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  1. Starrynight22

    5 Letters #2

    DAILY Daisy asked Inga "love You?" HEKNO
  2. Starrynight22

    5 Letters #2

    LUSTY Lance used Scotty's towel yesterday SHOWR
  3. Starrynight22

    5 Letters #2

    TOOTH truly outstanding orations trilled Hamilton AARON
  4. Starrynight22

    5 Letters #2

    SPORT Simon passes Oliver reaching triumph RACES
  5. Starrynight22

    5 Letters #2

    HORNY Helping Others Raise New Youth SITTR
  6. Starrynight22

    5 Letters #2

    CHOIR Colin heeded overtures instigated raunchily AGREE
  7. Starrynight22

    5 Letters #2

    PHILI Pennsylvania Had Intense Laws Inside CRIME
  8. Truly inspiring writing here. I wanna know what happened to his leg. Why is he there? Is he meeting someone ? How does Nathan feel about him? Is he even aware his brother feels so inferior to him ?
  9. Starrynight22

    5 Letters #2

    EASIL Earnestly Alan Swallowed Ike's Load(ed potato soup) TATER
  10. Starrynight22

    5 Letters #2

    HORNY Horrifying Others, Reanna Nightly Yodeled NOISE

  12. Starrynight22

    5 Letters #2

    LOOKS Lorelei ostentatiously opened kitschy shutters FLING
  13. Starrynight22


    I love the snow dappling the pines. Such a rarely used and beautiful phrase
  14. Starrynight22

    GMA IV

    Awesome. And I loved the cameo by Efrain and Cory. They're a couple of my all,the favorites. So. Lots going on for 20 year old CJ. what are they planning with Gina. It sounds suspiciously like a baby......and that worries me because they're so very young yet. I really hope I'm wrong.
  15. Starrynight22

    5 Letters #2

    AGAIN Acerbic grandmother arguing into nighttime TIRED

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