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  1. Thank you for reading Eric's story. I appreciate it. I hope you continue to enjoy it.  :)


    1. quietguy49


      You are so very welcome..😊

  2. Hi, Quiet Guy,

    I want to thank you for reacting and commenting on my stories. Without readers there's not much point in writing. 

    I hope I can continue to please. :)



    1. quietguy49


      You are so very welcome..I have enjoyed reading your stories :)


  3. quietguy49

    A Perfect Day For It

    Sad to see this story end , but glad the characters will be back in another story..Thank You
  4. quietguy49

    Hale Returns & An Accident Requires Action

    YAY !! The wicked witch is dead !!!!!!!
  5. quietguy49

    NB ND Chapter 24

    This story just keeps getting better and better all the time !
  6. Thank you for reading The Half-Elven Warlock and for the follow. It's much appreciated. :hug:

    1. quietguy49


      you're so very welcome ! :)


  7. Thanks for reading and liking my story!

    1. quietguy49


      you're welcome ! :)





  8. Hope you have a Happy Birthday!


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