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  1. Long time no see all! Been very busy as of late, will try to be on here more, but I cannot promise much... Kinda just a quick update that I'm still okay and I haven't totally forgotten this website!

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    2. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      Don't work too hard...remember, all work and no play makes you a  :X  boy 

    3. Dmrman


      Hig... Just know you are missed...:hug::heart:

    4. Higster


      Thank you all for the kind messages!

  2. Higster


    Loved the story, had me hooked from the start. The well timed shifts and interesting characters really lure you in. Great ending and a fantastic build up throughout the story that will have you well invested into the story and wanting to fly through chapters!
  3. Higster


    Perfect ending!
  4. Higster

    Chapter 29

    Glad the party went smoothly, all the stress on Liam's back lifted! Bryce and Nathan really do need a shove in order to make it happen.
  5. Higster

    Chapter 27

    Glad they finally got there, Alek really was nervous; can't really blame him. Alek really is a changed man and is totally focused on making Liam happy, which is great to see!
  6. Higster

    Chapter 26

    Great Chapter with a great ending, what a date huh? Not much could have really gone better I guess, glad to see it's getting back to what it once was.
  7. Higster

    Chapter 23

    So happy Liam finally admitted his wrongdoings, can be hard to do that especially with him having a very one sided thought of the relationship . Glad that Alek is playing it slow and keeping to Liam's hope to do so.
  8. Higster

    Chapter 21

    He did it! He actually stood up to his father, and in front of Liam too, he really has totally done a U turn in the way he acts socially.
  9. Higster

    Chapter 20

    Uh oh things are about to take a big turn! God I hope it's nothing too bad...
  10. Higster

    Chapter 19

    Had a feeling something was bound to happen when the plans changed from what they were originally. Well at least most of his teammates are fine about it.
  11. Higster

    Chapter 18

    I'm quite happy he's giving Alek a chance! Hope Nathan finds someone too (just not Bryce). Both are very wound up on the past, sadly but they'll probably move on eventually unless either party messes it up.
  12. Higster

    Chapter 16

    Ouch that must have stung Liam right at the end, I know I would feel like it's all settled and done now.
  13. Higster

    Chapter 12

    Progress is being made! The way this is written really does capture the outcomes of their tragic breakup, Liam is too scared to confide in his feelings with Alek and Alek is too "on edge" I guess to really say too much or act in certain ways, very realistic.
  14. Higster

    Chapter 9

    I just think Liam is too scared to admit to others that he's not over Alek. Also good on Alek to finally have the courage to not just be controlled by his parents.
  15. Higster

    Chapter 8

    WOW, they really hate Alek huh. My god I feel sorry for him... I bet he doesn't even know what to do.

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