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  1. Hey all. Hope all is well. I got to see and opera tonight, Carmen. The local city opera did a opera in the park event. It was lovely. I had to follow along on the app for lyrics/story. And we had gorgeous weather for it.
  2. Hey y'all. Happy midweek to you. It's been so hot out here. I shudder to think of August. But could be worse, could be snow. Haha Grown Kiddo is going on his first adult vacation next week. (he's almost 21) I'm a little nervous. He's a good steady and smart guy but...... I keep thinking of these catastrophic what ifs. But it's one step closer to him leaving the nest....also scary At least I still have at least 14 years left with Little One
  3. Hello everyone. Happy first day of July or Canada day as you see fit. Yesterday I got the total bill for Little Ones surgery and subsequent overnight stay in hospital back in spring. Wanna guess? It's $17,691.47 Ha. Anyway now I wait to see what insurance will cover as we had some hiccup with insurance (he has 2, mine and his other mom's) so no idea what my out of pocket will be for that bill yet.
  4. Hello everyone. Its week 4 of cicadas here and I am over it. They're so dang LOUD and now there are cicada carcasses all over the sidewalks and driveways. We have about 5 more weeks still. On the other hand I've seen a lot more wildlife lately because everything is trying to snack on some yummy cicada. I legit saw a SQUIRREL nibbling on one. Wild.
  5. I like falafel. We rarely see jicama up here in suburban Ohio. I know the local speciality grocery always has it.
  6. Hi everyone. I know I missed the big oat talk but around here we have a dish called goetta. (Prn: gett-uh) Its sausage, spices and oatmeal boiled together. Then it's out into loaf pans and sets into these solid loaves. You slice off pieces and pan fry them. I've made it with turkey sausage and with a good nonstick pan you only need a quick spray of oil of choice. Its definitely specifically regional, I've never met anyone outside of Cincinnati that had ever heard of it.
  7. I had no idea Greek yogurt was Madre that way. Wow. Thanks tim. I thinking of making a curried pumpkin soup tomorrow. The weather is good for soup. Sheesh it's so cold for May where I am.
  8. Speaking of popular older music acts that many like but someone dislikes: The Eagles. I heartily dislike them. As far as more modern things I can't imagine we all like the same music. I vaguely remember bon jovi but don't really know his music. My childhood was more pop music focused: Madonna, George Michael , INXS and such
  9. So much better thank you for asking Molly. We were released at noon and got home at 1pm He just hard a hard time with the anesthesia and needed extra o2 and observation for a while. At least now we know his reaction should he ever need surgery again. I'm lucky to live by a world class children's hospital.
  10. Hello all. Posting from the local children's hospital because LittleOne did poorly after surgery and has been admitted. Its been a terrifying day. He's doing better now, but for a few hours earlier he was on 10L of oxygen trying to readjust after anathesia
  11. Hello all. Hope it's a good night. Anything new going on?
  12. Sometimes it's staffing too. They will stay open through dinner rush and then close
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