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  1. Although it was already late afternoon, I set off for the Colosseum right after talking to Frugi. Who knew when else I would have the next opportunity. My initial enthusiasm faded a little on the way there. I had tracked down the dagger's maker. Though that didn't mean he could point me in the direction of the buyer... or would like to do so. Still, it was a lead worth following. As always, the area around the Colosseum was well-populated. Cries and cheers could be heard from inside the giant building. Probably there was a performance in progress. Perhaps a poor man sentenced to death,
  2. The next week went by faster than expected. Everyone concentrated on work in order to think as little as possible about what had happened - and also because they had no other choice if they wanted to survive in Rome. As predicted, the Trajan Baths were abandoned and the two brothers concentrated entirely on the main practice. I also had more to do than ever before. Thalis took over many of Alexios’ tasks. This meant that some of the things that Thalis had taken care of before now fell to me. Among other things, this concerned the purchase of consumables. Moreover, Thalis had persuaded me t
  3. It was a holiday with nothing to celebrate. Gregory, Thalis, Helena, and I were lying at the dinner table in the apartment. There was breakfast waiting to be eaten. Nobody had any appetite though. Frugi had just left the apartment again. He had come down, visibly upset, to assure the brothers of his sympathy and all the support they would need. Gregory's face was petrified, in a grimace of pain. Thalis had shed many tears and buried his face in his hands. I too was quite shaken by what I had experienced. Of course, I was not nearly as close to Alex as his brothers. Though I was very sorry
  4. DavidJ

    Chapter 6

    What are your thoughts as the developments are piling up? Will the brothers be able to overcome this blow? Will they get to the bottom of what is going on?
  5. Thalis walked over to one of the cupboards and took out some vials and bowls. "Anyway, we're out of dill oil. I'll use the time to make some more." Alexios nodded and left the practice. I listened as he went upstairs, perhaps to let Gregory know that the 'rich chick' was gone and he could come down again. Meanwhile, I remained at the desk, trying to put Clodia's file into the right drawer. It was sorted alphabetically. A to C was found on the left side of the desk in the first drawer from the top. Thalis cleared his throat and turned to me. His mouth opened a little, but it took him a
  6. DavidJ

    Chapter 5

    I concur. We'll see whether drawing the curtain of silence over the matter will close it for good. I suppose love and jealousy is a top contender amongst reasons for homicide. So that's definitely possible.
  7. So it hadn't been a dream after all! I exhaled heavily. My hands were shaking even more than before. How should I act towards Thalis now? This morning, he didn’t let it show at all. Or I hadn't noticed. Were all three brothers gay or bisexual? At least this put Gregory's words in a different light. They were still direct and perhaps impertinent, but no longer completely out of the blue. Should I apologize to him? Yeah... that would probably be best, I thought. Taking another deep breath I stood up, but before I could go back inside two men stepped onto the porch. It was Alexios and Thalis.
  8. Daylight was already falling through the window when I woke up. I leaned on my elbow and looked around. Alexios was no longer to be seen, but Gregory was still lying on his bed snoring. Thalis was also still lying next to me in bed. All of a sudden, the intense and anything but G-rated dream came back to me. I carefully lifted my waistband. Judging by the sticky nature of the fabric, the dream had led to a real outcome. Had it been just a dream though? I looked over to Thalis, who still had his eyes closed, and tried to recall the events. That damn wine! I simply couldn’t tell whether
  9. DavidJ

    Chapter 3

    All your guys comments' are hinting in that direction. An astute obsersvation. Though sometimes weird things just happen, don't they? Let's see what develops!
  10. DavidJ

    Chapter 3

    Interesting. So in other words, they did it to better gorge themselves? 😂 Still, I imagine it very uncomfortable for the arm/shoulder.
  11. "All roads lead to Rome," they say and even though ours certainly led to Rome - the milestones on the side of the road left no doubt about the shrinking distance to the capital - the way still seemed unbearably long. The entire trip on the Nile, which had lasted several weeks, appeared to have passed faster than the four days we had already been on this road. Perhaps it was because of the company? The three brothers were nice, but no comparison to Manu. No wonder, because I had experienced something completely different with him... Or perhaps it was simply because a trip like this did not
  12. DavidJ

    Chapter 1

    That they shall do - whether Phillip will enjoy it or not, well we'll see. 😄
  13. Dr. Lisa Bolzano sat alone in her office, burying her face in her hands. She felt it was unfair, being able to sit on the comfortable, custom-made leather armchair while her colleague and friend was lost somewhere - or nowhere - in a past world. She jumped as someone knocked at the door. “Come in!” Apologetically, Dr. Torres, head of the central lab, entered the room. Lisa quickly sat up. She looked at him, expectation in her gaze. He came in person... was there any word from Phillip? "I'm just bringing you the new readings." He waved a sheet of electronic paper in front of her as
  14. Water, waves, and a raging storm surrounded me. A feeling of being engulfed by the floods was the first thing that reached my numb senses. I knew it was just a dream. But that did not change the threat from the mass of water that seemed to come down on me from all sides. Blurrily, I saw myself floating on the ocean, slowly but surely sinking into the black depths. My whole body feeling like it was filled with water, an infinite heaviness, that pulled me faster and faster towards the bottom of the sea. It was so cold, I appeared to be freezing. Although I couldn't tell, because I didn't act
  15. Phillip's journey continues, though can he hope to ever return back home? Arriving at his next destination, he gets entangled in events that threaten to outgrow him.
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