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  1. I was just watching a news report that predicts grocery prices will rise in the neighborhood of 10% in average in 2022. I make a fairly decent wage (especially for a social worker)....but I have little savings and price increases in every sector is going to squeeze us hard.
  2. Happy New year all. May this year being you good health, good fortune and good times.
  3. Merry Christmas friends. Happy birthday tim. Hope it's a relaxing and happy day.
  4. Oooh is it the kind that changes color or the kind that changes light pattern or both? I'm one of those weirdos that starts the Christmas enthusiasm on Nov 1. I think it's because my childhood was so joyless and harsh even in the holiday season that I am super extra about it now. Sweaters, cookies, eggnog while we decorate the tree, "family" game nights. But it's not the same for everyone and that's ok.
  5. Many congratulations and the wish for many happy years for you and your love.
  6. It sounds charming. My little town does something too but I and both boys are sick this year. We didn't even get to spend thanksgiving with family as planned due to sickness. Ah well. Next year
  7. If you have to second guess what you're doing......you probably should choose another path.
  8. Happy thanksgiving to those celebrating. I'm thankful to be part of this group. Best wishes for you and tim@MichaelS36
  9. Rutabagas and turnips are 2 different vegetables. Related, but not the same. Never mind I see that was covered above. Guess I shouldn't respond to old posts.
  10. Thanks! I love his pants. But I'm old. Have no idea who/what his costume is about. He remains pretty. And Twitter has rules??? They straight up have p*rn on there lol
  11. I'm always excited to use my "parent tax" and claim the butterfingers or the whoppers.
  12. I live in the suburbs of a fairly large ohio city, and work in another suburb of it. I use a major highway to travel the majority of the 17 mile trip. I usually work a 930 to 530 or 6 time frame and it's usually about 25 mins going in and about 40 coming home, can be more if I leave closer to 530 than 6. If I have to be there before 8am it's usually close to an hours drive.
  13. I LOVE Troye Sivan. I had my phone set to ring his summer hit ' so tired of love songs' a few years back
  14. We have electric heat/service (no gas) and central air. My bill is usually around 150 a month if I run either heat or a.c. which is most of the year. The household has bad allergy sufferers so we tend not to let the Windows open extended amounts of time. Plus several of my neighbors use weed and the stink is obnoxious. Our water/sewer is billed with rent (not included just billed with...its weird) and it is usually around 45ish dollars Southern Ohio,for reference
  15. Hello all! It's a peaceful start to the weekend today. Hope you are all doing well. tim- how lovely to feel that dedication from your husband. I think sometimes when we are at weddings it can make us feel a deeper connection and commitment to our partners. I'm picturing you and Mike swirling on the dance floor. Made me smile. Kbois- I hope the week with the property owner is easy. Sorry so many will complain. It's so frustrating to deal with folks who seem to willfully misinterpret changes. Rick- glad to hear you're doing well. This weather is disappointing, it hardly feels like the usual Ohio (almost) fall, it's so hot. I was joking the other day that we will cool down, get a week of nice weather and then it will snow, but I hope not. Hello to kitt, reader, Molly and everyone I didn't name.
  16. Thanks for asking! It's .......ok. Its a bit darker than I expected. I had a lot of sun lightened strands that previously looked light auburn....and this color came out very chocolate brown. It's not that I don't like it, it's just more of a dramatic change than I expected. My co-workers swear it looks great however. I also had her cut long layers into it so it curls up more. The cut is great. I shaved my head I'm 2018 and grew it all out fresh and now it was past my shoulders. it was long but just heavy and blah. Wow. That was a bunch of hair talk. Sorry y'all.
  17. Congrats on your wedding day. May you have many happy years together.
  18. Hello all. Things are good here. Nothing big to report. The weather has cooled off some, and while I'm glad I feel a bit guilty seeing so many of the US having such awful disasters I'm off tomorrow and Tuesday and I'm getting my hair professionally colored Tuesday for the first time. I'm excited. Hoping they can make a silk purse out of this sow ear
  19. Starrynight22


    I'm already invested in this tale. Lovely
  20. You can microwave a butternut for about a minute and it loosens the skin for easier cutting.
  21. Cincinnati only has a few traffic roundabouts. They are terrible, mostly because there are so few here no one knows how to use one. We had 17 year cicadas here this summer and one of the most popular memes was a cicada "saying" : be like 75 and always keep working on yourself, the joke being at least one piece has been under major construction for the last 20 years, beyond the last time they visited .
  22. Hey all. Hope all is well. I got to see and opera tonight, Carmen. The local city opera did a opera in the park event. It was lovely. I had to follow along on the app for lyrics/story. And we had gorgeous weather for it.
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