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  1. Starrynight22

    Chapter 16

    So a squid, a human, a goat and a dog walk into a bar........ I love it. And gosh I can't wait to hear from Tilly again.
  2. Starrynight22

    Chapter 15

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO GLAD this story is back
  3. Starrynight22

    Chapter 33

  4. Starrynight22

    Chapter 37

    I'm worried about whatever was in Jays folder.
  5. Starrynight22

    Chapter 37

    The place is a museum and you’re…you’re…” He turned to Aria. “What did Star call her?” “Um.” Aria glanced away, looking uncomfortable. “A stodgy harridan,” he whispered. Omfg. I screamed. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  6. TRICK totally reprehensible Ian comes knocking WHORE
  7. TONSI Tonight Otis Nailed Strumming Intensely BANJO
  8. Starrynight22

    Chapter 12

    Excuse me while I stop drop and roll because I just caught on fire!!!!!!
  9. Starrynight22


    I'm surprised they didn't go to Silas' graduation. Really surprised.
  10. Starrynight22

    Big Day Today

    One of my favorites stories. I think I've read this about 5 times. Sasha your work is so real. All your characters seem like people one could know in real life in some way. Which really is the best kind of story one can read
  11. Starrynight22

    Chapter 11

    So update tonight at 10pm?????
  12. Wow, this story is one of my favorites and want a come,back you had. Chris needs a beating. Or something. I hope he doesn't think he can get away with what he just did. And poor Ty. Everything seems so sad for him right now
  13. Oh. That snuck up on me. I love these little stories.
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