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  1. He only has 1 pair of flip flops. Special ordered them for his honeymoon years back. He wears a size 15 so finding anything that isn't a sneaker is difficult and expensive
  2. I didn't know she didn't live with you. Is that new?
  3. Omg that's my brother. He wears shorts out in 40 degree weather and calls it brisk
  4. Hey all. Hope it's been a happy day. I'm looking forward to eating one of the brownies I made. Thiinking I might make myself a cup of fancy cocoa with it. Anything new here in drop in town?
  5. Hey all. Happy Thursday. Ok at this point it is Friday eve lol. tim I thought of you recently when I came across a werewolf book different from the usual. I remember how you remarked once on your dislike of trite tropes. It was an interesting premise, where wolf shifters can turn humans with venom glands in the sinus cavity, but could get "neutered" with an operation. Like destinking a skunk. Lol.
  6. If my neighborhood community group is the barometer that's is very untrue. I decided ToT is a bad plan so I told Little One that the Tooth Fairy asked her friend Spider Fairy to help since kids can't go out this year. And that Spider Fairy said kids who leave out a lit Jack o lantern and an empty candy bucket will get treats left for them. Hey. A parents gotta do what a parents gotta do.
  7. You should try Savory pumpkin recipes, you might find them more to your liking than the sweet pumpkin spice mix I've made a delicious Curry pumpkin soup before it's not sweet at all and it's very delicious
  8. Hello all. Regarding tim and his need for space: As the old motel 6 ad said, we'll keep the light on for ya I'm glad to have found this space though I'm far from an active participant most days. Well. My day was very quiet at work and I should have been more suspicious....... Just now realized my work phone was on Do Not Disturb. I went to look at an email and saw a new symbol on the screen saver. Whoops. I had 17 missed calls between 2 And 530pm. 9 left voicemails. Guess I'll be going into work early tomorrow.
  9. I'm sorry about the dentist fiasco I've read about those grapes but have yet to see any at the grocery. Hmm. I've only had lychee on a martini lol but it was tasty I'll buy them if I see them.
  10. I don't have any nieces or nephews so I will not get to be a fun aunt. But I'm totally the black sheep of a cousin
  11. On a slightly gross note, my brother (fun uncle!) learned many summer's ago why it's a bad idea to feed an 8 yr old (the nephew) a whole bag of cheese poofs, beef jerky and unlimited Hawaiian punch instead of actual food. His backseat learned too.
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