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  1. Uh oh, a sexy Irish boy to possibly cause friction?
  2. Jaybee0323

    Chapter 20

    Somehow I knew Bruce would be a hero. And also knew you would never let him die! Well done.
  3. Jaybee0323

    Chapter 19

    Aw man..... You're killing me with cliffhangers!
  4. Jaybee0323


    Budding love makes you do stupid things. Don't go back to him Lee!
  5. Jaybee0323


    Welcome back. Happy to see a continuation of Camp Refuge.
  6. Finally!! And. thank you, thank you, thank you. The boys are back where they belong - TOGETHER
  7. That might not end well!
  8. Jaybee0323

    The Devil

    I love the character of Harlan. A very dangerous man when crossed but an honest and kind soul. It is a joy to be reading this again.
  9. Jaybee0323

    The Answer

    Would make a nice longer story dontcha think, Wayne? 😉 Nice
  10. Jaybee0323


    Sure thing. I cried..... again! Can't wait until you publish another. I get invested in your characters and end up missing them when it's finished.
  11. If you have not read any of Wayne's other stories.... why not?? Wayne's characters are real. You get to know them. You laugh when they do and cry when they do. That is the mark of a true story teller. Can hardly wait for your next story, Wayne.
  12. Jaybee0323

    Millie TIlley

    The judge used the law while inserting his own bias. Not unlike what we see in many courts today. Please, I don't want to cry again in the next chapter!
  13. Jaybee0323

    April 13, 1989

    The tears are pooling in my glasses. Wonderfully written.
  14. I have read this and I am enjoying re-reading it. And damnit - it still males me cry!!!!
  15. Jaybee0323


    That was the scene I was waiting for! Terrence is the man! (not boy!)
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