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  1. I think you can't hold anything in your hands while driving there
  2. I am doing good today Sold my poor broke down car. It was time. Bought a new one and taking delivery on Thursday. I'm not looking forward to having a car payment again. But needs must. I live too far into suburbia to not drive. We don't even have mass transit routes within 5 miles of my house.
  3. Loved it. This is one of my favorites so far.
  4. Sex right in the welding shop. BOLD. Very on brand for Keith tho I liked this sassy and punny Shiro. Thanks Sasha
  5. Happy birthday tim. May your day have been bright with love.
  6. Thanks all. Its shaping up to be an ok week. We had only 1 positive case from our testing yesterday and no deaths in 48 hours now. Hoping we are past the worst. Post vaccine update: 6 hours post injection and no adverse reactions. My arm isn't sore or anything. And I was 'that person' who took selfies for my Insta lol
  7. Guess who Got the covid Vaccine this morning!??!?! ME!!!! I'm 2 hours post injection now and feel fine. Second dose will be on jan. 12
  8. Hello all. No good news here except I'll be getting vaccinated on Tuesday the 22nd. I'm really looking forward to it.
  9. Doing ok. Hey Rick check on getting a carbon monoxide alarm while the kerosene heater is your only heat. Stay safe friend
  10. This is possibly one of my favorite fan fictions just because of the absurdly amusing waffle house fight club premise Also. Adam can kick rocks. He sounds insufferable
  11. Lovely. Lovely love. Sweet feral kitten Keith. Shiro in love is intense.
  12. Thanks all. Its been awful. 2 more passed overnight. I appreciate all the kindness and love. Think peace and healing at all these devastated families if you could
  13. Stunning. I love moony in love Shiro and sharp teasing Keith. Keith comes off kind of feral here. Also. This is one of my fave lines: He’ll go to the end of the solar system for the Garrison, but Shiro already knows he’ll go to the ends of the universe for the boy with the galaxy eyes.
  14. Please wash your hands and wear your masks if you must leave your home to work, get groceries or get medical care. Covid came to my nursing home. 37 residents positive, 7 of whom are already dead. More than 20 staff, one of whom is in ICU I'm tired.
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