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  1. lofie


    Thanks for your comment, I will be mindful of the POV switching next time 🙂
  2. lofie


    Thanks for the lovely comment JeffreyL I’m glad you’re liking the story so far. I’m still undecided about whether or not this will be a short story but I’m trying to improve my character development skills so looks like it might be on the longer side. Anyways I do hope all your questions get answered 😁.
  3. lofie


    It was an early autumn afternoon and for the life of me I just couldn’t concentrate. I was supposed to be writing a paper on woman and their roles in the 16th century. But for the most part I was people watching or rather person watching. I sighed and closed my laptop. Chip, my closest friend, would be waiting for me at my place. By now he would have let himself in and made himself comfortable in my tiny apartment. I could see it now. His feet up on my coffee table, the only thing of value I own besides my laptop, eating the salt and vinegar chips I keep in stock just for him. Despite his leve
  4. Rory lacks confidence after his first relationship didn't end very well. Despite his misgivings he's still got eyes for the hottest DJ in town. With a little luck and a whole lot of false confidence can he snag the girl?
  5. lofie


    The Venue was jam packed. The collective excitement was palpable and contagious. Despite being at Torrid, the club were Leroy saw Drew cheating on me, I was in good spirits. I just couldn’t shake the feeling I would see her tonight. I lightly touched the pendant attached to the necklace Jazzy gave me. “You okay?” Jazzy yelled in my ear. I Nodded and looked for the bar. I could use a beer right about now. Leroy had long abandoned us to go dance with a hot blonde twink the moment we stepped inside the club. He would magically reappear when we felt it was time to leave. This often happene
  6. lofie

    Home Again

    Thank you for commenting!
  7. lofie

    Home Again

    Thank you @JefferyL I just posted a chapter two 🙂. It still has to go through the moderation queue.
  8. “So, what did you buy me?” Jazzy opened the door before I even put my key in the lock. “Chill Jazz, I just got in, let me unpack my bags first.” I crossed the threshold and dropped my bags closing the door behind me. Jazzy sprung into my arms. I inhaled her watermelon body wash. God, I had missed her, I couldn’t help think as her ringlets tickled my nose. “Okay stop being a birthday grinch and tell me what you got me.” I laughed kneeling down I opened my backpack and pulled out a wrapped rectangle and handed it to her. She crinkled her nose. “I love you dearly but this better not be a
  9. The fallout from being cheated on has not been easy. Unfortunatly you can't hide forever even if it is your birthday. A short story inspred by a prompt.
  10. I never really disliked anyone until I met Lauren Newberger. That’s not true. I liked Lauren maybe too much. When she was hired at our firm, I was immediately struck by beauty. She was the catalyst for my my sexual awakening, sadly. At 24, I never thought about men or women. I figured I was asexual and focused on getting through my undergrad then my masters and then my internship at the prestigious Waterson and Silverthorne architecture firm. My life was going to plan and all without a single kiss from an individual not in my immediate family. I was happy, well maybe a little lonely. I was at
  11. lofie

    New Year's Kiss

    Sienna’s never been kissed and she’s perfectly happy with that. Atleast that’s what she tells herself. Then Lauren Newberger comes along and shakes things up. But a happy ending isn’t destined for all.
  12. lofie


    “What’s an omega?” We were back in my room. She was sitting on my bed and looking so damn good. I wished she was naked. She smirked. Right the bond. “Focus.” She teased. I bet she didn’t realize she was doing that. My pulse quickened. My gaze hovered on her lips. When I looked up and caught her amused expression I blushed. “I just noticed something about you.” I shivered her tone was silky smooth. I was moving towards her. “What?” “I’m not going to say.” I crawled unto the bed laying beside her. I itched to touch her, to rip off her clothes, to taste her and to be inside her all at o
  13. lofie

    Now You've Done It

    I shifted and made a tear for the Alpha’s place. I was on a mission fuelled by my fury. I had intended to drive over there but when I stepped out my front door my wolf took over and I shifted. My pack mates parted as I raced by. A few of them even followed more so out of curiosity. Once outside the Alpha’s I changed into my human skin and pounded on the door. A crowd had gathered. Alpha Chris opened the door. “Where is he?” I barked; my voice took on an unnatural guttural quality. The Alpha frowned. “You should really consider the consequences of your actions before you do something y
  14. lofie

    The Big Bad Wolf

    I knew she was gone and I didn’t have to watch her drive away.I could feel how far away she was. The pull was incredibly strong. I knew she was disappointed and confused. I felt like scum. I hurt my mate. I needed to talk to Darren. I needed advice. I texted him asking him where he was. I got dressed while I waited for his response. I opted to put on clean clothes that didn’t smell like her. No use torturing myself. He was at Sky’s. It didn’t take me long to get there. He was waiting for me outside. I parked the car and walked up to him. His smile faltered when he saw my face. I sat down besid
  15. lofie

    Hot Blooded

    I moped around my room for three weeks. Occasionally leaving to eat. For the most part my mother brought me food and took out what I didn’t eat. At exactly three weeks my mom gave me an ultimatum. Shower and go for a walk, or we were going to the doctor for antidepressants. I probably needed the antidepressants but I choose the walk, at least I didn’t have to talk to a stranger. I knew where I was going so I took my time getting ready. I showered, exfoliated, shaved everything, brushed my hair and teeth and applied some light makeup. When I was done I looked almost human. I had lost weight bec
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