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  1. Hey all. Hope your week has been a good one so far. Welcome to Spyke Happy anniversary tim. I'm glad I came across your group.
  2. Same. I have to portion out 3 gummy worms to myself and then put the bag away and leave the room. Because on multiple occasions in adulthood (Ok this year) I have eaten so many gummies I made myself nauseous
  3. Now I feel like making muffins. I don't care for nuts in my baked goods, the texture difference weirds me out. I wonder if like a nut butter would work....... Hmmm. Weekend muffin experimentation is likely. Night all.
  4. Happy Friday all. It was a long week but I'm glad it was a relatively easy one I really want a cheesy burger and some fries. But. I'll probably eat the chicken salad I made last night.
  5. Hey everyone. Hope it's been a good day. Older Son had a job interview! Hopefully he gets a callback. Not much else happening around here
  6. Hey everyone. I should have gotten my brakes done last month. Now some sort of pin thing snapped and it's even more expensive. Gahhhhhhhh
  7. I am super extroverted. Have been my whole life. Older kid is very very VERY introverted. He was a quiet, watchful, long-time-to-warm-up baby and that hasn't changed 20 years later. Little One is me. Except smaller and male. Loves people, loves new situations, adores being the center of attention, and makes friends everywhere. So do I. Its wild having 2 extremely different parenting experiences.
  8. Same. But my part of southern Ohio has a ridiculously incompetent mass transit system. (it's a few bus lines that run downtown and back, no inter suburb routes at all.) I wish my suburb even had a bus route at all......but it hasn't for a few years. You can drive 5 miles down the road and there is a stop for the express that goes down town 3x in morning and 3x in late iafternoon m-f
  9. I have read his Dragon story. My little book was cute, a good descriptor. I know not everyone is into the same things, that's ok. Sometimes I Like just a sweet silly story with no major issues. Like, meals are wonderful and vegetables are good for you. But sometimes, you just wanna have a cinnamon roll or 2.
  10. Hello all. Sounds like today has been full of interesting adventures for many of us. I just read a cute book about a Dragon and a knight. I do love dragons. Especially silly soft ones that love their human. How is everyone else?
  11. Thanks tim. It's def been hard on him not seeing friends. I kind of want to make a pod with some other kindergarteners in his section so they could have weekly play dates. In person if they are agreeable to being a low risk pod, but Even if it's online, he would at least get to interact a bit.
  12. Hey all. I'll chime in with I'm glad to have a group where I can share and find friendship but be comforted in that I am just a nameless leaf on a tree. I'm Sorry tim that someone pushed you to give out private details. Today I refinished a small desk for Little One to use in his schooling. We are setting up a homeschool area since his kindergarten looks like it'll be online.
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