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  1. Long time no see!

    1. dughlas



  2.  im probably in the best mental state of my life for at least the last 5 years. I am so happy an excited for the future. I havent been this excited for life as a whole for a long long time. Im so so so happy with whats happening. I honestly feared adult life when i was younger but now im thinking was school a big part of what was bringing me down? I think my clear answer is a big yes sadly. I say sadly because you shouldn't be put down by education but you should be excited to learn new things (which i always am) but school took away that joy from me for the most part.

    1. Higster


      Sorry for the vent lol

    2. Sweetlion


      Why sorry? Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad you are feeling better about yourself, and about life.

  3. Hello, sorry i sorta just popped up and disappeared
  4. A to Z was amazing, such a great story that fills me up with warmth. Highly recommended :)

    1. dughlas


      It is an excellent read.

  5. Amazing story. Couldnt recommend it more. You know you love a story when you're sad it ends, i wish u could lobe react this twice!
  6. Higster

    Chapter 66 Us

    My previous comment is spot on, amazing Chapter. Im glad i decided to reread this story
  7. Higster

    Chapter 61 Dash

    This Chapter was written well and i think it gets the messages it wants to send to the reader very well .
  8. Only me who thinks January as a month kinda sucks? 

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    2. clochette


      Sorry to hear the new year hasn't been nice to you Higs :hug:Except for having had exams to pass the first weeks and the weather being either freezing or rain mine has being pretty great so far (not saying it too loud as there's still one week to go)

    3. dughlas


      Hmmm, this January I got older then two days later totaled my car in an accident. Things have gotten better.

    4. Higster


      @Reader1810 We have had some snow so far today, im glad your January's are going well :)

  9. I love this Chapter.
  10. This Story is very good at making me think "Just one last Chapter before bed" hahahaha
  11. Higster

    Learning to Mend

    Reading this for the 2nd time reminds me that the moments with Eustace and Eric are some of my favourite moments of this story
  12. Birdo from Mario is trans, i heard theres a lot of lgbt Fire emblem Characters. I know in dragon quest 11 they have a very flamboyant character who is presumably gay, you can also marry men in the switch version of Dragon quest 11 too im pretty sure. You also have people like Gay Tony in Grand Theft Auto too. Borderlands has some lgbt characters too, it has a lesbian couple in it and one of the people you can play as in number 2 is bisexual.
  13. I finished The Long Way. I love that story. Its a story very close to me and helped me when i was struggling. It was also the same story that prompted me to join this site and read others! 

  14. I definitely think Dennis was probably threatened etc by his brother, he should have done something but i think he had little power in the situation.
  15. Higster


    Reading back over this Chapter, It really pushes Ben as a character into the story more and makes you want to know more about him, I like this Chapter a lot.
  16. Its very cold today, at least thats what my bodies telling me, i have been hiding in my bed for warmth, looks like hot waters gone too!

    1. Higster


      Hot Waters back!

  17. Im listening to the kinda music i used to listen to as i browsed this website. Ah, memories.

  18. Higster


    Janie is a very good character and really gets the reader angry at her and makes you want to read what happens next. She really screwed Aiden over too.
  19. I think once im finished with The Long Way, A to Z will be next on my re-read list, @Parker Owens wrote an amazing story and i loved reading it when i did a while ago.

  20. Hello, i hope you're all having a good day! :)

  21. Merry christmas have a gay ol time 😛
  22. Its no longer Christmas here but Merry Christmas to all. This christmas has been so great!

    1. Reader1810


      Four hours and 14 minutes of Christmas left  for me.

      Merry Christmas! 🎄

    2. Daddydavek


      Merry Christmas!🎅

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