded at him. He frowned. “Still not talking to me I see.” Truth was we still spoke, sending the occasional text here and there but things weren’t the same. Leroy is also the most straight forward person you’ll ever meet. Frowning I went over to Ma. Her lips were pursed as she cut up some potatoes by the counter by the stove. The water was already boiling in preparation. Ma made the best mashed potatoes. “Need any help?” My voice was low but since you could hear a pin drop, even with the radio going, I might as well have been screaming. She looked at me briefly, her hazel eyes, the eyes Jazz and I inherited from her were unreadable. She shook her head. “Go have a seat with Leroy, you’ll just be in the way.” That was all the permission I needed to go back upstairs to my room. *** There was a soft knock on my door. I was under the covers working tapping away on a paper on my laptop. I considered ignoring it when Jazzy spoke. “It’s me.” I huffed closing my laptop. She entered the room as I was starting to straighten. “What are you doing in here?” She looked at the disheveled bed and my laptop. “Working on a paper.” She had a small wrapped gift in her hand. She frowned. “All work and no play makes Lizzy a dull girl.” I shrugged. “What else am I supposed to do. All my friends were really Drew’s friends except for you and Leroy.” “Who you should forgive by the way.” She plopped down on my bed. “I’m not mad at him. I’m just processing.” “Like Ma?” I said nothing. She smiled apologetically. “Sorry too soon. I got you this.” She held out the small box. I walked over to her, took the box and slowly unwrapped it. It was jewelry. I looked at her, puzzled and touched. Jazzy didn’t make much as an early childhood educator. She worked in a daycare and even though she lived at home she still had car insurance payments and her and mom split the bills on this big old house 50/50. “Open it before I take it back.” She laughed. I opened the small box. It was a beautiful gold necklace with a pendant that had a centaur shooting an arrow. I looked up at my sister, my twin. We differed in so many ways. However, I loved her fiercely. When Drew and I would fight she would often say the only person I’m capable of loving is Jazzy, I chalked her attitude up to her being an only child. “I got one for me too so even when you’re not here we’ll still be connected.” We were Sagittarius’s, born December 9. I believed that held absolutely no significance over my daily life but Jazzy loved horoscopes and star signs. She was nervous because I still had yet to say anything, I realized. “Jazzy,” I breathed. “this is the best.” To my surprise I was slightly teary. I took it out of the box and secured the clasp around my neck. “Thank you.” She beamed, standing and wrapping her arms around me. “Happy Birthday big sis.” I snorted, I’m older by two minutes. “What’s going on up here?” Leroy drawled as we pulled apart. He leaned against the door frame. “A touching family moment.” I smiled. For the first time since my return I almost felt like my old self again before everything fell apart. “Ahh well in that case I’ll see myself out.” His smile was shy. I sighed. “Leroy get in here.” He knew damn well I couldn’t hold a grudge and beside it was an accident. Leroy was a head taller than and me despite being thin he was all muscle. He picked me up and spun me around. “I missed you Birthday Girl.” He put me down and changed the subject. “I heard about the tickets.” I had bought three tickets to the Cakes even though at the time I was still angry. “Can you make it?” “Duh!” They replied simultaneously. I couldn’t help grinning back. *** “I have to tell you something.” I was doing the dishes. I always volunteered to do the dishes after dinner since I was mostly useless in the kitchen. Mom, Jazzy and Dad carried the domesticity in this household. “Can it wait?’ “You should really hear this.” Leroy had this uncanny inability to keep a secret. No matter how big or how small. He openly told people he did not like the pressure of secrets he did not want to be vault. He simply was not built that way. I sighed turning off the tap wondering what lame tale he’d stumbled upon. Most of his secrets everyone already knew. “Drew is cheating on you.” “What?!” In one swift moment all the air escaped from my lungs. He reached out for me, I took a step back. “How?” “I saw her last night, with Abigail at Torrid. Apparently, this isn’t the first time.” Drew was a year older than me and while I was still an undergrad and thinking of transferring to a different college, she was done with school. She had asked me to go out last night but I wanted to research on a few schools that were out of state. I sank down to the floor. Completely at a loss. How could she do this to me especially after she knew what my Dad had done to me, to us. Dad not only cheated on Ma he predictably forgot about us the minute he left. It’s been a year but we were still struggling in every way. I didn’t realize Leroy had sunk to the floor beside me. “I’m sorry.” He croaked. Silent tears streamed down my face. I felt a curious feeling, like I was being watched. I looked up and there was Ma and Jazzy standing at the threshold. I scrambled to standing and quickly wiped my tears. Jazzy mouth hung open almost comically. “Ma…” My throat felt like sandpaper. She said nothing. I was unsure of how much she had heard but I assumed everything based on her stony expression. “I’m gay.” The tension in the room was so taut I thought I would snap. Ma had never liked Drew. I asked Ma once why she didn’t like Drew, thinking it couldn’t be homophobia since Drew was more straight passing than me and I am pretty femme. ‘She seems dishonest’ was all Ma had said. “I know.” She said after moment. Her voice was even. “Thanks for doing the dishes I’ll be in the study.” She turned and left the room. The kitchen stood silent as we collectively held our breath until the door closed. I didn’t cry, tears threatened to fall, but I sucked in a breath, I wanted to cling to whatever dignity I had left. Jazzy and Leroy tried to comfort me. I shook them off and calmly walked upstairs to my room.
  9. The fallout from being cheated on has not been easy. Unfortunatly you can't hide forever even if it is your birthday. A short story inspred by a prompt.
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    New Year's Kiss

    I never really disliked anyone until I met Lauren Newberger. That’s not true. I liked Lauren maybe too much. When she was hired at our firm, I was immediately struck by beauty. She was the catalyst for my my sexual awakening, sadly. At 24, I never thought about men or women. I figured I was asexual and focused on getting through my undergrad then my masters and then my internship at the prestigious Waterson and Silverthorne architecture firm. My life was going to plan and all without a single kiss from an individual not in my immediate family. I was happy, well maybe a little lonely. I was at the very least content. Everything changed on a Tuesday morning in September when Mr. Waterson Jr. sent me into the copy room to look for the new intern who had seemed to have gotten lost. I was annoyed that I was the one being sent to fetch the new intern when there was an intern standing right beside me. I was a junior associate now for goodness sakes. I plastered on a smile and turned on my heel as I tried to keep my ego in check. Mr Waterson Jr. had a habit of asking me to fetch things. Even when interns and his admin assistant was present. It irritated me. I worked in a sprawling office and the copy room was a good five minutes from Mr. Waterson Sr’s office. I peaked my head in when I got to the door and I gasped. I honestly gasped. Her profile was in view and she was half bent over picking up a slew of papers that were all over the floor. She quickly pivoted and smoothed her skirt. She was the most gorgeous creature I had ever seen. What drew me in were her eyes, deep chocolate brown eyes. An eternity later, she smiled. Time slowed as she moved towards me. “Hi I’m Lauren.” She held out her hand. My chest tightened as I shook. What was happening to me? I was mesmerized by her glossy blonde hair. She cleared her throat. Blushing I released her hand and remembered my manners. “Hi Lauren, I’m Sienna…” I looked behind her at the scattered papers on the floor. Her smile faltered. “Mark gave me a stack of papers to photocopy. I guess I lost the battle. I’m not usually this clumsy.” Her expression sheepish. I took in the scene. The rest of my coworkers was in the boss’s office, Mr. Waterson Sr. He had an announcement to make. “Go to Mr Waterson Sr’s office I’ll tidy this up.” A look of alarm befell her pretty features. “Are you sure?” I shrugged. “Do you know the order they go in? Mark is very particular.” She sighed and her shoulders fell. “It’s okay go.” “Okay.” She nodded “she paused as she passed by me. She was very much in my personal space. “You’re the first person to be nice to me today, let me buy you a beer after work.” “Okay.” I didn’t drink ever but I guess I could always order a soda. *** I waited for her at a bar two blocks away from the office. Today was an exciting day. Just as I walked into Mr. Waterson Sr’s office, I was lucky enough to catch the beginning of his long winded speech. Lauren was at the front of the crowd standing beside him. After his standard joke about his apologies about interrupting our very busy work day. He introduced Lauren. And that’s when the room went silent. Lauren is Mr Silverthorne’s daughter. The odd thing was I got the sense that she did not want the office to know this news as her face was bright pink during the introductions. After Mr. Waterson Sr. dismissed us. I couldn’t get close to her if I tried. Everyone in the office was crowded around offering her welcomes, no doubt in an attempt to make up for who they thought was just the lowly new intern. No one noticed me as I made my way to my desk. I had a backlog of emails to open. I tried not to think about how my stomach flipped when Our eyes met from across the office. It was impossible not to. “Hey you.” She sat across from me in the booth. “Sienna.” I offered smiling of course I didn’t expect her to remember my name. Especially with all the new faces. She shrugged off her coat. “I remember.” She chuckled a low and husky sound. “How could I forget the only genuine person I met all day.” I blushed, and she chuckled once more, softly. “You’re cute.” I averted my gazes as the heat intensified. “Sorry I’m a bit of a trouble maker but I’ll be good. Scouts Honour.” Her smile was so friendly I couldn’t help but return it. “Hi Ladies.” Our waiter arrived at our table. He was handsome and only looking at her. She smiled a megawatt smile at him and placed her drink order. My heart thudded in my chest, they would probably be flirting if I wasn’t here. “Are you okay?” She asked after he left. I nodded. “So how long have you been working for my dad?“ I took a sip of my rum and coke. I figured a little alcohol wouldn’t hurt. “I joined the firm as an intern two years ago and I just recently became a junior associate.” She whistled. “From intern to Junior in under three years that’s fast.” I Blushed then took a sip of my drink. Our waiter chose that moment to bring her drink. “Let me know if you need anything else ladies.” He briefly acknowledged me. I nodded. “By the way close your tab, I’m buying for the night. “I opened my mouth to protest but she shushed me. “Let me do this. It’s not often I come across someone who treats me like a real person especially in this industry.” Her features temporarily darkened before she smiled. “Now what are you drinking?” I told her and That’s how I ended up getting drunk after work on a Tuesday. *** I called in sick the next day due to my splitting hangover. It would be my undoing. There was a big announcement at work that I had missed. It seemed pretty juicy based on the whispering around me when I got in the next day. “Hey Stacy. What’s going on?” Stacy was the only person in the office I could stand. Stacy grimaced Lauren NewBerger is marrying Steven Waterson Jr. and to keep it all in the family they’re promoting her to senior associate and they’re giving her some of our clients.” Stacy lowered her voice. “Bill mentioned lay offs, so everyone is trying to land the next big project.” My blood ran cold why didn’t Lauren mention that? We discussed private information about some of my bigger projects and where I wanted to take them. Stacy winced as if reading my mind. “She took three of your clients, I’m sorry Sienna.” I swallowed slowly. “Where is her office?” “By Asad’s.” “I don’t like that look in your eye.” “I’m just going to talk to her.” I left her cubicle before she could persuade me otherwise. *** I was so angry I didn’t bother knocking, big mistake. I pushed open the door and she was in the arms of Steven Waterson Jr. blow hard. She noticed me instantly and she pushed him off her. When he did turn around to face me a look of annoyance was etched into his features. “May I Help you…?” He paused as if mentally reaching, after 2 and a half years he still couldn’t be bothered to remember my name. Even thought we were in the same master’s program and we technically started at the same time. “Sienna.” I said coolly. “Honey give us a minute.” He shrugged, Not caring. He pulled out his phone and slammed the door on his way out. She leaned against her desk that was already littered with files. “Are you a spy?” ‘What?’ she looked amused. That was not the reaction I was going for. I crossed the floor and gestured wildly as I spoke. “You poached my clients.” She grabbed my finger that was inches away from her face, I ignored the slight buzzing I felt go through me. “Calm down.” Her eyes roamed my face. I couldn’t, my blood boiled. “Who do you think you are? I have worked so hard; it took me ages to gain Mr. Donaldson’s trust. And now you just stroll in with your tight skirt and your pretty face.” “You think I’m pretty?” I shook her hand away. “You stole my clients, all three big ones.” I was exasperated. She said nothing for a few seconds and when she spoke, I had to strain to hear. “I didn’t steal your clients. Mr Waterson Sr. liked the way they had been groomed and he thought they would be impossible to lose so he gave them to me. You should be proud. “I frowned. “If I had known about all of this, I never would’ve gone out with you. I never meant to lead you on.” I ignored the stinging in my chest. “That’s why you didn’t tell me you were engaged to that asshole.” She froze and I knew I had revealed too much, gone too far. “Why does that matter so much?” Her voice reminiscent of that husky laugh at the bar. My anger thawed and slithered out of me. In its place rose an appetite so pure. It filled me it took everything in me not to reach out and touch her. I wanted to kiss her. That was my problem. I spun on my heel and left. *** For the next three months I kept my head down and focused on attracting new clients. At the end of the quarter in January the associate (Excluding Lauren) with the least amount of clients would be let go. The associate, this excluded the Watersons and again Lauren, with the most clients would be given a big fat bonus and a week at the big boss’s ski cabin. I desperately wanted that bonus. To my chagrin, Lauren was a good associate she kept my former clients happy not that I kept tabs on that or anything. It would’ve been easier to be mad if she was bad at her job. “You going to the new years shin dig?” Stacy stood by my cubicle. I didn’t look up from my computer. I was working on a daft for a new client and the software was giving me trouble. Every year the office held a big New Year’s party. Mr. Waterson Sr. rented out a nice venue and there was always an open bar and each employee got a taxi chip. I’d never been in the past and this year was no exception. “Nope.” And before she could ask why I spoke. “I don’t have a date, that means I’ll have no one to talk to all night. And before you say I’ll have you we both know you mean well but you’ll get distracted half way through the night.” “What if I promised I’ll stick by you.” “Stacy, you do this every year and I always so no. Why the persistence.” “Because it’s fun and everyone deserves some fun.” I sighed. Stacy was a good person, that’s why I liked her. “You’ve been pretty down these last few months.” I nodded but said nothing. She sighed. Stacy was a pretty woman in the traditional sense. She had long auburn hair and bright green eyes. “What?” I felt like I was just noticing her for the first time and I was. She looked concerned. “I’ll go.” Her eyes danced with excitement. “But you don’t have to stick with me all night.” She frowned. “Unless I want to. Which I do.” I shrugged. “I better get back to this.” She grinned. I turned back to my computer. “The prize money is so yours. Just remember you promised to take me skiing.” I Shook my head. She jiggled her car keys as she left the building. I was already regretting my decision because I knew deep down the only reason why I wanted to go was to see Lauren Newberger before she became Mrs. Waterson. My heart sank the way it did every time I thought of that reality. *** I owned one formal dress and it was black and short and more of a cocktail dress. I spent all of my hours leading up to the office New Year’s party working so I didn’t have time to shop for something else. When Stacy came to pick me up at 9pm I couldn’t help but notice the way she was looking at me. I decided to ignore it. “Sienna, you look amazing.” “Thanks, it’s mostly the dress.” I spent an extra long time fumbling with my seatbelt. She looked great herself. While I wore minimal make up and I had my dark hair down, it was usually up. Stacy had her hair pinned up in an elaborate style and her smoky eye made her eyes pop. She looked great and I told her so. The conversation quickly turned to work. “Bill’s pretty sure he’s won the prize but I have my money on you.” I laughed. “Bill’s a good Junior associate.” “You’re better.” Her eyes lingered before she turned back to the road. I flushed. The attention felt nice but it wasn’t who I wanted it from. I disappeared into the washroom as soon as we got to the venue. I was overwhelmed by her attention. I just needed a minute. There were about twenty architects on staff at Waterson and Silverthorne. Assuming everyone who was invited came including the interns and HR and finance staff and everyone’s plus one, there was probably 80 people in this room. I felt better when I spotted the emergency exits. I made a mental note and went to find Stacy. Stacy wasn’t hard to find but she was in the middle of a group soaking up the attention like a sponge. I decided I didn’t really want to be a part of that scene. I got myself some non-alcoholic punch and stood in the corner watching the festivities. I had been there for an hour and I had yet to see her and her fiancé. What am I doing? She no longer acknowledges my existence. Since the day I embarrassed myself in her office we’ve been avoiding each other steadfastly. It was easy since she mostly had nothing to do with me anyway just the occasional email about my former clients. Sadly, I looked forward to those. She always updated me on how they were doing. I didn’t understand her. I put my paper cup up to my lips just as she entered the room. With Jr. of course. She looked stunning in a floor length black dress that twinkled like the night sky. Immediately her eyes met mine. I flushed, as moved from my spot and headed to the washroom. I was washing my hands and cursing myself for coming here when I heard the door open. I barely hid my surprise when she entered the washroom. ‘’Meet me by the valet in five minutes.” She whispered and then she was gone. *** I felt stupid. I had already been waiting 20 minutes and I was starting to get frustrated. Just when I was ready to pull out my taxi chip and call it a night a very swanky limousine pulled up beside me even before she rolled down the window, I knew it was her. She motioned for me to get in after a few moments. I looked around. It was 11pm and the party was in full swing, the coast was clear. The seats were amazing, soft like butter. I almost forgot my purpose. “I’m sorry. I Shouldn’t have spoken to you like that.” The driver rolled up the patrician and Lauren turned on the overhead light. She pushed a button on the armrest then spoke. “John, please drive around the block.” She spoke once the limo started moving. “I deserved it.” She turned to look at me and I felt transparent. “No one’s ever spoken to me like that before other than my father. I should be the one apologizing to you.” I blushed looking away. This isn’t exactly how I thought this conversation would go. “I didn’t mention my fiancé because we have an arrangement.” “Arrangement?” “An open relationship that up until this point it only benefited him.” “Why are you marrying him?” The question slipped out before I could pull it back in. “I promised my father.” I rolled my eyes. “Seriously?” “It’s complicated but yes.” I sighed. We were both quiet. She looked at her watch 11:10. “I have to be back soon.” I nodded. There was so much I wanted to say. Lauren I can’t stop thinking about you. Lauren your beautiful. Lauren dump that asshole and be with me. Instead I turned to her and said. “You look really nice Lauren, and thanks for taking care of my clients.” She smiled sheepishly. “You are so cute.” My heart fluttered. “You should go.” She took another look at her watch. “I’ve never done this before and I know it’s not midnight but I figure since I waited so long I might as well…” I was babbling and she was looking at me quizzically. I stopped talking and I leaned forward and brought my lips to hers. Her lips were deliciously soft. A sound I didn’t recognized escaped me as her hands played my sides. This was dangerous. She tasted like champagne and sweetness and I wanted more. The rational side of my brain was dead. I wanted to stay in this limo all night and see where this takes us. She pulled away. We were panting. “You Should go.” My heart stuttered. I wanted to protest. I Looked at her molten eyes and her swollen lips. “Okay.” I exited the limo and called a cab as the limo sped away. *** I didn’t know what to do. I liked her and I was pretty sure she liked me but she was engaged. I sat on my bed still in my party dress, in the dark. I sighed I was being dramatic. I just needed to put this behind me and move on. I perked up at the sound of the door bell, turning on the light in the hallway as I got to the door. I looked through the peephole. My heart stopped it was her. A quick glance at the clock read 11:58. Fuck. I opened the door. “I wanted to deliver your prize in person.” Stacy was probably texting me, I had turned off my phone when I got home. “Oh.” My voice was flat she held an envelope in her hand with a check no doubt. “You’re not happy?” I shrugged “Of course I am.” She took a step further towards me. She was very close. “How did you find out where I live?” “I looked you up, after our fight. To apologize.” I noted that she remembered. She blushed. “It’s almost midnight.” I looked at the clock 30 seconds. It took me a nano second to realize her body was pressed against mine another to feel her lips. I was dumbfounded but my body wasn’t. I was kissing her back at first on autopilot and then with everything and it felt damn good. A bunch of loud pops and sizzles exploded above us. We ignored it. The frat boys that rented the house beside me were letting off some fireworks and at that moment everything was right in the world. I took her skiing. Well actually she took me skiing since it was her father’s cabin. It was a bliss filled week and we indulged in things I never knew I wanted to indulge in. The week ended far too soon and without her mentioning it I knew it would be our little secret. I was crushed. She married him a month later and their honeymoon lasted six weeks. Looking at her golden tanned skin, was unbearable. I thought about quitting my job. Anything to end this misery. Of course I didn’t quit. A promotion came with that prize money and ski holiday. Plus where would I go? Technically I had a lot of prospects since I was the youngest senior associate at the firm. “You okay?” Stacy sat on the edge of my desk. I told her I was taking my mom on the ski vacation to get out of taking her. “Yep.” I sending an email to a client. “You seem…”she trailed off. I pressed send. “I seem…?” “Sad.” So it was noticeable. I’d never felt heavier in my life. I shrugged and smiled. The love of my life married a jerk and I see them every day. If I stay here they’re slated to be my bosses. I decided then that I would quit. I was smart and capable and I deserved better. “Thanks Stacy.” “Huh, for what?” “For helping me realize how great I am.” “I’m not sure how that happened, but you are great.” *** It was late but I wanted to tie up as many loose ends as possible before I gave my two weeks notice. I dropped off a report on Asad’s desk. Her light was still on. I took a breath and squared my shoulders before knocking lightly. “Come in.” Her voice seemed soft and far away in the empty office. I locked the door behind me. “Hey I had a feeling I’d be seeing you.” I tried not to think about her body wrapped around mine and the taste of her lips. I needed to do this for my health, I needed to quit. “What’s Wong?” My mother always said my face said more than my mouth ever did. She got up from behind the desk. I blinked and she was holding my waist. “Do you love him?” She blinked. Her face froze. “That’s not important Sienna. I promised my father,” she looked away “he’s sick.” She choked out. My heart bled for her. Mr. Silverthorne hired me three years ago and I always admired his work ethic. No one dared gossip about his absence. The assumption was he was gearing up to retire and Steven Waterson Jr. was being groomed to take his place. “I'm sorry. But how long will you live an unhappy life for him?” She took a step back and her features hardened. “Lauren,” I stepped toward her. “I can’t watch this anymore. It hurts too much.” “What are you going to do?” She exhaled. I took a step forward. We were inches apart. “I’m quitting come with me.” She looked away. When she faced me again a tear had stained her cheek. I wiped it away. “I can’t.” I nodded. I felt numb. “I’m giving my notice on Monday.” It was her turn to nod. She understood the open invitation. I didn’t cry when I left her office or when I got back to my desk and packed up my stuff. I saved all my tears for the shower that night. Ugly sobs wracked my body as I thought about how she’d rather be unhappy than be with me. *** On Monday I gave my two weeks notice. Mr. Waterson Sr expressed his regret. Jr didn’t care and Lauren, I tried not to look at her. My last two weeks at the firm were the lightest they had ever been in terms of work load. As the days grew closer to my end date, I felt lighter as well. On my last day my coworkers threw a surprise party for me. Mr. Waterson Sr. told me in a speech in front of the whole office that I was always welcome here. I tried not to look at her. When Stacy found out about my resignation, she tried to talk me out of it but at the party she told me I looked happier than I had in months. My life sucked. I’d been rejected in a major way but I went from someone who had never been kissed to someone who was willing to put themselves out there. I wasn’t happy not really. I was miserable but at the end of the day I had loved. Despite it being short lived and filled with pain I would do it again and again because maybe in another life she would have me. The End?
  11. lofie

    New Year's Kiss

    Sienna’s never been kissed and she’s perfectly happy with that. Atleast that’s what she tells herself. Then Lauren Newberger comes along and shakes things up. But a happy ending isn’t destined for all.
  12. lofie


    “What’s an omega?” We were back in my room. She was sitting on my bed and looking so damn good. I wished she was naked. She smirked. Right the bond. “Focus.” She teased. I bet she didn’t realize she was doing that. My pulse quickened. My gaze hovered on her lips. When I looked up and caught her amused expression I blushed. “I just noticed something about you.” I shivered her tone was silky smooth. I was moving towards her. “What?” “I’m not going to say.” I crawled unto the bed laying beside her. I itched to touch her, to rip off her clothes, to taste her and to be inside her all at once. I needed to finish mating her. Because I would honestly go crazy from desire. I already wanted to scream. She raised herself up onto her side. “You ok babe?” Her smile was angelic. Fuck. I was overheating. I took a deep breath and counted to ten. She leaned into me. She was looking down into my eyes. Her hair fell forward unto my chest. It took everything in me not to flip her over and rut into her. I also didn’t want this moment to end. I didn’t want to ruin this. “Tell me what an omega is and you’ll get a nice reward.” I felt a surge of pleasure. I clenched my fists. “Don’t tease me.” “I wouldn’t dare.” She smiled serenely. “In a pack there is one alpha, a bunch of betas. Betas are like worker bees in a sense. They can fill many roles except for leadership roles. Their wolves have no interest in that. An omega is super rare. They are the healers of the pack, the shaman, the medicine person. If a pack has one they only have one. They are that rare. An omega and alpha pairing is the only way to create an alpha.” “So your mom was an omega?” “Yes.” “And your father was an alpha.” “Yes.” “Can that coupling only have alphas?” “No they can have betas and omegas.” “But you’re an alpha?” She rested her hand on my chest. I sucked in a breath. “Omegas are irresistible. Even once mated…” I mumbled my edges blurring just a bit. “Their beauty is unmatched, their personality alluring, their...” she leaned down and kissed me sweetly. I sighed into her. This was almost enough, it would’ve been if it wasn’t for my need. I pulled her on top of me, moaning when our bodies came together. “My omega.” I said before connecting with her lips. She wiggled against me. I sucked in a rush of air. She moved from my lips and traced a path to my neck. My lower body tingled. I groaned it was more like a growl, the sucking was feeling so good. My wolf was close to the surface. I needed this now. “Jacs,” I moaned. “Stop let’s talk.” She grumbled something about me being touchy feely but she stopped. Not before scraping her teeth against the sensitive skin she had been sucking on. I shivered. “Talk.” She smirked. “I um need to mate with you.” I swallowed. “I need to complete the bond.” She shrugged. “Why are we talking.” “This is serious Jacs. Once we bond, we would be mated. I would need you by my side. I need to know there’s a future here. I just can’t - this is real for me. Is it…do you-is it real for you?” “Are you asking if I…?” I looked away. The four letter word hung between us. “I just want to know, if you see this going anywhere.” She sighed and my stomach clenched. “I don’t know about forever.” She looked away. “I want to see where this goes I want a relationship.” She finished softly. “I think this is really special and it could be...more.” Warmth spread in my chest. “Would you like to be my mate?” I was shy, ’she grinned. “I thought we already were mates. Now bond with me.” She laughed. “I might get rough but I’ll always listen. I’ll always yield to you.” I didn’t give her a chance to response. I flipped her over and covered her smaller frame with my own *** “This is what it’s like.” She said as we laid in the afterglow. “What are you talking about.” Her head was in the crook of my arm and her body was pulled into mine protectively. She grinned. “This is what sex with feeling is like.” Her voice was quiet. She blushed. I felt a flutter. Just like that I wanted to take her again. She gave me a look. I smiled sheepishly and kissed her forehead. She needed to rest she was sore. “That’s how it is with mates. With true mates.” “What are..?” “An alpha and an omega pairing.” I answered softly. Her look was thoughtful. “You might be leading this pack.” She stated. “Maybe.” “I would be the healer.” I nodded. She tilted her head up at me and looked into my eyes. I’m scared but I trust you Riley. I know you’ll keep me safe. Warmth radiated through my body. I promise. Our lips touched and our breathe flowed between us. I’ll take care of you alpha. And I you, my omega. We belong to each other. And we fit together as one. The warmth between us overflowed, our hearts bloated with feeling. The words not being said by one but both. It was a contract that we both would honour. It was our mating vow. Our bond was complete. I leant down and kissed her soft lips. I hugged her tighter. I wasn’t usually possessive neither was my wolf but I wanted to embed my scent into her body so that there was no doubt we were together. As if the howls I let out during our union wasn’t indication enough. She chuckled softly against me. “Everyone knows I’m yours now silly.” She stroked my cheek. “I can sense the pack, like a collective consciousness that I can’t really read clearly but I can get the jist of their emotion.” She paused. “They’re pretty pumped.” I was surprised that she could feel the pack. I wondered if with time she’d be able to communicate with them this way. Seems daunting. Her eyes were wide. It’s not. “They’ll welcome you. They already have a good sense of who you are.” I spoke. “They already accept you…There’s a pack meeting soon in a couple days probably. The pack wants to meet the new omega.” She blushed, I felt the subtle warmth, the rise in temperature. I felt like I was blushing. It thrilled me. She was looking at me it was my turn to blush. She shivered. “Fuck, that’s so hot” She whispered. “Our bond is strong.” Things were different. My wolf was settled and there was a newfound sense of comfort. I was home. “It’s not always like this?” “I don’t know… the bond is usually stronger with pairings like ours… I’ve never heard of feeling your mate blush..” My face grew hot. She was was my mate. Mine. She moaned softly. Stop I need to rest. Her face was a little flushed. My heart fluttered. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Stop turning me on. I can’t help it. I can’t resist my omega. I’m yours. I leaned down and kissed her. I savoured her essence on my tongue. I could never get sick of this. I wasn’t sure about forever, but I’m willing to try. I groaned, pulling her on top of me. Deepened by the kiss. I’m yours I’ll take whatever you give me. *** It took three weeks for me to accept my position as the Alpha’s heir. Since the role required me to move into the Alpha’s guest house, Peter’s self imposed banishment began the day I moved in. Apart of me felt bad that I had alienated him from his father and the pack and maybe he might never find another pack. Wolf rules are simple you’re born into a role and failing that there is no back up. On the other hand he was a sadistic bastard who would’ve gotten away with murder if he had that much power. Jacs reassured me many times that things happened the way they were supposed. It took some coaxing but I got over it. besides it was clear that it was Peter who was cutting ties from his father. He was no longer in line for alpha but he was still the alpha's son. However, his pride and desire to save face was the reason for his self imposed exile. Jacs moved in with me shortly after Peter left the pack. She had to square things away with her family first. Her mother was accepting as we expected. We just had to promise to go over for family diners once a month. Convincing her father that this was a smart move took a week of me going over for family dinners and her father meeting her future landlord, Alpha Chris. Surprisingly they got along really well and since she wasn’t moving far away her dad felt better about letting go. Once the alpha found out about Jacs education in medicine he pulled some stings and got her job with the local veterinary office as admin assistant that she immediately loved. She decided to go back to school and become a veterinarian in a year. I couldn’t have been prouder. It didn’t take long to establish a routine. During the day I studied with the Alpha and my nights and weekends were spent with my mate. I was happy, we were happy. The pack fed off our happiness and it made us stronger. I was amazed and grateful that this was my life now and I would stop at nothing to protect it. The End
  13. lofie

    Now You've Done It

    I shifted and made a tear for the Alpha’s place. I was on a mission fuelled by my fury. I had intended to drive over there but when I stepped out my front door my wolf took over and I shifted. My pack mates parted as I raced by. A few of them even followed more so out of curiosity. Once outside the Alpha’s I changed into my human skin and pounded on the door. A crowd had gathered. Alpha Chris opened the door. “Where is he?” I barked; my voice took on an unnatural guttural quality. The Alpha frowned. “You should really consider the consequences of your actions before you do something you regret.” “I will get to him. You can’t protect him any longer” I growled baring my fangs. I could smell his stink he was close. I was prepared to push past the Alpha when Peter appeared. “Well well well if it isn’t the so called alpha.” He stepped in front of his father. I said nothing. I couldn’t speak, unhindered revulsion rippled through me. He released a haughty sardonic laugh. “Wow you okay there buddy boy? Seems like someone needs to relax. You should probably go back to your mate, she looks like she knows how to relax a man.” The crowd collectively gasped. “Peter,” the Alpha’s tone was measured. “What have you done?” “Enough!” I bellowed. I launched toward him and grabbed him by the throat shaking at the swell of unadulterated power. I knew I could destroy him. “Do not touch my mate. Do not look at my mate. Do not breathe near my mate. You do not exist where Jacs exists.” His feet hovered above the ground and I squeezed my claws piercing his skin. He tried to shift but I suppressed his wolf. His face was a horrid shade of purple as he gasped for air and tried to dislodge my claws. “If you go near her again, I will mutilate you, you will be unrecognizable.” I threw him a few feet away from me. The Alpha shook his head and walked over to his son. “Release his wolf.” I did as requested. What happened next I saw coming. Peter shifted and lounged at me. I sidestepped him. I was fast too fast. I accelerated shifting mid launch, the weight of my body throwing him off guard. His teeth sunk into my shoulder blood streaked my fur. I snapped, rolled on top of him and wrapped my jaw around his neck puncturing the skin. If I pressed any harder I could snap it. The metallic taste of blood filled my mouth. He shifted and bowed his head as best as he could, his position was submissive. I pitched my head back releasing a chilling howl. My heart raced, I had made my point. I was confident the message had been received. My pack mates were dead silent. “Peter inside now.” Peter scrambled to his feet and scurried inside. “Riley shift.” I shifted immediately. My body ached, I felt like I had just ran a marathon. My shoulder was still bleeding. The wound would take awhile to heal. “Why didn’t you come to me when he threatened you’re mate?” “The same reason why I never came to you before, you look the other way.” I shifted once more and before he could say anything, I ran. *** He was angry and in pain that much was for sure but I was two and a half hours away. Instinctively I knew he was taking care of that guy from his pack. I could feel him yielding to a powerful force. It was overwhelming even for me. I felt faint. “Are you okay hun? Need some water?” My grandma studied me. “You look a little flushed.” She stood up. “I’ll be back with some water.” My grandma was my dad’s mom, he got his colouring from her. She placed the cup of water in my hand. I took a sip. I felt on edge. I could feel his rage through the connection it was...unsettling. “Hun?” I looked at my grandma. “Sorry I-I have to go. I just remembered something I need to do.” She frowned. “Maybe you should stay dear you look a little pale.” I stood up. “No I-I have to go.” I made a quick exit. When I got to my car I texted him but I knew he wouldn’t respond. I gasped when I felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder. I put on my seatbelt and backed out of the driveway. I had to get to him. *** Two hours later I was at Robert’s banging on the door. About an hour into the drive I couldn’t feel the connection. The emptiness was eating me alive. It was like a part of me had died. I started hyperventilating what if something happened to him. My heart ached as terror filled the empty cavity. I needed to get to him. Robert yanked open the door after what felt like forever but it was probably less than two seconds. “Where’s Riley?” I tried to calm down. “There was an altercation.” I sank to the floor. “Is he…?” “No but he’s run off he’ll be back he just needs space. Come.” He offered me his hand. “I’ll make some tea.” I stood up and followed him inside to the kitchen. I sat at the table as he fiddled with the kettle. “I know about the wolf thing.” He froze briefly, then he turned on the stove before placing the kettle on it. “It’s only right he tell you, you are his mate.” I blushed. Did he know that we hooked up. I cleared my throat. “He uh told you?” He leaned back on the counter. “No, he didn’t have to.” We both sat in silent reflection for a few moments until the shrill whistle of the kettle broke our reverie. “I can’t feel him. I think he’s injured.” Robert placed some herbs in a reusable tea bag, placed it in a cup and poured hot water on top of it. He placed the tea in front of me. I bowed my head. “There’s just emptiness.” “Push past it he’s there.” I looked up. “You can feel him too.” “Yes. Just not as strongly. Your emotions are tied to his it’s easy to confuse them for your own. Maybe what you feel is what he feels.” I closed my eyes and focused. Pushing past my own desperate feelings I thought of his jet black hair, his cobalt blue eyes and his chiseled features. My body tingled. Then I felt something that was separate from myself. It was fear and utter sadness. He was hurting. I could feel him more closely now. He was moving. I saw trees whipping by and big black wolf accelerated through the forest. He was coming. My eyes snapped open. My heart pounded in my chest. Robert eyed me curiously. “He’s here.” I jumped, there was pounding on the door. “I’ll be out back.” Robert took his cup and slipped out the back door. I got up and made my way towards the door. My palms were sweating as I got closer to my destination. I opened the door and looked into the deepest bluest eyes I couldn’t stop thinking about since I first came across him. I shivered. He was completely naked. He looked different too. Taller, broader more muscular maybe, maybe not. It’s just he had this intense aura of masculinity and power it was making my knees weak and my mouth water. He took a step towards me. His gaze predatory and filled with want. My breath caught in my throat. His eyes roamed my face resting on my lips before snapping back up to my eyes. I shivered as tingles zigged up my spine. He wrapped his arm around my waist I moaned softly at his simple touch. He pulled me into him and kissed me. I melted against him. He nipped at my lips with sharp teeth I shuddered. He moved from my lips and nuzzled my neck, nipping and sucking as he saw fit. I mewled pathetically as I rubbed myself against his nude frame. It was like I was on drugs I couldn’t control myself and I couldn’t get enough. He growled the vibration hit me right in my core. I wanted him badly I was ready. As if reading my thoughts he stopped kissing me. “Wrap your arms around my neck.” I did as he said. Without warning he picked me up. My body tingled. He didn’t have to say anything I knew we were going to his room. *** As soon as we got to his room he threw me on the bed and he crawled on top of me. His lips connected with mine and my body sizzled with desire. I groaned into his mouth. His kiss was ferocious, primal. His hips ground into me as our tongues tangled. It was euphoric but I wanted more. He eased off me, I immediately yearned for him. “I want you. Tell me if you don’t want this.” His voice was pure sex it made my head spin. My lower body pulsed, I let out a heavy breath. “Riley I want this.” His eyes darkened. He lifted up the hem of my shirt I leaned forward and he eased it off me. After removing the rest of my clothes he crawled between my legs. He growled and nuzzled my mound. I squirmed in excitement. I could feel his desire it was making me delirious. I gasped when he tongued the length of my slit. “Delicious.” He murmured. My hand tangled in his hair and I lost myself in his touch. He sucked and licked as he scraping his incisors against my clit. I was completely at his mercy. He continuously brought me to the edge and pulled me back. I was a shuddering moaning mess. It took me a moment to realized he had stopped he was watching me. “Are you alright?” I was breathless. He massaged my clit with his hand I arched involuntarily. I could feel his eyes on me. “Your beautiful.” His dark eyes bore into me. My heart fluttered. I moaned as he continued his gentle kneading. “Kiss me.” I heaved. He slithered up my body peppering me with gentle kisses along the way. Once our lips were inches apart l threaded my hand through his hair and roughly brought him to my lips. He growling fueled me on. I could taste myself on him I was hopelessly turned on. Our lower bodies ground together in perfect rhythm I was losing my mind. Even though this was perfect in everyway I wanted no, yearned for something else. He must have felt it. He paused gently stroking my cheek. I squirmed. His hips still ground into me. I huffed. “What do you want?” His gravelly voice was so carnal and deep, I moaned. He smirked. “Tell me.” “I want to taste you…” I breathed. “If you’re comfortable.” His eyes twinkled. My urge was so great. Obviously I would live with no hard feelings if he hadn’t been comfortable. I just wanted to taste him and get as close to him as possible, if he would let me. I got lost in him, in us. I was surrounded by his smell, woodsy, it made my head swim. It was hard to focus but I needed this. Nothing else mattered. He tasted like summer. Fuck I couldn’t explain it, I thought of pine trees and freshly cut grass it was ridiculous. I was full, my heart was so full. He was so hot. I could hardly touch him but the heat called out to me. My senses were heightened by every stroke, lick, touch. We were molten and blended indistinguishable from one another. He groaned or maybe it was me. His body spasmed. My pleasure was building. Lights danced before my eyes as my body succumbed to the pleasure. My back arched, my thighs slippery his name fell from my lips. I was so close. “Come up here. I need to mark you.” I shivered, he no longer sounded human. He rolled on top of me, his eyes flashing. He dove into my mouth our juices mingling. Sparks skated up my spine as our bodies moved fluidly. He moved away from my lips I knew what was about to happen next. My heart thudded in my chest as he grazed my neck. My hips jerked upward. I hadn’t come down. My feelings were desperate and wanton. My back arched into him, my breathing was shallow. I couldn’t-I was so close to the edge I...I cried out his name as I felt his teeth sink into my neck. My body convulsed uncontrollably and I dissolved into a puddle of pleasure. *** She lay on top of me snuggled into the crook of my arm. I was starting to feel better less fueled by my wolf. My human was more in control. “Why do you taste like summer?” She murmured sleepily. I chuckled lightly. “I would’ve thought I would taste like sweat.” “Maybe a little but mostly like fresh grass, evergreen trees. Woodsy spicy alive.” My chest swelled. “Are you sure you’re not a wolf.” She sighed softly. “We should go downstairs. We have guests.” She got up. I cocked my head, she smiled and waggled her eyebrows. “Hello I’m mating a wolf.” I flushed. Ofcourse her senses had improved. I groaned as I sat up. “You okay?” “Yes.” My voice sounded rough and my throat felt raw. “I uh hope I wasn’t too…” She crossed the room and before I finish the sentence she sat down in my lap and gently place her index finger over my lips. “Don’t apologize, I had an amazing time.” She removed her finger and kissed my lips. “Now c’mon they’re waiting.” She got up then pulled me to my feet. She beamed. I listened to her thoughts. I couldn’t help but smile. *** He was still out of it. The energy that was pouring off him in waves had fizzled out by now. However, the buzz was still there. I thought about staying in bed all day but I could tell our guests were getting impatient. I tore my gaze away from him as I got dressed. For the first time in a long time, I was happy and it felt amazing. I smiled. He caught my eye. “Your fucking cute you know that? He grinned while shaking his head. We were both fully dressed. He reached for me. I sighed when our bodies collided with a soft thud. I looked up, he had been watching me. There was a mischievous twinkle in his gaze and it was insufferably cute. It was turning me to jelly. “If we don’t leave now we’ll end up back in bed.” He blushed, even his ears turned red. “What?” I gently stroked his arm. He shivered. “The mating usually takes a couple tries for it to take.” “I’m sure it took, I can feel you better.” “The next time you’ll feel all of me and vice versa. We’ll be bonded forever. Do you want that?” His gaze was steady and intense. “I don’t know, Riley but it seems inevitable. It’s like I’m drawn to you. I can’t help but gravitate towards you.” He bit his lip. It wasn’t what he wanted to hear. I frowned. “What’s going on?” “We should go they’ll get mad.” He ushered me out. The mood had gone from playful to serious in a few seconds and I wasn’t sure what I did wrong. *** My uncle, the Alpha and Peter were sitting at the kitchen table. I instantly scowled and my back stiffened. Peter briefly returned the gesture before ducking his head in a show of submission. I gripped her hand. I felt her pulse increase as she recognized Peter. “What’s he doing here?” “He’s here as my guest.” I glowered at my uncle. I felt my temperature rise. “He’s here as my son, Riley.” For a second I felt the urge to bare my canines. Punish him for bringing Peter into my space. However, that would be a challenge and as much as I wanted to rip their throats out I just wasn’t insane. I felt myself deflate but my grip on her hand tightened. “Now introduce us to your mate.” My heart stuttered. I was mating a person who didn’t know if they wanted the mating. I blinked and smiled. “Everyone this is Jacqueline, Jacs for short. Jacs this is Alpha Chris and his son Peter.” Jacs gave a cute little wave and smile. Half her body was behind mine, she was hiding. I loved that she smelled like me and I her. Our scents were fusing. My heart ratcheted in my chest. I thought of her body sliding over mine. Just the thought was overwhelming. Now that I know how good it could be. I needed to complete the mating but I couldn’t. Not until I was sure she wanted this. “Guys have a seat.” The Alpha smiled warmly. I sat across from Peter and Jacs was across from the alpha. “Nice to finally meet you Jacs.” “Likewise.” Her energy shifted. She relaxed slightly. I reached for her hand under the table and squeezed. She turned to me and smiled. “I understand you two are cementing your bond.” She blushed and looked down. I squeezed her hand gently and the Alpha smiled fondly. She was nervous so her scent had bubbled up to the surface. She smelled naughty like sweat, sex, sweetness and me. Her scent was noticeable. It made me want to rut into her. I stifled a shiver. “We have been.” I answered. There was no shame, how could I ever be ashamed of my mate. The Alpha nodded imperceptibly. “Alpha with all due respect, why are you here?” He chuckled. “It’s simple, you challenged my son and won. You must now take his place in the pack as my heir.” He reached for Peter. Peter shifted away from his grasp. I shook my head. “I didn’t challenge him, I warned him.” “It was a challenge, he submitted in front of the pack. They will not accept an alpha who submits. You have taken the role. Do you accept it?” She looked up at me with big eyes. I heard her thoughts. Yes I would be the leader. I swallowed but kept my composure. The idea of being alpha appealed to my wolf on a primal level. My wolf wanted this, he craved the dominance, the power and the obedience it felt more than right it felt like destiny. Now I shivered. The Alpha studied me. My human wasn’t sure about this. I wasn’t sure I could be responsible for so many people. My wolf was already vowing loyalty. I wanted this but I wasn’t sure. I mostly wanted this. “Do you accept?” His eyes bore into mine. “I need time...to think it over.” He nodded, his eyes were unreadable. “Jacqueline, if Riley accepts then you would be the alpha’s mate. That position is highly regarded in our community. You would also have to accept your future role.” “What is the role of the alpha’s mate.” “The simple answer is healer the full answer is the heart of the community.” He smiled wryly. It’s as important as the role of alpha. You will be dedicating your life to this community. Her expression was serious. I will be asking you if you accept the role after I’ve heard from Riley and if the role is still available. She nodded and smiled. I checked the connection. I needed to know what she was thinking. The only thing I could feel was a sense of calm. Interesting. Peter frowned. “Well I see I’ve given you a lot to think about.” The alpha rose and we rose with him. “Peter and I will see ourselves out. Riley, Jacqueline congratulations. Omegas aren’t easy to come by. Welcome Jacqueline.” They exchanged smiles. The Alpha and Peter left the room and my uncle followed them out leaving Jacs and I to ourselves.
  14. lofie

    The Big Bad Wolf

    I knew she was gone and I didn’t have to watch her drive away.I could feel how far away she was. The pull was incredibly strong. I knew she was disappointed and confused. I felt like scum. I hurt my mate. I needed to talk to Darren. I needed advice. I texted him asking him where he was. I got dressed while I waited for his response. I opted to put on clean clothes that didn’t smell like her. No use torturing myself. He was at Sky’s. It didn’t take me long to get there. He was waiting for me outside. I parked the car and walked up to him. His smile faltered when he saw my face. I sat down beside him. He sniffed the air. “Holy shit you’re mated you’ve started the bond.” “Yep.” I said glumly. “What’s the problem I thought you wanted her.” “I do. I just haven’t told her about my wolf and she doesn’t want a relationship. She wants more of a friends with benefits kinda thing. I can’t give her that.” “Obviously not, your wolf is mating her.” “Fuck Darren I’m so screwed.” Just then the door opened and Sky joined us. “Yeah you are, congratulations on your mating!” Sky slapped me on the back. Sky had blue eyes and blonde surfer hair like his brother Dylan. Unlike his brother he was much taller and broader. “Why aren’t you happy bro. I hear your mate is something else, one fine piece of omega ass.” Darren and I both threw him death glares. He held up his hands in surrender. “Babe you’re the only one for me. Besides I’m just repeating what Jack told me.” The Beta that was watching us in the diner a few hours ago. My wolf wasn’t placated. I stood up and paced while Darren filled him in. “If you ask me,” I didn’t, but there was no reason to point that out. Sky was sitting on the stoop with his arm around Darren’s shoulder. Sky continued. “you should just tell her the truth. You can’t keep lying to her you're bonding now she’ll know.” He was right. Sky might’ve talked like a frat boy but he was very insightful. I turned to him. “If she denies me again…I just don’t know.” “You have the support of the pack Alpha.” Darren replied. They wore matching smiles. “Don’t let Alpha Chris hear you call me that.” “Dude I’m sure he would encourage it. Your dominance is kinda hard to ignore.” Sky chimed in. “Look go find your mate, tell her the truth. The sooner the better.” *** My family decided not to comment on the scarlet bite marks on my neck. That was fine by me. The hickey was two puncture marks above the base of my neck. Similar to two identical mosquito bites except they weren’t raised. My mom occasionally threw small smiles my way and my brother looked completely grossed out. I just pushed my food around on my plate. Then the doorbell rang. I jumped up and ran to the door. I knew it wasn’t him but I still hoped that maybe I was wrong. I opened the door surprised by the person on the other side. I didn't know him. I had seen him around town before. He had bright orange hair and pale green eyes. “Hi Jacs is it, can I talk to you for a minute? It's about your mate.” I must have looked confused. His toothy grin widened, he reminded me of a predator. I suddenly felt unsafe. “Riley, I see he didn’t tell you.” Now I was curious. “Jacqueline Who is it?” My dad called from the kitchen. “Just a friend, I’ll be back in a few.” I stepped outside and closed the door behind me. “Why did you call him my mate? What do you mean by that?” His smile didn’t falter. But his pale eyes gleamed. Something didn’t feel right. “I’ll let Riley fill you in on that.” He sneered. “The reason why I’m here is to warn you. Riley isn’t who he seems.” He paused for effect. “There’s a presence in this town, it’s supernatural and I’m afraid Riley is one of us.” “One of us?” My heart hammered in my chest. “He’s not human Jacs, and now you're his.” “What! How do you know we…Is this a sick joke?” He jeered. “Jacs I’m just a concerned stranger who happens to be the big bad wolf.” Then his face contorted his nose grew long like a snout. Fur sprouted over his smooth face. And his teeth, they morphed into sharp incisors. He was a wolf. I wanted to scream but nothing came out. And then slowly his features reverted to normal. “You’re his now Jacs. You smell like him.” He ran his finger along my jaw. I slapped his hand away and took a step back. He took a menacing step forward. “Careful Jacs I love to bite.” He was suddenly bigger than he seemed. He licked his lips. “They're right about you. Human omega, so hard to resist.” His pale eyes grew dark. My back hit the hard wood. I had nowhere else to go. Instinctively I knew not to run. Something in his eyes dared me to. He rested his palm on the door and loomed over me. “Beautiful. Like porcelain.” He murmured reaching for my face. I shrank, activating my fight or flight response. He laughed derisively. “He’s dangerous Jacqueline just like me. Enjoy your dinner.” Then he backed up. My body sagged in relief. When he got to the end of the driveway, he changed into a mottled orange wolf ripping his clothes in the process, and disappeared in the distance. *** Something was wrong. She wasn't just scared she was terrified. I called her and sent her message after message and she still didn’t respond. The only logical thing was to go to her house and make sure she was okay. My wolf was panicking. I could feel the terror through the connection. My mate was in danger. I drove recklessly and five minutes later I was pounding on her door. An older man a little taller than me yanked opened the door. He immediately frowned. “May I help you?” His clipped voice was deep, deeper than the Alpha’s. “Is Jacs around?” His frowned intensified when I opened my mouth. “And your name is?” He scrutinized me. “I’m Riley.” He said nothing for a full minute before opening the door and motioning for me to come in. “Wait here. Jacqueline! Riley’s here to see you.” There was a long pause. “Send him up.” I breathed a sigh of relief. “Leave the door open.” He walked into the kitchen. I realized the rest of the family had been eating dinner. I knocked on her door. She didn’t open it so I did. Every time I saw her I was struck by her insane beauty. Images of this afternoon flashed before me. Her body, her moans, her taste. I licked my lips. “Don’t look at me like that.” She was laying on her bed her head turned in my direction. A cloud of fear surrounded her. “I can’t help it.” I sat gingerly on edge of the bed. I wanted to touch her, reassure her, ease her fears. She looked at the door. “Your dad told me to leave it open.” She huffed, got up and closed the door. Instead of coming back she leaned against it and sank down to the floor. “I thought you had to work.” Her voice had an edge to it. “I lied.” “Awesome. What else are you lying about?” I opened my mouth and closed it. “Did you tell anyone about us?” “I didn’t have to.” “Because I’m yours?” She quipped. “What?” “Why did you lie?” Her voice was strangled. I wanted to go to her. “Stay there.” “What’s going on Jacs?” I sat back down. “Answer the question.” “I needed to talk to Darren. For advice I felt I had deceived you after we-hooked up.” “So it’s true then you mated me.” Her voice was flat. My heart sped up. “How do you-?” “What are you Riley?” I said nothing. “Can you change...are you?” “Yes. Who told you?” I sighed. “It doesn’t matter, but you should’ve before you mated me.” She raised her voice touching the mark on her neck and shivered. “I can’t apologize for what I did. I’m sorry I lied. But I’m not sorry about the mating. I want to be, I hate hurting you.” I paused briefly. My voice dropped. “In that moment we were one. It was beautiful, it was instincts. I lost control and I don’t regret it. I wanted you to be mine and for everyone to know it.” She shuddered then frowned. “Besides we aren’t completely mated yet.” “No?” She paused. “In that cause can it be reversed.” I felt a stab in my chest. I managed to shrug. She sighed. “What about what I need?” Her voice was low. “What do you need?” I scanned her face remembering the way her body felt under my palms. She blushed. “Stop looking at me like that.” “I can’t.” “Your eyes, they get so dark. They go from blue to almost black.” She mused. “It’s not natural. I can’t believe...I’m so stupid.” My heart twisted. She frowned. “So what does this mean?” I sighed deciding to tell her the truth. “You're my true mate Jacs even before the mating. I knew since the moment I first scented you. We were destined to be.” “But I’m not a…” “Wolf. You’re not bound by the same rules. I guess.” “Like a werewolf.” “Wolf is fine.” I bit my lip. “What does this mean for you?” “I’ll either go feral or my soul will die...if things don’t um work out.” “Feral?” “Wild, uncivilized, completely ruled by my animal.” “Your soul will die?” “Yep.” I shrugged. “What about me.” “You're human so you’ll be okay.” I smiled; it was a sad smile. “Fuck.” She swallowed. “Look no pressure,” she snorted. “That is the ultimate pressure.” “I just want a chance with you that’s all.” She looked away. “You make me feel things I’ve never felt before. Forget about the wolf thing. Can’t we just try?” There was a loud pounding on the door. “Jacqueline I told your friend not to close the door.” Her father grunted. She stood up. “I’ll get going.” I walked over to her. Her clear eyes locked with mine. “Give me a chance.” I pleaded before gently kissing her soft lips. I slid my tongue into her mouth and she trembled, clinging to me. I nipped her bottom lip she moaned softly. We both jumped when another round of knocks sounded on the door. “Text me.” I said before slipping out. *** A glint of light caught my eye as I was walking to my car. It looked like a belt buckle. Shredded clothes were strewn along the road. It was...odd. I picked up the belt buckle. It felt familiar. It was bronze and heavy, solid. I sniffed it. Peter’s bitter scent sliced through me. Fucking asshole. My vision tunneled, I saw only red. *** “Is that the guy you’ve been moping over?” Mom asked they called me back to the kitchen to finish eating. My brother escaped and went upstairs to his room as soon as he could. Suddenly I was ravenous. “Is this why you won’t reapply to school? Because of that distraction?” his tone wasn’t as harsh this time. My Dad stared at me. He meant well he was trying to understand me. “Dad I quit school because I hated it. I was depressed my grades were suffering and I couldn’t spend one more second in that program. How am I supposed to go back?” He blinked surprised by my candor. “Furthermore, Riley is trans. “ “As in transgendered.” “Just transgender.” He was wide eyed. “What is he to you? Does he go by he?” He asked tentatively. I took a sip of water. I could’ve answered many things, my boyfriend, my lover, my mate. “I don’t know.” I answered truthfully. I reached for the mark on my neck. When I touched it I could feel his presence it was like he was near me. I had an inkling that this was a wolf thing. My dad gaped at me, and my mom smiled fondly. My face heated up. “I’m going to my room.” I blushed suddenly embarrassed. I brought my empty plate to the sink before heading back upstairs. *** I waited two days before calling her and then I caved. I needed to touch her, nuzzle her but I would settle for just hearing her voice. There was no doubt, I was obsessed. “Hey.” She sounded tired. Answering on the fourth ring, I tested the connection, she didn’t seem sad, or happy for that matter. Over the past two days she’d been up and down but mostly down. I felt shame, I had caused my mate pain. “Hey have you given our conversation any thought?” She sighed. “Yes.” “Okay.” She was going to make this difficult. I smiled. “Do you want to give this a shot?” “I don’t want your soul to die. I just wish we could have taken it slow.” She spoke in a hushed tone. “Forget about the wolf stuff, we can go slow.” “You practically married me. I’m yours remember.” My stomach flipped. “I’m also yours.” I murmured. She was silent for a moment. “I can feel you…” she whispered. “When I touch the mark. Is it a wolf thing?” “Yes, it’s a mating mark it connects us… “In what way?” “Can you...can you feel me my emotions?” “Yes, and thoughts that aren’t my own.” I had to strain to hear her. “I can feel you too.” My body pulsated with nervous energy. “I trust you Riley…I feel safe when you're around. I know you won’t hurt me.” “I won’t.” I gave a weighty whisper. “We can still go slow.” I sighed. I could’ve fallen over. My legs were like jelly. “I’ll court you, buy you flowers ask your dad permission to date you whatever you want.” She giggled, it was sublime. My body buzzed with anticpation. “You don’t need to do all that.” “When can I see you?” “Soon...I’m apartment hunting today.” I didn’t ask where. “You know the person who told you about me...what did they look like?” I focused on keeping calm, on keeping my tone light and nonchalant. “Red hair, green eyes not super tall.” “What did they say to you?” “He said I smelled like you, that you and I were mated, that you were a wolf. He um… said some other stuff.” “Like what?” I ground my teeth. She didn’t say anything more. I closed my eyes and focused. His finger grazed her jaw. Him leaning over her, telling her she was beautiful calling her an omega. Threatening her. Her gripping fear. Her thoughts were crystal clear. He touched my mate. He threatened my mate. A loud whooshing sound filled my ears. “Ry come back to me.” Despite her voice being soft it was firm, commanding. “Is he in your um group?” “Yes.” I let out a measured breath. “He’s pack. I have to go, maybe we can meet up tonight?” “Looking forward to it. Please don’t do anything stupid.” “I probably will...there are protocols.” “I don’t care about protocols I just want you to be safe.” “I will be.” I promised. It was a promise I might not be able to keep.
  15. lofie

    Hot Blooded

    I moped around my room for three weeks. Occasionally leaving to eat. For the most part my mother brought me food and took out what I didn’t eat. At exactly three weeks my mom gave me an ultimatum. Shower and go for a walk, or we were going to the doctor for antidepressants. I probably needed the antidepressants but I choose the walk, at least I didn’t have to talk to a stranger. I knew where I was going so I took my time getting ready. I showered, exfoliated, shaved everything, brushed my hair and teeth and applied some light makeup. When I was done I looked almost human. I had lost weight because I hadn’t been eating full meals. I put on a white shirt that used to be a bit tight. Now it fit perfectly. I was nervous. He hadn’t texted me in three weeks if I wasn’t the one who had given him the kiss off I would have been disappointed. Who am I kidding, I was miserable. Maybe he hated me now or maybe he was waiting for me to make the first move. After getting dressed I went down stairs. My dad was sitting on the couch watching his favourite sassy judge show. “Feeling better?” He didn’t take his eyes off the tv. I was a little shaken at the fact that he was talking to me again. Over the past three weeks we both did a good job avoiding each other. “Yea.” I jingled my keys. “I’ll be back.” He nodded. “Where are you going?“ “Out for a drive.” “Be careful.” “Too late for that dad.” He turned away from his show. He was worried. Dark circles accentuated his brown eyes. “It’s never too late.” His sigh was heavy. I disagreed. “You're not my little girl any more.” He mused as if he had forgotten I was here. “Please be safe.” I nodded. Even though I had no intention of playing it safe. *** I was sitting in his driveway. I was so nervous my hands were shaking. I needed to calm down. I got out of the car walked up to the door then turned around and got back in the car. Fuck I can’t do this. I was about to leave when Robert jogged over to the car from the side of the house. I rolled down the passenger window. Riley mentioned he was a carpenter, he had on a pair of goggles and steel toe boots, jean cut offs and no shirt. “Hey Jacs. Long time no see.” He said simply, smiling. I blushed. “Yea um how are you?” “I’m alright. But I think you’re interested in how someone else is doing.” “Is he around?” I dropped all pretenses of caring about pleasantries. He chuckled. “He’s with the A-a friend. He’s with a friend. Do you know where the diner in town is?” “Yes.” “I’ll text him now you might have to wait a bit but he’ll meet you there.” “Thanks.” I was grateful. He beamed. “Try not to break his heart this time.” I flushed. He turned around and went back the way he came” *** I could barely pay attention to anything the Alpha was saying after the text I got from uncle Robert. It had been three long weeks of silence and now she was waiting for me at the diner. My heart swelled, my mate wanted to talk. It didn’t mean anything though for all I knew she could want nothing to do with me. “How to maintain harmony within the pack does not interest you today.” I shook my head. “Sorry Alpha I was just…” “Thinking about your mate?” We were in his study and had been meeting for the past two weeks. “How?” “As an alpha you will learn that your emotions are connected to the packs. Yours are particularly strong when it comes to your mate. The whole pack knows.” “What I was thinking?” I blushed suddenly embarrassed. “No! Thank the heavens.” He laughed I blushed even deeper. “We just can feel that things are looking up. So tell me what’s going on.” “I’m not sure she’s meeting me at the diner.” “You better get going then.” He said smiling. He didn’t have to tell me twice. *** I walked as fast as I could to the diner. When I arrived, Darren was behind the counter wiping it down. Even though I knew she was here he nodded to the right pointing to the booth she was sitting in. I took my time smiling at some of my pack mates as I made my way over. Things had changed a lot in the past three weeks. I still hated Peter but the rest of his cronies had backed off. The other pack members were civil if not downright friendly. “Hey.” I was standing at the booth looking down at her. She was studying her nails. Her head snapped up. “Riley.” Her voice was barely above a whisper. “I-you look good.” Her cheeks were rosy. God she was beautiful. “Please, sit.” I slid into the booth. She looked good also, really good. A little thinner than last time. She had lost weight. Her nervousness was tangible. “How’ve you been?” I swallowed. My mouth was watering she looked amazing in her tight white shirt that revealed a little cleavage. I tried not to stare at the creamy exposed skin. “Barely existing.” She flashed a rueful grin. “I uh feel really bad about the way things turned out.” I shrugged. “So do I.” “I’m sorry. I don’t know if I can be in a relationship right now.” I nodded my heart twisting. I was hoping this conversation would go a little differently. I waited for her to continue. “But I miss you...so much it, it hurts. It doesn’t make any sense because I barely know you. But I feel like I’m drawn to you. In the short time I’ve known you, I feel like you’re the only person who cares enough to want to understand me.” I stretched my arm across the table and she placed her hand in mine. “I want to know everything about you. When you first met me, as a naked stranger in the woods.” She smirked. “you showed me kindness. You gave me your clothes and a ride home. You have a good heart.” She blushed deeply. “This is my first time leaving the house in weeks.” She confessed. I kissed her hand. “I’ll take whatever you give me. I just want you around.” I meant it too. It was probably super unhealthy. She wasn’t committed or obligated to me in anyway yet I was bound to her. She blushed furiously. My heart was in her hands. “Let’s get out of here.” “Where do you want to go?” My heart skipped. “Your place, anywhere just somewhere private.” I knew what I wanted to do if we went somewhere private. My face reddened. She watched me intently. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” I momentarily glanced at her full pouty lips. They were perfect. Kissable, soft, plump. I knew exactly how they felt yet and I yearned for them I never stopped. When I looked back up her eyes held a mischievous glint “Take me-.” She lowered her voice. “somewhere private Riley. I want...to be with you.” A lump formed in my throat. “Okay if you're sure.” “I am.” She grinned wickedly. I groaned. My nostrils flared. Her smell was too much, intoxicating. I quickly glanced to my right. A wolf a few years younger than me was openly staring, practically salivating. He looked away when he realized I had caught him. He wasn’t the only one affected. She was a walking aphrodisiac to all unmated wolves. She was a human omega. Omega’s were extremely bewitching, they oozed sensuality and were nearly irresistible to the un-mated. They were rare, we had none left in our pack, Most packs only had one or two. She was the rarest of them all she was human. Omegas only matched with alphas and I was hers. I didn’t believe in my status until now. “We can just talk.” She continued. I snorted. By the way she was looking at me that was the last thing she wanted. I stood up I gave Darren a nod as we walked through the exit. In return he threw me a goofy grin and a thumbs up. *** “So where do you want to go?” We were sitting in my car and he was texting furiously. He stopped and looked over at me. “I was thinking we could go to my place…to talk. My uncles’ going to be gone for the rest of the day.” He looked nervous. “Oh okay.” I tried to play it cool and hide the tingles inching up my spine. I put on my seat belt he followed suit. “So what have you been up to?” He was twiddling his thumbs and looking everywhere but at me. “I’ve been hanging out with Darren, working the usual stuff.” I felt like there was something he wasn’t telling me. However, I didn’t push. We rode in comfortable silence but I could tell he was angsty he kept bouncing his leg. When we got to his place, he asked me if I could wait for him in the living room because he had some cleaning up to do. I told him sure and he rushed upstairs. I took the opportunity to walk around and look at the family pictures. Most of them were of Riley at various ages. Always short hair and boyish clothing. I wondered when he came out. There was one picture in particular that really caught my eye. In the frame, there was blonde woman with bright blue eyes, she was sitting on a couch holding a baby and looking right at the camera. She was stunning. She had Riley’s bone structure except her features were more delicate, softer. Riley was...masculine. “That’s my mom.” I was looking so closely at the picture that I didn’t notice him approach me. “She’s gorgeous.” “She was. “ He smiled fondly. Dread curled in my stomach. “Did she- pass?” “Yes, three years ago…cancer” His eyes were shiny. He blinked a few times. “Do you wanna go up or just hang out down here?” He asked effectively shutting down that line of conversation. “Let’s go up.” His smile was blinding. *** She was tantalizing the way she sat on my bed. Her legs crossed, hands folded in her lap occasionally looking up at me from beneath thick lashes. She chewed her bottom lip. I stood across from her leaning on my desk openly drinking in the sight before me. I wanted her that much was apparent. It was prim and demure, the way she was sitting. I knew better, I could feel the lust pouring off her in waves. It was making me crazy. Making me want things I wasn’t sure was possible. “Why don’t you come and sit over here.” I couldn’t move. My wolf practically snapped at me. Go to her! I wanted her to come to me. I wanted her to show me she wanted me. “Why don’t you come to me.” She uncrossed her legs, stood up and made her way over. She looked up into my eyes, I lost my breath. I was entranced. A myriad of sparks flew between us. Pure energy. I pushed off the desk and pulled her into me. She gasped; her tone hit me and struck me right in the crotch. I murmured as I buried my face in her neck. She was so delicious. I moved away from her neck and cradled her face with my hands. Our lips were inches apart. As if being pulled together by magnets her lips fused to mine. A whimper slipped from my mouth and and my blood turned to lava. She tasted so fucking sweet. She parted for me and I slipped my tongue inside her mouth. She quivered and immediately deepened the kiss. An inferno of lust swept us up. She moaned into my mouth. My hands travelled to her butt. I squeezed. Every part of her was perfection. She wrapped her legs around me and I picked her up. “Bed, now.” I groaned at the carnal quality that her voice took on. I walked us over and collapsed on top of her while still connected to her lips. Our movements fervent. Our hands grazed and explored each other’s body. I wanted more. I hissed when her nails lightly scraped my stomach. “Off.” She tugged at my shirt. I sat up and threw it across the room. I moved to take off my binder. Her hand stopped mine. “I want you to be comfortable.” “I am with you.” I removed the binder. “So beautiful.” She murmured. She ran her hands against my stomach. My muscles contracted as she slid over my skin. Her touch was my undoing. Her lips were puffy, her pupils blown inundated with longing. I straddled her hips she raised up to meet me halfway. I ran my hands over her face, moving the stray hairs. My beautiful mate. “Riley.” Her voice was not quite a whisper. “I want- I want ...I” I brought my lips to hers. She tasted sweet, rich and delicate. I wanted all of her. All that she’s willing to give me. “What do you want?” My tone was a throaty growl even to my own ears. My wolf was close to the surface. “Tell me.” She kissed me it was scorching our tongues wrestled for dominance. When she broke away her eyes were molten and we were both panting. “I want you inside me.” She trembled. I kissed her then, it was soft and sweet and filled with longing. She was like putty in my hands, her body felt so pliable under my touch. I grabbed the hem of her shirt she raised her arms and I slipped it off her. The view took my breath away. Her skin was smooth and milky, my mouth watered. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. I was consumed by a whirlwind of desire. I throbbed it was almost painful. I wanted to mark her creamy pale skin. My eyes zeroed in on the barbells protruding from both her nipples. My wolf howled. So fucking sexy. I moved off her as she unbuckled and unzipped her jeans. Finally kicking them off. She hooked her thumbs into her white cotton panties and lifted her butt off the bed. “No let me.” I grumbled. She smirked laying back down. Her pierced rosy nipples pointed straight up, the steel barbells glinting in the light. I licked my lips. She had lost a bit of weight in the past few weeks maybe about 5-10 lbs. Afterwards I’m going to feed my mate. I stood up keeping my eyes on her, God she was beautiful. I removed my pants and my boxers. She tracked my movements. Once that was taken care of, I crawled back on top of her. With our bodies aligned, I breathed her in and shuddered. So much skin, so much contact. For a moment I couldn’t move, all my nerve ending was firing at once and it was utterly overwhelming. I was already so close. I shifted down her body until my mouth was perfectly leveled with her breasts. I dipped my head and kissed her rosy arreola then the other one. She hummed as I took one of her nipples in my mouth and gently tugged on the barbell with my teeth. I loved her like this. She completely surrendered to me. Groaning at the thought I applied suction then lightly bit her nipple. I sucked and kissed the rest of her breast covering her pale skin with hickies. Once I felt like her breast was sufficiently covered I repeated the treatment on the other one. Sweet syrupy moans dripped from her lips, her chest heaved. I re-positioned myself until our bodies coalesced. Toe to toe, groin to groin, chest to chest and lips to lips. Threading her hands through my hair she yanked my lips onto hers. I was completely obliterated by the kiss. I rolled my hips and sucked in a breath. We both moaned as we gyrated in unison, slowly at first then picking up speed as the ferocity of our kisses escalated. The electricity between us was palpable. We worked ourselves into a frenzy. It was sloppy the kissing the moaning and groaning, the touching the grinding. I loved all of it. It was perfect, her body under mine, the friction was bliss. I bit her lip and tweaked nipple. A sexy squeal escaped her. I moved down her body leaving a trail of kisses. I sucked and kissed every part of her. My body thrummed incrementally the closer I got to her pussy. I was soaking wet, I was reacting in ways I never had before. She was the key that unlocked the longing inside me. Her hips bucked as my tongue slid across the groove near her pelvic bone. I noted her sensitivity. I kissed and licked her for as long as I could stand it. Initially my intention was to tease her but now I was only delaying my own urges. Her heady musk was captivating growing in intensity by the second. I couldn’t focus I had to have her now. I crawled between her thighs and planted my face in her mound. It was heaven. The smell was rapturous. I growled. My canines grew but I didn’t care. All I cared about was being here, smelling her essence. I wanted to bottle it. I licked her through her underwear. She moaned. My world stopped. She was so wet. So wet, all for me. And her taste...so fucking tangy and sweet, like depraved honey. I lost it. I shredded her panties with sharp claws and stuck my tongue as deep inside her as it would go. She spasmed. I licked, sucked and bit. Her flowing juices was my ambrosia. I couldn't contain myself. I didn’t hold back. She thrashed wildly. Her fingers intertwined with my hair pushing my face into her. It felt good, knowing I was pleasing my mate. I sucked on her sweet clit and slowly inserted a finger inside her. God she was tight. I moaned. Her back arched at the intrusion. “Is that ok?” I breathed. “Yess.” She hissed. “Please.” I slid my finger out then slowly slid it back in. “More.” I dipped my head and brought my mouth back to her clit. “Too tight, don’t wanna hurt you.” “It’s ok. I need…” Her sentence dissolved into a series of moans and cries as I slid another finger inside. I moved up her body keeping my fingers inside her until I reached her lips. I was ablaze, I could practically combust. Her lips stoked my fire and made my blood boil. I pumped my fingers in and out of her. Her eyes were closed. Between the moans and the panting, she was barely kissing me back. I moved to her neck. I was melting into a puddle of ecstasy. I was hot so very hot and close. I was inside my mate. All rational thought dissolved. Her orgasm was close, I could feel her tightening around me. Tell tale tingles radiated from my pussy to the rest of my body. I closed my eyes. I felt myself slipping, getting lost in the pleasure. It was too much. Almost unbearable. I just couldn’t stop. Her satisfaction was all I craved. She was so close we were both so close. A flood of pleasure engulfed me, tipping me over the edge. I threw my head back and howled before sinking my teeth into her neck. She cried out convulsing beneath me. *** I couldn’t stop quivering. When he bit me I came even harder. I coloured remembering the overwhelming passion that consumed me. It must have consumed him too based on the animal like shriek he let out. It was more like a howl. I was into it. He had lost himself in the moment. It was primal. It was beautiful. Eventually my breathing calmed. He was laying beside me, on his side watching me, I paused he looked perturbed. I was relaxed still basking in the afterglow. I threw him a lazy smile. “Hey...that was amazing.” “Yea? Um how’s your neck?” I frowned he still looked worried. I was laying on the side he had bit. Even though I was sure he had broken the skin there was no blood. Maybe I was wrong. “I’m sorry about ma-the bite. I just… “ “It’s fine Riley stop freaking out.” I kissed him on the nose. He finally smiled. I swooned. I touched my neck. It was a little sore but I expected that. What I didn’t expect was the jolt of pleasure I felt when I touched it. I shivered. That worried looked re-emerged. I smiled, to reassure him. “Was it good for you? I-I’m sorry I didn’t reciprocate I just didn’t want to cross any boundaries. If you want I can…” He kissed me silencing me. I fell into the kiss, my body started heating up again. “Everything was perfect...I um have to go to work.” “Oh.” My chest fell, I felt dismissed. “Okay.” I got up swallowing the lump in my throat. Maybe he had to work but maybe he was giving me the brush off. Somehow, I just knew he was lying. I got dressed sans underwear since he had ripped them to shreds. “Jacs that was amazing. I loved it every second of it.” His voice was low. I nodded. I didn’t trust myself so I didn’t say anything. “I’ll see you around.” “Wait I’ll walk you out.” He shifted on the bed. “Naw it’s ok...call me.” I couldn't help myself. I felt extremely vulnerable and I was freaking out. I was worried that I wouldn’t hear from him again. “I’ll call you tonight.” I nodded and left his room
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