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  1. Thanks! Also. I'm going to try the baked oatmeal. Only with pecans and dried cherries because that's what I have lol
  2. Oh man. I hope so. Preston and Indie are like, my favorite part of the story.
  3. This was great. I mean, the previous versions were all good too, but you can definitely see your improving writing skills at play here.
  4. Starrynight22

    RD: Chapter 1

    I don't recall a story quite like this one. Has there been major rewrites? I will say, I am so looking forward to Nassau's story. He seems beautiful, But deadly. Like poison dart frogs
  5. Hey all. It snowed here overnight. Not much, but enough for little one to play in it and make a snowpile. It was pretty well melted away by dark. Hope you all had a good day.
  6. We are supposed to get some snow here tonight. Just a dusting, but maybe more tomorrow evening. I loathe the cold weather. Bring back the warmth!
  7. Hello all. I'm sure most are in bed. But I hope you are all doing well! Tonight I went out with my gals and we tried a new restaurant. Food was ok, nothing special which was disappointing but it was tasty enough. Company was fantastic. And I had a cocktail named "boots with the fur" (how could I NOT try it lol) It was cinnamon infused tequila, apple brandy, local apple cider, and vanilla syrup It was delicious.
  8. Uhhh. That sounds like a lot of alcohol.....not like lightweight at all.
  9. This is definitely a vast improvement to the last version. We see Indie as a person here, instea did a cardboard cutout for corylust, which we didn't for much longer in the story before. 10/10
  10. Starrynight22

    Chapter 8

    I love kiorl!!! (who am I kidding. I love all of them, especially kiaza and Jem)
  11. Hello all! Having a good parenting activity filled weekend over here. Tomorrow we are going to an open house for the local Catholic school. Not for religious reasons, it's just a great school. Anywho. How are all y'all?
  12. Starrynight22

    Chapter 8

    I loved it Sasha. Thank you.
  13. Wow. We havent had anything measurable so far this winter. I am cool with that though. It fuels my dreams that one day I'll live somewhere it doenst drop below 40
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