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  1. Deepest condolences. May the memories bring you comfort during your grief
  2. Starrynight22


    Wonderful. I think this is my 5th read through
  3. I like lamb as well. My mother (who lives with me now in her golden years) also likes lamb. I buy it sometimes, but it's so pricey here.
  4. Yummy. I wish my family liked pork but alas I'm the only one so I never buy it. Unless I fully plan on making 2 proteins
  5. I'm sorry. When I got my second shot I felt like a truck had run me over for about a day. All my joints ached and I was irritable and felt vaguely ill. Then boom, I was fine again.
  6. It's been raining here too. And it has gotten cold again. But I made a very excellent dinner of spiced baked chicken. I used a blend of spices that included smoked paprika and it was great.
  7. Starrynight22


    Back,for my hundreth or so re-read Re: Emmett and Huan Yu bear night.... "anime with fantasy creatures, beautiful princesses, and giant robots" Does Huan Yu watch Voltron??
  8. Hey friends Today I did some shopping and got a New large rug for my living room, with a small imperfection on one edge (i hid it under the furniture) and because of that the manager marked it down by 75% I feel incredibly lucky. It was a purchase I had planned for a while (new rug) but to,find something I loved at such a great price just made my day. Anyway, how are y'all?
  9. Hey y'all. Happy Friday. Hope the weather is good in your corners of the woods. Here it's been lovely but tomorrow we get storms. Boooooooo. But on a plus note it'll help flowers bloom and the last 3 days of great weather have really made things pop. O have hyacinth and tulip in my front bed, new this year, and they came up lovely.
  10. Lol every Thursday I spend 45 minutes at a grocery mega Mart. Its across the parking lot from LittleOne's dance class. I always buy stuff. Until just now it's been too cold to wait in the car, and we are not close enough to drive home and then back
  11. May your day be as easy as possible and the ones working with you be helpful and kind
  12. Happy birthday Molly and Reader Happy Sunday all. I ate way too much chocolate today. Like. A shameful amount. Oh well.
  13. Vaccines aren't available to healthcare workers there????
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